After that, Su Fei and Old Hu walked over to a nearby pub. It was not like the place Zhang Jian previously brought Old Hu to, it was very clean and quiet, suitable for couples to drink in.

Once inside, the waiter greeted them enthusiastically and specially selected a relatively remote and quiet seat. Old Hu was very satisfied and gave them a tip of twenty yuan for the first time ever.

Very quickly, they brought over the wine list. In truth, Old Hu didn't like drinking foreign wine, but in order to act cool, he had no choice but to order a few expensive bottles. In any case, since he didn't understand anything, he could order the expensive ones.

When the waiter saw that the Old Hu was so generous, he became even more enthusiastic. He even gave his a lot of snacks.

"This... Great sir, are we done drinking? " Su Fei looked at Old Hu with uncertainty. Didn't they say that drinking a few cups was simple?

"It's alright, this stuff is like a beverage, so it's meaningless. Just treat it as water and drink it. If you can't drink it, then forget it!" Old Hu took a cup and placed it in Su Fei's hands, he still had a smile on his face, the feeling of being harmless caused Su Fei to loosen her heart a little.

After drinking a cup of wine, Old Hu began to talk, "Speak, Xiao Fei, what happened to you? If I were to say that you are completely fine, I would really not believe it! "

"Sigh, actually, it's nothing much. It's just a small matter of the heart. I'm a little worried." Su Fei sighed, she took a sip of the wine and unknowingly finished her cup.

"Is it because of Huang Hailong?" The Old Hu raised his eyebrows. Ever since the matter of the fight had passed, he didn't seem to have seen Huang Hailong on campus again. It was said that he had been transferred to another school.

"Yes." Su Fei nodded, and at the same time expressed her emotions on her face.

"What's going on? Is that bastard bullying you again!? " Old Hu slammed the cup on the table, giving off the impression that he wanted to stand up for her.

"Sigh, we …" I don't know if I should break up with him now. " Su Fei was at a loss on this question. To be exact, he had been stuck on this question for a very long time, or to be more accurate, it would just be dragging it out for a long time.

It was not that she didn't want to solve the problem, but Huang Hailong was just too crafty. Every time she wanted to have a good talk with him, he would change the topic and use some small methods to make Su Fei happy.

At first, Su Fei thought that he would really get rid of this problem, but later on she realized that it was really hard to change her personality!

This time, there was an especially fierce argument between them, which hurt Su Fei's heart.

Two nights ago, Su Fei wanted to find him to have a good chat, but no matter how she sent the message, no one replied and no one picked up the phone. She was very worried that something would happen to him, so she kept on calling.

At midnight, she finally got through to him. However, it was a woman who picked up the phone!

At that time, she was already confused, and thought that she called the wrong number, but after confirming it again and again, it was Huang Hailong's phone number!

She said that she was looking for Huang Hailong and the woman on the other side said that he had already fallen asleep. She even said that she had something to tell because she was Huang Hailong's girlfriend.

When Su Fei heard these words, it was as if she was struck by lightning from a clear sky.

On the second day, she contacted Huang Hailong, but Huang Hailong said that he did not know about this. He said that he had worked overtime last night, and later, when he had fallen asleep, he did not know who had picked up the call.

Huang Hailong's tone was so sure that Su Fei almost believed him, but then he thought about it again, thinking that there was something fishy about it!

Until now, she didn't know if she should believe in Huang Hailong, or break up with him.

After hearing what Su Fei had said, Old Hu began to mutter in his heart.

He had always been waiting for Huang Hailong to make a mistake and for Su Fei to give up all hope.