However, he finally understood why Chen Bing was always eating secretly. There must be some form of revenge here.

"Big Brother Hu, am I saying too much? I'm really sorry …" Chen Bing wiped off the tears from the corner of her eyes. She wanted to be pitied by him initially, but she didn't expect that it would actually cause her to feel sad.

"No problem, I understand your thoughts. As long as you are willing, I can be your listener at any time." Old Hu held her shoulders, the actions of the two of them becoming very intimate.

"Then, big brother, how should I treat this disease?" Chen Bing raised her head and looked at Old Hu with hope.

Hmm, this infertility syndrome has always been a very troublesome disease. It's hard to treat." It was caused by a lot of reasons. You came to see me before, but because you didn't insist on treatment, it was a waste of effort. " Old Hu lightly said, his mind already thinking of a way to bring her to justice.

"Ah?" Then what should she do!? If I had known, I would have... Brother, can I still heal him now? " Chen Bing was especially anxious, as this was what the Old Hu wanted him to do.

"It's fine. Let me treat you. I'll give you some medicine. You should be fine." The Old Hu said thoughtfully, looking very professional.

"That's good, I really have to ask you, Big Brother Hu!" Chen Bing held onto Old Hu's hand, his palm exceptionally warm.

"It's nothing, Bing Bing, I'll help you check your pulse first and see how you're doing recently." Old Hu got up and took the things, "It's not convenient here, you should go and lie on the bed."

"Sure." Chen Bing was especially obedient, she could do whatever the Old Hu wanted him to do.

Chen Bing lied on the bed, her chest becoming even more prominent, attracting the attention of Old Hu.

He inadvertently swallowed his saliva, and then placed his finger on Chen Bing's wrist. He closed his eyes to feel the effects for three minutes, acting as if he understood what was going on.

"Bing Bing, the cold air in your body is a bit heavy, and you can feel a turbid air clogging up your fallopian tubes, affecting your uterus. That way, even if the eggs fertilize, they won't be able to get into bed." The Old Hu used his only knowledge to start spouting nonsense, speaking the truth, causing Chen Bing to believe without a doubt.

"Then what should we do?" Chen Bing frowned, her small face pale white, "Can I even get pregnant?"

"Yes, but it will take some time. It's quite tiring." Old Hu kept his things and sighed.

"Big Brother Hu, as long as you can cure my illness, it doesn't matter how much effort you put in!" Chen Bing voted in her heart.

"Alright, then let's start the treatment from tonight. Everything must be done as early as possible, we can't delay it." Old Hu looked at her heaving chest and started to move his body.

"Sure!" After Chen Bing finished speaking, she took off her shirt, revealing her pure white skin. Previously, when she came here to heal, it was like this. It could be said that she was already familiar with this place.

"Big sister, this …" Not yet, the fabric of your clothes is too smooth. It will affect the effect when I open your meridians later. " Old Hu looked at her embarrassedly.

He thought to himself, even if I take it off, how can I take off just like that? Of course I have to take it off cleanly in order to take it off!

"Then what do I want?" Chen Bing looked a little embarrassed. Old Hu thought, what are you pretending to be a pure girl for?

"Take off your skirt as well. There's no other way. In order to have a better healing effect, big sis, you have to endure for now." Old Hu patted her shoulder, indicating for her to hurry up.

Chen Bing had no choice but to take off her skirt halfway.

When Old Hu saw her figure, he almost had a nosebleed! This woman was too explosive!

"We're going to start now." Old Hu rolled up his sleeves, stretched out his hands and grabbed her legs.

Different from Su Fei and Zhao Yali, although Chen Bing's legs were straight and long, they had some flesh, and the feeling of touching them was even better.