After that, that person was stunned and had stopped moving. The scene before Old Hu also became more and more clear, until he could clearly see Zhao Yali's face. Only then did he realize that he had been dreaming.

"Uncle …" What's the matter with you? " Zhao Yali looked at him in a daze. Being scolded all of a sudden made her feel wronged.

"Ya …" Yali? Why are you here? " Old Hu wiped his face, feeling dizzy and confused, he sat up from the bed.

"I went to the duty room to look for you, but they said you didn't go to work, so I came over here. But after knocking for a long time and you weren't there, I tried to enter without locking the door, and then I realized that I couldn't wake you up no matter what. I was afraid something might happen to you, so I hit you twice …" Sorry grandpa, did I wake you up? " Zhao Yali pouted, her hand still holding onto her breakfast.

"Hai, I'm dreaming. I can't wake up. Thank you for waking me up. Otherwise, I would have been out of work today!" As Old Hu spoke, he lifted up the blanket and got off the bed. He was only wearing his underwear, and Zhao Yali immediately turned around.

"Yali, we're already so familiar with each other, what's there to be shy about? Don't worry, just look! An old man like me is not afraid! " Seeing her shy look, Old Hu could not help but tease her.

"Uncle, I'll go out and wait for you. I made it earlier for you, you can come out and have a bite or two later." Zhao Yali left in a panic, feeling embarrassed by what he said.

Old Hu suddenly felt very happy. After waking up, there were people who bought breakfast for him.

After he finished cleaning up, he walked out. Zhao Yali had already finished packing everything, so Old Hu was a little embarrassed. "Yali, why are you here so early?"

Zhao Yali hadn't visited that often recently, so she felt it was strange for him to suddenly come and be so good to Old Hu.

"No, I just wanted to see you. I came last night, but you weren't here …" I've been waiting for a long time and I haven't seen you back, so I'm going back. " Zhao Yali said blandly, but the expression on her small face was a little unnatural. Old Hu guessed that there must be something wrong.

"Yali, how have you been recently? Have you ever committed an old crime? " The reason why Old Hu asked him with concern was actually to see why she was looking for him.

"It's quite good. Thanks to you treating me, there haven't been any big problems recently." Zhao Yali smiled. She told Old Hu to hurry up and eat breakfast, but she did not move her chopsticks.

"Yali, stop pretending with me. You must have something to tell me, right? "Hurry up and tell me. Otherwise, your grandpa won't be able to eat well!" Old Hu looked at her in a serious manner, and it was true that Zhao Yali cleared her throat and laughed awkwardly, "Uncle, I can't hide it from you. "I'm here to seek advice from you. A senior of mine confessed to me two days ago. I don't know if I should accept him or not …"

Zhao Yali's small hands were entangled together, and it could be seen that she was indeed very conflicted.

Old Hu's heart skipped a beat. Did this little girl want to fall in love? 'This isn't good. Then how can I get along with her in the future? '

He decided on the spot that he must not let her fall in love!

"Yali, can you tell me who it is?"

"Senior Lin Yuhao, our Chinese department's …" Zhao Yali started to blush when she mentioned his name, probably because she had a good impression of him too.

Old Hu was not unfamiliar with this name, he had heard Wu Wu mention it before. It was precisely because of this boy that they were able to cause such a ruckus, so he could use this matter as an example.

"Yali, to tell you the truth, I previously heard from Wu Wu that she originally did not have much hostility towards you, but because of this Lin Yuhao, she has always been against you." Old Hu said sincerely and sincerely.

"I... I'm not afraid of her now. " Zhao Yali hesitated and said, but she pretended to be confident.

"Mm, you really don't need to be afraid of her. After all, there's still me, but I want to say that it's not that he doesn't know that you've suffered so many grievances because of him. Did he come forward to settle it for you?" Old Hu hit the nail on the head. Sometimes, I just need to say a few sweet words to you.

Zhao Yali immediately became silent, and didn't speak for a long time. Presumably, she also quickly understood that this guy didn't have much of a bearing, because she didn't stand up in time when she was facing difficulties!

"Uncle, thank you. I know what to do now!" Zhao Yali stood up and thanked the Old Hu.

"Silly girl, remember what I said. You can't easily trust the words of a boy! You're still young, you really aren't in a hurry when it comes to dating! " Old Hu began to educate her again, but he only had one goal, and that was to prevent Zhao Yali from becoming someone else's woman!

After Zhao Yali left, Old Hu also took a deep breath, he happily finished his breakfast and went to work. Now that Jiang Xiaolin was very courteous to him, even if he was late, he would leave early, and as long as it was not a matter of principle or mistake, he would just turn a blind eye.

That afternoon, in order to win over the hearts of the people, the Old Hu let them leave early, leaving him alone in the duty room.

Not long after, an uninvited guest arrived at the duty room — Chen Bing who had disappeared for a long time.

Chen Bing pushed open the door and entered. Her voice was extremely gentle, and without waiting for Old Hu to greet her, she sat down on the sofa opposite of him, then crossed her legs. "Long time no see, Big Brother Hu!"

Chen Bing was dressed very sexily, wearing a black dress with a curvy body, there was an exquisite button on the front of her chest, but it was almost bursting from the pressure. Her dress was still exposed behind her back, and she was only wearing a thin cardigan, almost transparent.

"Yo, isn't this Teacher Chen? He's really a rare guest." Old Hu had not seen her for a long time. She had heard that she was out on a vacation, but she did not know which wild man she was with.

Ever since the competition ended, Old Hu no longer had a good impression of her, but seeing her body becoming hotter, his heart started to itch, and he couldn't bear to kick her out.

Chen Bing had also just returned from her vacation, and upon hearing that many things about the Old Hu had happened in the academy, especially after hearing that Hu Jianping was his nephew, she decided to pay attention to him.

It didn't matter who he was with, why not find a stronger backer?

"It's been a long time since we last met. Big Brother Hu, are you alright?" Chen Bing pursed his lips and smiled, he was especially feminine, making people unable to resist getting close to him. No wonder those old men couldn't resist her enticement.

"I'm fine. How about you?" Old Hu was just being polite.