But just based on his face, Old Hu would get full marks for it.

"Xiao Cui is our chief foot healer, although she is young, her martial arts are good!" The Lady Boss pulled Xiao Cui's hand and introduced her to Old Hu. He instantly felt like he had entered a brothel.

Looking at Xiao Cui, compared to the Lady Boss's enthusiasm, she was shy and reserved, even embarrassed to look at Old Hu. From the looks of it, she was not the Chief Foot Heater, it was definitely because there were no longer any employees available, thus the Lady Boss had found her.

Taking a closer look, Old Hu felt that this Xiao Cui and the Lady Boss's facial features were similar, could they be related?

Old Hu raised the corner of his mouth. It seemed that this place was not in a good mood, then his price could be discussed.

"Lady Boss, why are you so shy when you're already a Chief Foot Heater? I don't see many customers in your store. Don't tell me your service is bad?" The Old Hu raised his eyebrows and asked as he took the initiative to lie down on a massage chair.

"Look at what you said, my business is usually very good, I intentionally got Xiao Cui to give you a massage because of your imposing manner, you must be mistaken about my good intentions!" The female boss was still stubborn, the Old Hu almost wanted to laugh when she heard this.

Had she forgotten that she had posted a transfer advertisement on the outside?

"Then come then. Let me hear what kind of services you have here!" Old Hu crossed his legs and really thought of himself as the big boss.

"We started with 299, then 499 and 699. The higher the price, the more complete the service is." The Lady Boss stood next to the Old Hu, grinning from ear to ear.

Although Old Hu's clothes were ordinary, a person could not judge a book by its cover, what if it really was a big boss! So she asked for twice as much as usual.

"Tsk tsk, big sis, you really are asking for something big. Your store's price is double that of the rest of the potions stores!" Old Hu sat up and was about to leave. Seeing that, the Lady Boss quickly let go.

"Hey, boss, what you're saying is that our service partners are different. Can they even be compared to us by paying a few dozen yuan for a massage? The people we serve are all people like you!" Naturally, the price would be a bit higher, but definitely worth more. "

The female boss blocked his path, causing the Old Hu to laugh, "Big sister, your stall is about to turn yellow, that's why you are asking so loudly."

Hearing this, the Lady Boss was stunned. "Big Brother, if you say it like that, then I …"

"Alright, I only came here because I saw your sublet advertisement. I'm very interested in this room of yours." Old Hu walked around the room twice and looked at the details carefully. He found that the decorations were indeed not bad, but it had to be improved on.

After all, there was too much of a difference between a Chinese medicine clinic and a foot treatment clinic. The clinic had to have that kind of solemn and magnanimous feeling in order to make people believe in the doctors here.

"Oh ~ So it's like that!" The Lady Boss suddenly stopped smiling and her tone was a little high-pitched.

She turned around and sat on the sofa, lifting a cup of tea to drink. "Then you've seen our request. If you agree, we'll sign the contract."

She wrote in the sublet ad that the original price was 100 thousand a year, and that it would take 90 thousand years to rent it out, and that the items here could be left for the next tenant to use.

"Big sis, what's the hurry?" Old Hu stood by the window and looked out at the scenery.

He was facing a wide road. He had a bad view, but there was one thing that was bad. It was that the noise was too loud. If a customer wanted to come here quietly, they would have to be quiet.

"What is it? If you think it's too expensive, you don't have to rent it. Our land is superior, so a lot of people are fighting over it. We don't need you to rent it. " The tone of the Lady Boss wasn't polite at all. Just a moment ago, she had been trying her best to curry favor with him. Just thinking about it caused him to lose face.

"What's the rush? The price can be negotiated." Old Hu scratched his chin, smiling amiably, "Big sis, your Foot Healing Shop is good for nothing, just that the terrain is not good."

"You rent a house. Be careful when you speak, my shop is not for you to criticize." This lady boss' attitude became more severe, unlike the previous flattering manner.

"Don't be in such a hurry, let me analyze it with you. Firstly, you drove to the side of the road. Moreover, the soundproofing effect of this house was not that good. It would affect the guests' rest time. What did the guests come to the foot treatment shop for? To relax! "Second, since you're a student at a university, how many college students can you count on for a pedicure?"

Then, the Old Hu shrugged his shoulders, "You can't keep this store open anymore, I've asked around, and there won't be two customers in a week. If you don't immediately rent out this house, then you'll lose more and more, and end up losing everything!"

The Lady Boss was silent. Because the Old Hu did not spout nonsense, she could not sustain her business for long.

"Just give me some painful words, how much do you want?" This was the problem that she was concerned about. As for why her business failed, she did not need the Old Hu to teach her.

"Twenty percent off. Seventy thousand yuan." Old Hu extended his hand out, and the Lady Boss instantly came to life.

"No, that's impossible. The ad clearly stated that it would be at least 90,000 years old, and not a single point less!" The Lady Boss abruptly sat up in her chair, looking as if she couldn't be discussed with him.

"Big sis, you have posted that advertisement for almost half a month. Quite a number of people have come, right? Most of them just left after reading it. No one is like me, bargaining with you!" Old Hu stood in front of the Lady Boss, staring at her. Although she still had that carefree look on her face, her attitude was still very serious.

"To tell you the truth, I've already investigated everything. You started renting here for 70,000 yuan every year, and as for your price increase, I can understand. But we're all doing business here, you can't let others pay for your losses if you don't do well."

Old Hu did inquire around, but he did not have any solid evidence. He was just guessing blindly, if the blind cat guessed correctly, it might be able to rent it cheaply.

This time, the Lady Boss really did not say anything, she looked at Xiao Cui who was beside her, she had a helpless look on her face as she shook her head.

After a long while, she let out a long sigh, "Fine, 70,000 won't do. Anyway, I don't want to stay here any longer. If you can take the money now, we'll sign the contract now."

The Lady Boss turned around and went to the front desk. She took out a stack of papers from the drawer. It could be seen that she had been preparing for a long time.

"I like people like you!" Old Hu took out a plastic bag from his pocket and placed it on the table. Inside the bag was seventy thousand yuan worth of neatly arranged cash, and upon seeing this, the Lady Boss quickly signed his name, afraid that Old Hu would go back on his words.