"How dare you touch one of my fingers!" Old Hu's eyes were wide open, filled with killing intent. However, he could not resist the combined might of a few strong and young warriors to hold him down, afraid that he would retaliate.

"Old Hu, don't make things difficult for everyone else. Take responsibility for your crimes!" "The young security guard advised the Old Hu." F * ck off! It's your business everywhere! "What do you know? I was simply wronged!" Old Hu lied on the table as he felt a turbid air burning in front of him.

"Hu Bo, your mouth is so tough!" Even with so much evidence in front of you, you still refuse to admit it! " Jiang Xiaolin walked over and grabbed Old Hu by the collar.

Now that the Old Hu was under control, he dared to treat her like this. Otherwise, he wouldn't dare to do so even if he was given a hundred guts.

"Jiang Xiaolin, don't be too proud, if you have the ability, send me to the Public Security Bureau, I'm not afraid of you!" Old Hu stared at Jiang Xiaolin's ugly face, and couldn't help but spit at him in the end, "You dog who rely on your power to bully others!"

"Hey!" You old bastard, I haven't even dealt with you, and you still dare to bite me! What are you guys standing around for? Hurry up and beat him up for me! " Jiang Xiaolin wiped his face, commanding the others in an angry manner, but no one moved for a long time.

"Why, my words are not good enough, are they?" "It seems like you don't want your monthly salary anymore!" Jiang Xiaolin started to threaten them, most people only needed money to build their families up, so some of them started to fight the Old Hu, but they did it lightly.

Even if they had obediently pressed Old Hu down there, they would not dare to make a move against him, for fear that he would take revenge later on.

"Where's everyone else? You don't know how to hit people, right? Alright, I'll teach you! "Come, open your eyes wide and look!" After Jiang Xiaolin shouted, he punched Old Hu in the chest a few times, it was extremely heavy.

"How is it? Have you tasted my power? "Don't think you're the only one who can fight, old man!" Jiang Xiaolin finally started to fight with Old Hu, feeling extremely pleased in his heart, but Old Hu didn't have any reaction at all.

With just his strength alone, the Old Hu felt like scratching an itch.

Seeing that Old Hu did not plead for mercy and did not have any expression of pain, Jiang Xiaolin was unhappy again.

"Alright, you're a real man, right? Your bones are pretty tough! Today, I must fix your tough bones! " Jiang Xiaolin was even more excited, he raised his leg and kicked at Old Hu's leg.

Old Hu's body staggered a few times, but because he was supported, he did not fall down. Jiang Xiaolin felt that it was not enough and when he wanted to attack again, he was pulled back by Zhang Jian.

"Chief Jiang, if there's anything, we can go to the Police Station to speak. Is it really good for you to use lynching to beat people up?" He was taller than Jiang Xiaolin by a head, and his body was stronger than the other security guards.

"Where did you come from? Do you not want your salary?" How could Jiang Xiaolin lose face in front of so many people, and scold Zhang Jian with his mouth alone.

"Director Jiang, you have that right, if you really deduct my salary, I can't do anything about it, but the truth is right in front of everyone. Since the Old Hu matter hasn't been decided, you already determined that he's a bad guy, then how are we going to work under you anymore, my brothers?"

After Zhang Jian finished speaking, the Old Hu looked at him with appreciation. He did not expect that this brat would still be so loyal at critical moments, even though he was usually quiet.

Hearing his words, the other people started to hesitate, this Jiang Xiaolin was really too arbitrary, being able to be so ruthless to the Old Hu, in the future, if they made any mistakes, they would be even more ruthless towards them.

The two of them looked at each other, and Zhang Jian smiled, "Brothers, Old Hu is our big brother, even if he did not contribute, he still has to work hard. He used to be good to us, right?

This time, two or three of them began to let go.

"Brothers, I know what your difficulties are, but I was indeed wronged this time. I am not afraid of the shadow slanting, and I know what those people have done to make me lose face!" Old Hu also took the chance to strike the iron while it was still hot, he glared at Jiang Xiaolin fiercely, and then looked at Wu Wu.

"Little girl, I've really underestimated you. I didn't expect you to be so vicious at such a young age. The two of you really don't belong to the same family!" The Old Hu sneered, his gaze causing Wu Wu's hair to stand on end.

"What are you talking about!?" It was clearly you who bullied me, yet you still refused to admit it! "Alright, since my uncle can't beat you, I'll settle it myself!" After Wu Wu finished, he turned and left.

"Director Jiang, the administrative building is in a meeting!" Just as Wu Wu left, someone knocked on the door to remind him.

"Take him to the duty room. Remember not to let him get away. I'll be there shortly after the meeting!" Jiang Xiaolin took his notebook and walked out. When he reached the door, he suddenly stopped.

"Don't forget, who is the leader of your team now, and who is your Director!" With that, he quickly left.

These words were filled with threats, even if everyone knew that Old Hu was wronged, they couldn't not listen to Jiang Xiaolin.

There was no helping it, Old Hu was still escorted to the duty room. With so many youths surrounding him, they looked at him like he was a criminal. The atmosphere was very awkward.

The Old Hu didn't blame them, they were all dragging their families down, unlike him, who was the sole commander in chief, who couldn't go against Jiang Xiaolin.

Zhang Jian could only stand to the side anxiously. There was nothing he could do.

Old Hu was very calm. Originally, he did not want to cause trouble, but he did not expect them to go this far.

After more than an hour, Jiang Xiaolin returned, along with the vice principal Zhao Qiankun.

Old Hu understood after looking at it. This Jiang Xiaolin wanted him to get out of here.

Previously, he had heard that this Jiang Xiaolin was just a normal junior employee before, but later on, he went to find the school's leader to become the director of Security Office.

From the looks of it, Zhao Qiankun was the leader he sought!

The two of them were talking and laughing as they walked along the road. As soon as they entered the duty room, their expressions immediately changed.

"Who's Hu Bo?" Zhao Qiankun asked pretentiously, wearing a beer belly, with a greedy look, making people nauseous.

Zhao Qiankun understood this Old Hu quite well, he was just a wretched bastard. Back then, he had often teased female students at school.

He was a professor in the Chinese department, so there were many students who went to him for advice. Furthermore, he only received one student at a time! Taking advantage of the situation, those female students were unable to voice out their unhappiness.

Zhao Yali was the one who told Old Hu all of this. If the class monitor had not informed the class reunion, Zhao Qiankun would definitely not let her go.