Not long later, Zhang Jian and the few little brothers from Security Office also came, but they didn't have much money to buy anything valuable, so they brought some good cigarettes and good wine.

Zhang Jian, help me call him over. There's tea and seeds inside, I'll be right in. Old Hu had a smile on his face the entire time, he waited at the door for a while longer and received many school teachers who came to congratulate him. However, most of them only came to congratulate him after giving him gifts, and left after exchanging a few pleasantries.

Old Hu originally wanted to go back and greet guests, but Jiang Xiaolin appeared!

"Big Brother Hu, grand opening!" He was dressed in casual attire, and did not have his usual official bearing. He looked a lot more peaceful, and his eyes were gentle. Who would have thought that he was actually that kind of person behind the scenes?

"Xiao Lin, I didn't expect you to come too. How rare." Old Hu pinched his shoulder, the two seemed to be on good terms.

Inevitably, others from the school saw it and wondered how they had managed to become friendly.

"Since big brother is opening for business here, I naturally have to come!" Not only am I here, I even brought you a good item! " Jiang Xiaolin held out a box to Old Hu.

Just looking at the box, it was extremely delicate, Old Hu thought that the things inside would not be cheap either.

Opening it, it turned out to be a Lucky Buddha! His eyes immediately lit up, he never thought that Jiang Xiaolin would gift him such a precious gift, but he did not want it for free.

"Xiao Lin, you are too polite. I thank you for your kind intentions. Come, let's have a cup of tea inside. I'll treat everyone to lunch."

Old Hu pointed to the inside of the house, but Jiang Xiaolin waved his hand, "I naturally want to stay, but there are too many things in the school, I still need to go back and attend meetings. Brother, please understand."

"Alright, then go back and busy yourself. Come over and play when you're free." Since the other party didn't want to stay, Old Hu naturally wouldn't force him. After saying a few words of courtesy, she sent Jiang Xiaolin off.

Afterwards, he placed the Lucky Buddha into the front desk cabinet. It was a precious treasure that he couldn't afford to lose.

Although the giver wasn't much, his intentions were still very good.

Not long later, another leader-level mission came. It was the secretary of Li Baowei's principal, whom Old Hu had met before.

"Grandpa Hu, the principal asked me to bring you a congratulatory gift. He was out on a business trip and couldn't come back, but he must have a good heart. Please don't take offense." The little secretary spoke politely towards Old Hu. She was definitely taught by Li Baowei.

"Then you should thank President Li for me. He's too polite!" Old Hu took the box, feeling the weight inside, it must be a good item too.

After sending the little secretary away, Old Hu could not help but sigh. A human society? Or was it the power society?

In the past, he had so many achievements, and it wasn't easy for him to become a small Security Office Chief.

But ever since others found out that Hu Jianping was his nephew, everyone came closer to him and treated him with the respect of a big boss.

What was there to think so much about? Being respected was better than being looked down upon.

As a result, he accepted the gifts even more easily. It could be said that he had busied himself for the entire day during the opening ceremony.

At the banquet at noon, Old Hu talked casually about his great ambitions and what kind of doctor he wanted to be. In short, everyone was confused.

Furthermore, with Zhao Yali as a witness, she stood up and said excitedly that her disease was treated by the Old Hu's treatment method. Now, people believed even more in Old Hu, believing that not only was he a person with outstanding medical skills, his medical ethics was also very high.

It turned out that those who didn't believe in the Old Hu began to believe in him and worship him as well.

However, no one would have thought that this "TCM" talker would actually be a swindler. He didn't even know anything about the art of medicine, and he had to rely on swindling to cure his illness!

If a beauty were to let him treat her, he would definitely be taken advantage of. If a man wanted him to treat her, he would have to make all sorts of excuses or prescribe some medicine that wouldn't hurt him.

After the opening ceremony, Old Hu's plan to pick up girls officially began.

During the day, he was the school's gatekeeper and was responsible for the safety of the teachers and students. He was diligent, diligent, and never sloppy.

At night, he turned into an old Chinese doctor and even brought his reading glasses on. He used the excuse of seeing a doctor to trick the pure and innocent girls of a university, as well as the mature and sexy female teachers.

In short, as long as it was skin white and beautiful long legs, they were all his dishes!

The Old Hu did not open this clinic to make money to begin with. It was just for the sake of picking up girls. Furthermore, they did not open the clinic during the day, so they did not take care of it most of the night.

He was only slightly famous in the school, but few people outside knew of his place, so naturally not many people came to see him.

When people came out in the day, he had a closed door. Other people would see that he had the sign "Old Hu Hall of Traditional Chinese Medicine" and would think that this shop had already closed down.

After half a month, Old Hu had yet to open. Although it was not for the sake of making money, it was still unbearable to put money in.

After thinking about it, Old Hu found a good way to recruit a university student for a part-time job. If he had nothing to do during the day, he would just stay in the shop.

Old Hu found a seller that sold health care products and ordered a batch of health care products related to Chinese medicine. He was also prepared to sell them in the shop, as long as they were sold well, it would be able to make up for the deficit.

The next day, Old Hu posted a lot of ads in the school saying that he would like to find a part-time university student.

They had only been pasted for half a day when someone came to make a call. Some of them were boys, and the Old Hu did not want them, so he rejected them directly, saying that he had found the person.

However, when Old Hu saw the photo, he immediately rejected it. He did not want the ugly looking girl to be called a doctor to protect his image, but in reality, he was afraid that he would be disgusted.

In the afternoon, another girl came to apply. Her voice was very sweet, and it immediately captivated Old Hu's soul.

When she sent him a photo, she saw that he had delicate facial features and a dignified face. He was definitely a pure, charming, and enchanting 100%.

Old Hu immediately saw through her and told her to come to the clinic for an interview at night.