Old Hu was also stunned, and inwardly scolded the police officer for being too weak!

Furthermore, Chen Liyun seemed to be wearing nothing underneath except underwear, his fingers had become so soft that they had become soft!

The feeling is still that good, Old Hu thought.

Although they had interacted closely with each other before, how could they think that there were too many of these things, once again touching the Old Hu, they still felt their blood pumping.

Chen Liyun felt that she had been taken advantage of, and started to scream, but she forgot to retaliate against Old Hu. Old Hu originally wanted to apologize, but was afraid of exposing himself, so he could only take this opportunity to slip away.

By the time Chen Liyun reacted, he was already gone into the darkness.

"Damn it!" Chen Liyun was so angry that she stomped her feet on the ground, not only did she fail the mission, she was even eaten, if this were to spread, how could she still be a captain!

Old Hu didn't dare to stop until he was far away. When he returned to the school in a fluster, he felt guilty for not having noticed Zhang Jian's return. He had been in too much of a hurry, so he hadn't been able to observe how Zhang Jian was doing.

After waiting in the dorm for a long time, he still couldn't find Zhang Jian, so he could only make a call.

Very quickly, Zhang Jian picked it up, "Old Hu, I'm already out, don't worry!"

Just as he finished speaking, Zhang Jian pushed open the door and sat down on the sofa, unceremoniously drinking from his teacup.

"You stinking brat, why are you still answering my call after coming back!?" Wasting my phone bill! " The Old Hu slapped him across the face, making him worry for nothing after a long time. He should have known since a long time ago that since Zhang Jian was a regular customer there, he would have his own solution!

"Hehe, didn't I tell you to rest assured earlier!" After Zhang Jian drank some water and panted for breath, he leisurely said, "Today, I was really scared to death, I almost got caught by those cops! Luckily, I can run really fast! Otherwise, we will definitely be fined a lot of money! "

Zhang Jian was not worried about going to the detention center. What he was more worried about was the fines, his monthly salary was originally not much, if he found some time and lost money, it would be too much of a loss.

"What are you still talking about? If it wasn't for your good idea, would we be in such a sorry state!" Old Hu could not help but complain.

"Old Hu, this means that you have hurt me too much. Do you dare to say that you are not happy today?" He saw it when Old Hu was flirting with that girl today. The reason he did not go forward was because he did not want to ruin his mood and he was afraid Old Hu would not be willing to let it go.

"Alright, alright, you're the only one with so much bullshit." Old Hu also laughed along. That girl today was not bad, if there was a next time, he would definitely look for her again.

"How did you get back?" The Old Hu asked Zhang Jian.

"Jump out the window! I'm on the first floor, and the exit is blocked by the police. Fortunately, I was agile and was not caught. " Zhang Jian was extremely pleased with himself, but when he mentioned the arrangement of the police, he still felt that it was very exciting, and he felt that he had escaped from a dead end.

"Oh." Old Hu answered indifferently.

"That's right, when I jumped out of the window today, a policewoman saw me, but she didn't dare to chase after me. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to come back!" Zhang Jian suddenly thought of this, and could not help but ask Old Hu.

"What kind of policewoman?" Old Hu asked, could he be Chen Liyun? That was too much of a coincidence, but the clothes on her chest were torn.

Thinking of this possibility, the Old Hu felt a little regretful. He wasn't willing to share with others a beauty like his.

"It's too dark, I couldn't see clearly, anyway I know her clothes were torn, I've been squatting on the ground not daring to get up and chase me, it should be very torn, but then again, this police officer is too incompetent now, if her clothes are torn, then she won't chase me, it's so hypocritical!" Zhang Jian curled his lips, and the Old Hu immediately gave him a fried chestnut.

"Are you being picky? If she's good enough, you can go in now! The fines have already been paid! " Old Hu rolled his eyes at him. This was obviously acting good after taking advantage of the situation.

"Alright, alright. I'm tired. You're tired too. We brothers should rest well. No matter what, we're comfortable today, so let's not go for nothing!" Zhang Jian stretched his back and left while yawning. He had played it earlier than the Old Hu and had asked for the entire set for service.

After Zhang Jian left, Old Hu quickly lied on the bed. After tormenting himself for the day, he was truly a little tired, and went to sleep early.

Maybe because the meat beneath the cloth was too soft, Old Hu dreamt of Chen Liyun.

He was just strolling along the street when he saw a group of gangsters bullying an old granny and a little girl of about seven or eight years old and even stealing their money. The grandfather-grandson pair were being bullied to such a state that they cried until the sky went black, but no one was willing to help them.

Old Hu was very angry, he immediately charged into the fight with the criminal and became a hero again, but this time he was not so lucky, the opponent had a few switchblades, and he had been stabbed through the waist!

The criminals said that Old Hu was about to die and left in fear. Old Hu felt that his body was growing weaker and weaker, and in the end, he fell onto the ground while clutching his wounds, causing more and more people to watch him. However, no one beat him up.

When he woke up again, he was already lying in the hospital. There were many familiar people sitting around him: Su Fei, Zhao Yali, Zhao Qiankun,, Sun Longbo and that Wu Wu. Some were crying by his bedside, some were laughing by his side.

After that, he was once again invited by Police Station to do an interview. He was a reporter, and was even awarded a prize and certificate by Chen Liyun, there were many people below the stage, Chen Liyun suddenly started to seduce him, and started rubbing his head while she was on stage. He repeatedly stopped her from doing that, but Chen Liyun acted like she did not hear it, and even started to take off her clothes.

This frightened Old Hu to no end. He quickly said that it was none of his business, but the people below the stage still did not react, as though they could not see what was happening. Old Hu was provoked by Chen Liyun to the point that her entire body was on fire, and in the end, she did not care about the occasion anymore, and actually got up together with her on the stage.

Later, when Old Hu was sprinting, someone suddenly slapped his butt, he impatiently told that person to go away, he finally got Chen Liyun, but that person patted him again, twice, thrice …

In the end, the Old Hu could not take it anymore and turned around to shout at the man, "You're crazy!"