Furthermore, he often looked down on others and felt that his education was high, so he looked down on any normal teachers.

"I am, what's wrong!" Old Hu stood right in front of Zhao Qiankun. He had a very imposing manner and did not seem like a security guard at all.

"Heh, I heard that you molested a female student, and you're actually so confident and confident. Who gave you face!" Zhao Qiankun liked the feeling of being licked, but Old Hu did not agree with him.

"I was wronged! "You'd better not speak carelessly. Since you haven't found out what's going on, I can sue you for slander at any time!" Old Hu raised his head, staring fixedly at Zhao Qiankun, his eyes filled with determination.

Very good!" What, you're not admitting to molesting a female student? Look at how the other girl is crying, I've even watched the video. As a man, as an adult, I feel ashamed for you! Even if you really are a bug in the brain, you don't have to do anything to a female student!

Zhao Qiankun acted like a proper and upright teacher, simply to the point of disgust.

"If I didn't do it, I didn't. Don't blame me for doing it! You think I'm you? " Old Hu asked. This Zhao Qiankun was simply too arrogant, he was the kind of scumbag who dared to talk to others.

Did he really think that no one else knew about what he had done?

"Okay, okay. A smelly security guard dares to talk to me like that? I think you don't want to stay in this school any longer! "

Zhao Qiankun glared back, but he was actually feeling weak in his heart. He was afraid that his own matters would be discovered, and he did not expect the Old Hu to be so stubborn.

"Jiang Xiaolin, this is the person you were leading. Since he could not match up to Old Hu, he could only vent his anger on Jiang Xiaolin.

"Hu Bo, I think you really don't want to stay here anymore!" He even dared to frame the Leader! Who didn't know the Vice President's character! Waiting for the parents of students to send you into Police Station, and for the police to go teach you a lesson! "

Jiang Xiaolin quickly pulled up the stage for Zhao Qiankun, then got someone to bring over a chair and wiped it clean for Zhao Qiankun, "Principal, please sit. It is not worth it to be angry with him."

"Hu Bo, with so much evidence in front of you, if I were you, I'd just admit to it so that everyone wouldn't be angry!" Jiang Xiaolin's attitude became a little more relaxed, as he wanted to try something along the lines of Old Hu.

"Then admit it, I won't admit it if I didn't do it." Old Hu stood at the side and looked at Jiang Xiaolin as if he was looking at a monkey.

"You …" Jiang Xiaolin wanted to curse him again, but the door to the duty room was kicked open. Wu Wu rushed in quickly with a few society members following behind him.

"Little Wu?" What are you doing? " Jiang Xiaolin looked at the Little Punk behind her and muttered in his heart, What is this girl trying to do?

"Uncle, when my cousins heard that I was bullied, they all fought for me. Don't worry, I won't do anything rash. I just want to have a good chat with this old man." Wu Wu looked at Zhao Qiankun, who was at the side, and was a little worried.

After all, they could not say things too clearly, and that would implicate Jiang Xiaolin.

"Oh, you're all family members of Little Wu." Seeing that Wu Wu was so beautiful, Zhao Qiankun immediately stood up and walked over, his eyes shining.

"Yes." Bald Brother stood behind Wu Wu, "My sister has been bullied, so we naturally cannot stand idly by the side and watch. We heard that the old man refused to admit it, and we called the police. Now that the police aren't here yet, let's talk to him ourselves and try not to blow it. It's not good for anyone, don't you think, boss? "

Bald Brother's body had a very strong social aura, when he rolled up his sleeves he revealed his tattoos, scaring Zhao Qiankun so much that he did not dare speak anymore.

However, he still wanted to take advantage of this beautiful girl!

Zhao Qiankun nodded and wrapped his arms around Wu Wu's shoulders with a serious expression, "Little girl, don't be afraid. The school and the police will investigate everything and return your innocence! "

At the same time, his big hands unintentionally touched Wu Wu's skin, and his body was almost touching the other party's.

"I understand Headmaster …" Wu Wu could clearly feel that Yue Yang was eating her tofu. She lightly called out to Bald Brother, and the latter immediately understood what was going on and came over.

"Leader, we've already received your concern. Let's invite your people out."

"That's fine, but you all have to abide by the school rules. Don't act recklessly, just wait for the police to arrive before doing anything." Zhao Qiankun was also afraid that they would cause trouble at school, hence it would not be good for him to end things here.

"No problem." Bald Brother patted his shoulder, forcefully pulling him out.

"Uncle, you should leave as well. Since it's inconvenient for you to settle this matter, I'll do it myself." Wu Wu's face instantly changed, she did not look like she was being bullied at all.

"Alright." Jiang Xiaolin knew that this cousin of his was not a righteous person, and naturally, the people he was looking for were not good people. He did not dare offend them, so he decided to hide first.

After they left, Wu Wu sat on the sofa with her legs crossed like a princess, looking at Old Hu with anger.

"Old thing, you're still in my hands!" Her smile was still as cute and playful as before, but underneath the leather bag was a particularly dirty soul.

"So what? The police aren't here yet, I don't believe you dare to do anything. " Old Hu really thought that they had called the police. After all, if Wu Wu wanted to punish him, it was possible to call the police.

"Haha, this idiot is really trusting!" After Old Hu finished speaking, Bald Brother and the others held their stomachs and laughed. Old Hu saw that he had been tricked.

"Are we stupid? Why did you call the police and let them find out that I framed you? "Then where should I put my face?" Wu Wu's smile was exceptionally brilliant as he looked at Bald Brother.

"You have to perform well this time. Let's just write off the previous account." Wu Wu said, while doing a very coquettish action, she even drew circles on the Bald Brother's chest, not avoiding the eyes of the others.

"Great!" I will definitely help you vent your anger this time, how could I bear to see my little darling endure this humiliation again and again? "Bald Brother grabbed Wu Wu's hand and oily kiss.

"Then hurry up." Wu Wu rolled her eyes at him. If it wasn't because she wanted to use his people, she wouldn't be with him.

The Prince Charming she was looking for was someone like Lin Yuhao! When she remembered that the sunny boy did not belong to her, she hated the Old Hu even more.

"Darling, remember to be merciless when you attack!" When Bald Brother walked out, Wu Wu even raised her voice intentionally.

She wanted to see this old thing being beaten to the point that he was looking for his teeth on the ground! Let's see who can protect that little bitch Zhao Yali in the future.