Who knew that after asking, Chen Bing's expression immediately changed, "Aiyah, don't mention it, I'm still the same as before. I bitterly endured an unhappy marriage, and facing a cold and detached husband, my heart …"

While talking, Chen Bing actually began to choke up.

Old Hu laughed in his heart. This woman's acting is really good, he was the one who brought so many green hats to his husband, and she was blaming others!

However, he couldn't say that out loud, "Big sis, don't cry, it makes my heart ache!"

Old Hu pulled out two tissues and passed it to her, then he sat beside her. The two of them were very close, their butts almost touching each other.

Chen Bing pretended to wipe her tears, and said in a teary voice, "Big brother, I don't ask for anything else, I just want a child. I didn't manage to treat you completely when I came to find you, but you must help me this time! "How about it?"

Chen Bing looked at Old Hu with teary eyes. She had to admit that she took great care of herself, she did not even have wrinkles at the corners of her eyes.

Seeing that she took the initiative to get so close to him, the Old Hu felt embarrassed even if he did not take advantage of him. He simply embraced her shoulders and said gently, "Don't cry, don't cry, I will do my best to cure your disease and allow you to have your own child. Be good and stop crying."

He was coaxing Chen Bing like she was coaxing a child. Chen Bing also took this very seriously, and very quickly stopped crying.

She was only looking for an excuse to get close to Old Hu. If she really wanted a child, she would have gone to the hospital a long time ago.

"Big brother, I'll leave my body to you!" After Chen Bing finished speaking, she leaned against Old Hu's chest. It sounded like she was still sobbing, but there was actually a smile on her face.

When the Old Hu heard that, his heart started beating really hard. What did she mean? It sounds a bit ambiguous! Was he going to give himself to him? Or should he hand the disease over to him?

It was too easy to daydream when these ambiguous words came out of this woman's mouth.

"Don't worry, I will definitely treat it well!" Old Hu also replied vaguely. He then patted her back and unintentionally rubbed her smooth skin.

A woman who looked to be in her forties, with a face that was thirty years old and skin that looked to be in her twenties, this was something that no one could hope for!

"Then when do we start treatment? "Is it okay now?" Chen Bing suddenly raised her head and looked at Old Hu lovingly. If she had any hope in her eyes, it would be fine, but she was still trying to seduce him.

"I can't do it now. It's not convenient in broad daylight. After all, this illness of yours is a bit of a taboo. Besides, I'm still working hours, so it's not a good idea, right?" Old Hu pointed them out one by one.

The biggest reason was that it was inconvenient to eat tofu during the day, so he had to go to his sealed off room at night when it was quiet!

"Fine, then let's go tonight? "Is that okay?" Chen Bing was already impatient to do something with the Old Hu, she just needed a proper excuse, that's all. She didn't believe it, as long as she goes out, there were still men that she couldn't take down.

"Alright, then I'll wait for you in the dorm tonight!" Old Hu nodded in agreement, he was secretly happy in his heart that this woman was truly impatient. However, he had always been burning with desire these past two days, always thinking about that matter.

"See you tonight, Big Brother Hu ~" Chen Bing stood up, the hem of her skirt swayed, revealing her pure white long legs, vaguely wanting to get someone to go in and explore.

Old Hu smiled and nodded. Seeing her twisting her round butt and leaving, her heart was about to blossom. It would not be excessive to say that she was gentle like water! Old Hu began to look forward to the night, he did not know what kind of small sparks they would create.

After Chen Bing left, Old Hu started to search for the reason for his infertility on the internet. He needed to prepare carefully so that when Chen Bing came over tonight, he would have all sorts of reasons to trick her.

He remembered that Chen Bing said that when they were first married, she was pregnant with a child, but after she became pregnant, she was not pregnant again. This was because she did not have any sexual life, so she could not conceive.

In the evening, when Old Hu just finished his work and returned to his dorm room after eating a meal, Chen Bing came over before his butt had even warmed up!

"Is the Big Brother Hu here?" Her gentle and exquisite voice sounded, sweeping away the fatigue from Old Hu's body. Old Hu hurriedly ran over to open the door for her.

"Teacher Chen, why are you here so early?" I thought you were going to be here later! " Old Hu laughed and said, thinking that this woman was too proactive.

Today, Chen Bing was wearing a thin layer of lace pajamas. It was almost transparent, and even through the clothes, one could still see the scene inside.

Old Hu felt all the blood in his body about to explode. He rubbed his nose, afraid that there would be blood in his nose.

"So, Big Brother Hu doesn't plan to let me in? Are you going to treat me here? " Chen Bing laughed, and casually stuck a strand of hair behind her ear, instantly becoming extremely flirtatious, causing Old Hu to be dumbstruck.

"No, no, please come in, please come in." Only now did Old Hu realize how foolish his actions were, and hurriedly invited his into the house.

"Oh right, Big Brother Hu, you should call me Bing Bing, or you can call me Big Sis. Don't call me Teacher Chen, we are too distant from each other." Chen Bing sat right down on the sofa and emphasized with a smile.

"Bing Bing, that's what I used to call you, right?" Old Hu asked. Previously, their relationship was very good, but because of the relationship between Su Fei and her, the two became distant.

"Big Brother Hu, let bygones be bygones, okay?" Chen Bing looked at him lovingly, with eyes that were filled with tears. Old Hu would never imagine that such a beautiful woman would betray him for benefits.

Before he could nod his head in agreement, he heard Chen Bing say, "Big Brother Hu, I'm actually not worried that you would tell everyone about me and Manager Sun. You're not that kind of person."

Old Hu was stunned, he did not expect Chen Bing to so frankly admit, he was truly open-minded!

"What you said makes sense." Old Hu did not say yes, nor did he say no. He did not want to make a decision in advance, and if he needed to in the future, he did not mind using that to threaten them.

"Big Brother Hu, if you were to lead my married life, you will know how hard it is for me. My husband and I have had no sex for a year, he either doesn't come home or goes home and goes to bed. I can't even count how many clothes he has that smell of a woman's perfume and the lipstick of a woman. I can't save the marriage, but I can't escape it, so why can't I let myself go? Why should I suppress my nature? It's not fair that only men should be cheating, is it? " Chen Bing approached the Old Hu, wanting to lean on his shoulder, but was cleverly dodged by the Old Hu.

"Bing Bing, if you really want a child, I can help you." Old Hu changed the topic. He did not want to discuss such profound philosophical principles.