Both of their hearts were in their mouths as they tensed up. At that moment, the door to the massage room suddenly rang.

"Old man, Little Wu, are you two inside?" When Su Fei's voice came out, it gave Old Hu a fright. He no longer cared about Wu Wu who was lying down, he jumped off the bed and started to tidy up his clothes.

Then, he pulled a blanket from the side and covered Wu Wu up.

"Lie down on the boat first and don't open the door later. Don't get cold, I'll heal you later." The Old Hu quietly instructed Wu Wu, but Wu Wu listened to him. After all, this kind of thing wasn't very glorious, and she didn't want Su Fei to see it.

After dressing up, Old Hu went to open the door, "Xiao Fei, I thought that you would not be coming back."

"Great sir, what are you doing in there?" Weren't you guys outside just now? I thought you guys were gone. " Su Fei was a little curious and peeked inside. Seeing that Wu Wu was still lying on the bed, she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Hey, isn't it already night? The little girl felt cold so I brought her in. I just happened to give her a massage to speed up the detoxification process. Maybe she was too engrossed just now and fell asleep, so I didn't hear you knocking on the door." Old Hu explained, trying his best to look very natural, so that he wouldn't be easily found out.

"Oh, so it's like that. How is Little Wu now?" As a counselor, he still had to be concerned about the condition of his students.

"Ask her how she feels. I think it was a little lighter just now." The Old Hu let Su Fei in and walked over to the bedside.

"Little Wu, how do you feel? Does your stomach still hurt?" Su Fei asked gently. She was always so beautiful and kind to anyone.

"Teacher, I felt a little better just now, but now I feel a little painful again." Wu Wu held her stomach, her expression not looking too good.

She really did not lie, because her focus had shifted previously and she had completely forgotten about the pain in her stomach. Now that Su Fei was back, she felt uncomfortable again after she calmed down.

"Ah?" Great sir, what should we do? " Su Fei looked at Old Hu nervously.

"It's fine, you don't have to worry. Her disease is very serious, and it's not something that can be cured with medicine. I'll get her another pill later." With that, the Old Hu walked out.

Su Fei came back at the wrong time. He was about to get her hands on it, but she had missed this chance in vain! What a pity.

Right now, his mind was still filled with Wu Wu's sexy body, and his lust for her could not be quelled.

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