Old Hu took the contract and looked through it. After finding no problems, he also signed his name.

Now the shop was his.

"Alright, there are some things here. Take a look at what you need and I'll leave it for you. But let me say it in advance, it's a fee, not a free one!"

The Lady Boss's face was full of pride. This was all built up by her after much effort. Now that it was useless, she couldn't bear to leave anyone behind.

"Sure, but I don't seem to be able to use any of those things. Let me see what I need to tell you." Old Hu put the contract in his pocket.

"I'll give you two days to move. After two days, I'll call some people to come and fix it. That's settled." Old Hu swept his eyes over the place again, and felt that it was indeed not bad.

Even if there were some small problems that were not soundproof, he could make up for them with some materials. 70,000 yuan a year was really cheap in this school district.

"Alright, that's settled then." The Lady Boss was delighted as well, but she looked a little reluctant.

"Alright, then I'll be leaving first. Oh, right, I forgot to praise you. You're really pretty, but don't be a chief foot therapist in the future. It's not suitable."

Before Old Hu left, he even made fun of the girl called Xiao Cui. Her hands were extremely soft and tender, and he looked very bashful to look at people, he didn't even look like a foot healer.

Furthermore, Old Hu had unintentionally discovered that the two of them were wearing the exact same pendant on their necks. It was obvious that they were mother and daughter.

Now that he had solved the problem of the house, he was ready to renovate it.

Old Hu went online to check up on a famous interior decorating company in the city. He found one that was economical and economical and told them what he thought. He didn't need to worry about it anymore, naturally there would be a professional team to do it.

Two days later, the renovation plan came out, the foot treatment shop had also moved away, the Old Hu's Chinese medicine clinic had officially started to renovate.

Although they did not have to work on their own, the Old Hu still showed up on time every day to watch the workers, not giving them the opportunity to dole out resources.

Old Hu had been a laborer before, and he understood this principle very well. As long as his master or the contractor didn't keep an eye on him, the laborer and the laborer wouldn't work very hard.

After staring for a week, the decorations were finally completed. Only the decorations were left.

Old Hu arranged for many cabinets, sofas and such, and bought a large amount of Chinese medicine, but they were all basic herbs, without anything very expensive.

More importantly, he left a room here to serve as a massage room.

A few days ago, when he went to get his business license, the other side did not give him permission to go to the massage room. In the end, he had to ask Chen Lin for help in finding a relationship with him.

Chen Lin was a little surprised by Old Hu's actions. He did not know when Old Hu learned Chinese medicine, but now he could even open his own clinic. He was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

With a series of ingredients, the Old Hu would be able to become a Chinese medical doctor in broad daylight. In the few days before the establishment of the school, he felt as if he was walking on air, as if a halo was shining on his body.

Finally, it was the day of the competition. Old Hu did not intentionally release the news and many people came to congratulate them. Most of them were his school colleagues and teachers.

Zhao Yali was the first to arrive at the clinic, so she was very excited to see this clinic.

"Great sir, I didn't expect you to open a clinic!" This is too exciting! " She walked around the room a few times. It didn't look fresh enough no matter how she looked.

This was not a normal grocery store, nor was it a normal store. This was a clinic, and not someone who was skilled in medicine could open it.

"Isn't it because I've received your inspiration? Since you all have such hopes for me, I cannot disappoint you all." Old Hu patted Zhao Yali's head.

"Ah!" I believe that with your medical skills, you can definitely cure the disease and become a famous doctor of your generation! " In her eyes, the Old Hu was omnipotent, and being able to fight and learn medicine, she was simply a god to him.

If she knew that Old Hu was an absolute liar, she would probably cry herself to death.

"Great sir, I don't have the money to buy those precious wedding gifts for you, so I cut a few windows to wish you a grand opening!" Zhao Yali took out a red envelope from her bag, inside it were many window flowers.

"Child, even if you don't take anything, I won't blame you. Why are you wasting your time?" The Old Hu was touched by her kind intentions. Although the window flowers did not cost much money, it was very time-consuming, and only people who were extremely patient and meticulous would be able to cut them out.

"Hehe, just a little kindness! Great sir, don't despise me! " Zhao Yali grinned, "How about I post it now?"

"Alright, go!" Old Hu nodded, whatever Zhao Yali wanted to do.

Soon after, Su Fei also came over. Behind him was a young man, who seemed to be an employee of a flower shop. He was holding a big flower basket in his arms.

"Great sir, let me congratulate you on your opening!" Su Fei smiled warmly. Old Hu had not seen her for a long time, he did not know what she had been busy with recently.

"Alright, alright. Come, let's go in and have a cup of tea." The Old Hu called out passionately, just as Zhao Yali was about to go out and meet Su Fei.

"Teacher Su, you came too! Come and hang the window flowers with me! " Zhao Yali pulled Su Fei and left, the two of them talking and laughing, very friendly.

This gave the Old Hu a feeling of New Year. Everyone was very happy.

Not long later, Chen Bing arrived with two flower baskets, which were placed in front of the shop without Old Hu's permission.

"Big Brother Hu, seeing how my flower basket is being chosen, isn't it very festive?" Chen Bing walked in front of Old Hu with alluring and alluring eyes.

"Big sister, you are too polite! I'm glad you're here! " Old Hu looked at her with a wide smile, especially when she approached him. The fragrance of the perfume filled the air, making him unable to stop himself from thinking back to that night.

If her husband hadn't called to rush them, things would have gone well for both of them.

"Big Brother Hu, what are you thinking about? "He's smiling so happily." Seeing that he was distracted, Chen Bing poked his chest and teased him.

That spot was neither too far away from the Old Hu's, and just happened to poke the beans, and the force of the poke wasn't too strong either, just enough to arouse his desire.

If it weren't for the circumstances, he really wanted to directly pick up Chen Bing and bring him into the house to do naughty things.

"Big sis, the weather is so cold, you should wear more. Otherwise, it's easy for people to commit crimes!" Old Hu went closer to her and whispered something in her ear, causing Chen Bing to blush. He then wiggled his butt and entered the house.