At night, after work, Old Hu came to the clinic to stay for the night. He arranged to meet the girl at 7 o'clock.

Old Hu was a little anxious, he couldn't have reneged on his promise temporarily, right? What a pity, such a good-looking girl.

While he was thinking, a clear voice suddenly sounded at the door.

"Is Grandpa Hu in?" I'm here to apply. "

"Hurry up and enter." Tiger raised his head and saw a pretty figure standing at the door. He immediately answered and let her in.

Zhao Lei walked in step by step, her body carrying a natural fragrance.

She wore a white lace shirt, simple jeans, black and white canvas shoes, and a yellow canvas bag over her shoulder.

He was tall, about 1.73m tall, with legs and legs that were exceptionally eye-catching. Even his ordinary jeans looked like a goddess.

Her skin was white, her face was unblemished, and her facial features were extremely exquisite. Even if she wasn't wearing makeup, she was still as beautiful as a devastatingly beautiful woman, definitely not inferior to Su Fei and Zhao Yali.

She was of the pure type, a little like Liu Yifei. Her long hair was flowing down her shoulders, smooth and dark, full of immortality.

Old Hu looked at it in such a manner that he forgot to ask the others about it.

"Great sir, great sir?" Zhao Lei waved her hand in front of his face and asked softly.

The Old Hu then pulled back his gaze and cleared his throat, "Zhao Lei right? Come, please take a seat."

He turned around and sat in front of the desk, allowing Zhao Lei to sit in front of him.

"Are you here for an interview?" Old Hu felt his heart beat faster, and he even started to speak incoherently. This girl was simply too beautiful, and caused him to feel extremely happy.

"Well, yes." Zhao Lei answered sweetly, her face still carrying a smile.

"Then you can introduce yourself." Old Hu tried his best to calm himself down. After all, he was still a boss, he couldn't be rude in front of the employees.

"Okay, my name is Zhao Lei and I am a student from the medical academy. I am in my fourth year this year, and I was thinking of finding a place to work as an intern. Now that we are close to graduation, we have very few courses, and I have sufficient time to work here.

What Zhao Lei said was all useful information, and not a single word of superfluous information made Old Hu feel good.

Her personality was just like her appearance. It was very clean and not that sloppy.

"Do you think you have any advantage over this job? Even though it's a part-time job, I have to be serious and choose the most suitable person. " Old Hu asked seriously, as if he had a very high status.

Zhao Lei was silent for a moment, but quickly spoke up again, "The people around me all think that I am very pragmatic, that I do things steadily and seriously, and pay attention to the details. Furthermore, I am a student of the medical academy, so I am also involved with Chinese medicine.

Her tone was very calm and she did not have the impassioned expression of her ability. However, it was enough to make people believe in her and even make people trust her.

"Mm, it's best if you have the confidence." The Old Hu nodded, showing that he was satisfied with her.

However, although he looked calm on the surface, and his heart was already filled with countless splashes, he couldn't quickly tell Zhao Lei the results for this girl.

"Have you ever been in contact with the sales industry before? "Although this is a clinic, mainly for doctors, since I still have to work in the school during the day, I need you to sell some traditional Chinese medicine health products, can you?" This was a very practical problem. It was impossible for him to not have the ability to be pretty. He did not want to raise an extra vase.

Women need to be attractive and capable to be loved.

"Don't worry, I've been to a lot of pharmacies to promote health products in the past, and all of them have good results." Zhao Lei was still calm and composed, her eyes were sincere, and she did not look like she was bragging.

"Well, that's good." Old Hu was overjoyed in his heart. He really picked up a treasure.

"How much do you expect to be paid?" Finally, he asked this sensitive question.

"Mm. If you come here every day, can you give me a commission of two thousand yuan?" Zhao Lei was not stupid, she asked for a high price.

"I can't agree to your request right now. After all, I'll have to wait until you've officially started working, then I can observe your abilities before deciding." Old Hu was not stupid either. The salary was not low for a part-time job.

"That's fine too." Zhao Lei happily agreed.

"I don't have any problems. If you don't have any, then start working next Monday." Old Hu looked at Zhao Lei, his tone becoming much more gentle.

"Alright." Zhao Lei left immediately.

After she left, Old Hu's mood was especially good. She didn't think that she would find a beautiful, fair-skinned, long-legged, and capable beauty so quickly. It was simply too perfect.

In a blink of an eye, it was already ten-thirty. Just as Old Hu finished washing up and was about to lie down, he received a call from Su Fei.

"Hey, Xiao Fei, what's up this late?" He thought Su Fei wanted to ask him out to do something, after all, it was already so late.

"Uncle, can you come to the school for a moment? Our class has a girl who has diarrhea. It's not so good, and her stomach hurts a lot." Su Fei's voice was very anxious, she was the class's instructor, if she wanted to be in charge of the students, no matter who it was, she had to be responsible.

Old Hu's first thought was that he did not want to go, but hearing that Su Fei was in a rush, and thinking of her responsibilities, he agreed.

"Sure, wait a moment. I'll be there in five minutes."

Old Hu hung up the phone and started dressing. Fortunately, this clinic was very close to the school and it was only a few steps away, otherwise, it would be too late for him to do so.

A few minutes later, Old Hu arrived at the girl's dormitory. At first, Lou Ma didn't allow him to enter, but luckily Su Fei rushed out in the end to prove it.

"What's going on?" Old Hu asked as they walked.

"We don't know either, so we wanted to invite you to come and take a look." Su Fei frowned. Seems like the girl was quite sick.

When they arrived at the entrance of the dorm, Old Hu felt that it was a bit familiar, as if he himself came here.

"Go in, the girl is inside." Su Fei gently pushed Old Hu aside. Old Hu walked in and saw a girl squatting beside the bed, holding onto her stomach. Her face was deathly pale and in pain, but she couldn't help but moan.

Old Hu squinted his eyes. He felt that it was a little familiar, because the lights in the dorm had already turned off. He couldn't see the girl's face clearly.

No wonder he was so familiar with her, she was actually Wu Wu!

At that time, Old Hu only had one thought, the wicked had to be punished!

Who asked her to be so arrogant and despotic before, it was finally time for retribution!

Old Hu did not go up to help her up. Instead, he just watched from the side.