"Uncle, I'm coming ~" The girl turned around and rushed into Old Hu's embrace. Very quickly, the two of them started dancing against each other, their movements very ambiguous.

From time to time, the girl would whisper into his ear, making Old Hu's heart itch. He really wanted to kill her on the spot.

"Little girl, you're really too naughty." When the girl turned around, she purposely bumped into Old Hu, causing him to suck in a breath of cold air.

"Uncle, I didn't expect you to be so masculine ~" The girl took the initiative.

"Then what do you want?" Old Hu held her waist and squeezed gently.

"You think so!" The girl gave him a coquettish smile, pulled him by the collar, and began teasing him in front of the crowd.

He first sent her a hot kiss, her charming little tongue teasing Old Hu's nerves. He closed his eyes to enjoy this sudden happiness, and felt that this was like a dream, and also wished that he would never wake up.

Then, the pair of little claws grabbed onto Old Hu's chest like a cat, spinning around and around, causing Old Hu's entire body to tremble.

"Little girl, you really are playing with fire." Old Hu held onto her softness, as a beautiful counterattack.

"Then watch carefully, uncle. I'm good at playing with fire." The girl gave him a coquettish look, then dragged him out of the crowd.

Old Hu followed him. He was so immersed in the warmth that he could not extricate himself, and even forgot to tell Zhang Jian.

But what he did not know was that Zhang Jian was a regular customer here, and was very familiar with the girls here.

Old Hu was dragged by the girl to the deepest part of a corridor. There were not many people here, but one could still hear the hot music in the ballroom.

Very quickly, the girl started to dance to the rhythm of the dance. As she jumped and took off her clothes, she would let out a soft wheezing sound, adding the biting of her lips, Old Hu felt as if her blood vessels were about to burst.

"You're a torturous little slut." Old Hu pulled her into his embrace, then pressed her tightly against the wall. He began to kiss her forehead, then her eyes, nose and chin, then downwards.

When they were almost to the important area, the girl grabbed his hair and charmingly smiled, "Uncle, don't forget, oh ~"

"Hur hur, no problem!" Old Hu immediately understood what he meant. This girl seemed to be of the highest level, not only could she dance, she could even provide special services.

Facing such a passionate girl, Old Hu directly took out five hundred yuan and stuffed it into her skirt.

In fact, for all these years, Old Hu had no lack of money. Other than his own monthly salary being rich, his nephew Hu Jianping would also give him money every month.

Seeing the Old Hu being so generous, the girl became even more cooperative.

In the next half an hour, Old Hu finally knew what it meant to be loose and loose even when one died under a pomegranate dress.

This girl looked young, but she was actually an expert in this area. With just a few moves, she had messed with Old Hu, who had previously persisted for a long time.

"Uncle, you're still pretty good. Those men from before, they couldn't last more than three minutes. It wasn't fun enough!" The girl praised the Old Hu's power.

Old Hu's skills made her very satisfied, so the two of them were straightforward.

While doing this, they suddenly realized that the music outside had stopped. The girl frantically pushed Old Hu away and quickly put on her clothes.

"Uncle, it might be the police!" Hurry up and go, don't get caught! " She had worked here for nearly half a year, and the police frequented her, so she already had a solution.

Just as she finished her sentence, someone shouted from outside the corridor, "Police! Squat down! Hands up! "

"Uncle, hurry up. They're coming in right away." The girl squatted on the ground and hurried Old Hu.

This was a guest who made her happy. She didn't want to see him get caught.

After Old Hu put on his pants casually, he suddenly realized that there were police guarding the back and front doors. The footsteps were getting closer and closer, in a moment of desperation, he opened the window and jumped down from the second floor.

Fortunately, Old Hu was quick and agile. When the police turned in, they did not see his figure at all, but only saw the girl in the short skirt.

She took out her cigarette at a leisurely pace and lit it, greeting the young policeman. "Hey, handsome ~"

"Law enforcement personnel!" Hands up! " The young policeman was also stunned by her charm, but he quickly recovered and blushed as he made her squat in the corner.

"Hey, how old are you, do you have a girlfriend?" Facing this handsome young policeman, the girl couldn't help teasing him. Every time, there would be a scene like this. Although she had successfully caught a cop before, it was always a one-night stand, so there was nothing to talk about.

Old Hu was nimble and uninjured, but when he jumped down, he discovered that there was a figure in Hu Tong's mouth. He subconsciously turned around to run, but that figure also came chasing after him.

"Stop!" Police! Stop right there! " A woman's voice shouted, Old Hu suddenly realised, this was Chen Liyun's voice!

In the darkness, they could not see each other's face, even if they knew that it was Chen Liyun, Old Hu did not dare stop, after all this was not a glorious matter, he still had to be shameless.

"Stop right there!" If you keep running, I'll shoot you! " Chen Liyun kept chasing closely until she heard Hu Tong's voice. Old Hu realized that there was no path in front of him, and stopped in his tracks.

He covered her face with his jacket, so Chen Liyun would not be able to find out who he was.

"Hands up!" "Stop struggling." Chen Liyun panted as she finished speaking. The reason why Old Hu raised his hand obediently was actually to find an opportunity to escape.

Taking the chance as Chen Liyun took out the handcuffs from her pockets, Old Hu ran away immediately. However, the woman's reaction was fast, she immediately grabbed his clothes, and the two of them started fighting.

The Old Hu had good martial arts in the first place, but he did not dare attack too hard. Although Chen Liyun's physical strength was good, she was still lacking a bit in front of the Old Hu, and lost quickly.

"You're too arrogant!" In the midst of the battle, Chen Liyun was flustered and exasperated, she reached out to the Old Hu with all her might, wanting to subdue him.

Old Hu's defense changed to an attack from the beginning.

In a moment of desperation, he suddenly extended both his hands, wanting to push Chen Liyun away, but he didn't expect that she would suddenly grab onto her chest, and tear apart her police uniform.

With a ripping sound, the air suddenly became still.

Originally, Chen Liyun wanted to kill him on the spot, but she suddenly felt a chill in her chest and stood in place.