"The surprise will be revealed soon!" Wu Wu smirked and used her other hand to hold his big hand. Old Hu felt an electric current running through his body and couldn't help but mutter in her heart, what is she trying to do?

In the next second, Wu Wu pressed Old Hu's big hand to his chest, "How is it, Master? Is there any one who's stronger than that bitch Zhao Yali? "

After saying that, Wu Wu pressed his hand down and rubbed it.

Old Hu was stupefied on the spot. Why was this girl so open-minded to actually make such a bold move here?

"Little Wu, what are you trying to do? This is the duty room. " Old Hu's expression was still a little panicked. It was daytime, if anyone saw it, it would not be good.

"We can talk about it later." He shamelessly added. He really thought that Wu Wu wanted to seduce him!

Wu Wu was silent, the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, and in the next second, she began to shout crazily.

"Uncle, what are you doing!?" Let me go! "

As she shouted, she threw herself into Old Hu's embrace, and even pulled him towards the door. In this period of time, she had been tightly holding onto Old Hu's hand, unwilling to let him leave her chest.

It looked like the Old Hu was molesting her.

"Wu Wu, what are you doing! Let me go! " Old Hu was completely stunned. She did not know what tricks this little girl was playing, but he was sure that it was definitely not a good thing.

This Wu Wu looked very thin and weak, but she had a lot of strength, so the Old Hu was not able to struggle at all.

"You did it!" Help! Men, help me! " Wu Wu had already rushed to the door, pushed it open and shouted towards the outside.

It just so happened that there was a security guard patrolling nearby. When they heard the sound, they immediately rushed over, only to see the scene in front of them.

Old Hu, what are you doing!?" This is a school! " The security guard rushed over and pulled Old Bull away. Wu Wu Wu stood by his side. "Wu Wu Wu — — how am I going to face others in the future!?" "I did not expect him to be such a person!

"Don't be afraid, I will protect you." The little security guard was following behind Jiang Xiaolin's butt to begin with, so he was naturally not too polite to the Old Hu as well.

"I'll call Director Jiang right away and ask him to deal with it!" The little security guard placed Wu Wu by his side and took out his phone to call Jiang Xiaolin. Very quickly, they were all brought to the office.

Only then did Old Hu realize that he had been tricked, this was a beauty trap!

"Wu Wu, why is the heart of a little girl so evil! "You actually framed me!" Old Hu glared at Wu Wu, her body releasing a ruthless aura.

"Who, who framed you!?" You bullied me! It's you who want to molest me just because I'm good-looking! "If not for this elder brother coming over earlier, I don't know if you would have …" Speaking to this point, Wu Wu actually started crying, as if Old Hu was really bullying her.

"You are really slandering me! You were the one who pressed my hand on it! " Old Hu told them the truth, but attracted the contempt of others.

"Old Hu, are you still a man? It's fine to bully a little girl, but you still don't dare to admit it! How dare you say such shameless words! I really admire you! " The little security guard spoke without a trace of politeness.

Just as Old Hu was about to retaliate, Jiang Xiaolin walked in.

"What are you yelling for!" Don't you know where it is? Are you here to solve the problem, or are you here to quarrel! " Jiang Xiaolin's actions and attitude of an official was very annoying.

"Little Wu?" What are you doing here? " Jiang Xiaolin only knew that one of the female students had been molested by the Old Hu, but he did not know who it was.

Once he saw Wu Wu crying while standing here, his expression immediately changed.

"Uncle, he bullied me …" When Wu Wu saw Jiang Xiaolin, she immediately threw herself into his embrace and cried like the rain, causing others to love her.

Uncle? Old Hu's heart skipped a beat. This Jiang Xiaolin was actually Wu Wu's uncle! Isn't this way too much? Then he would be doomed today! Even if he jumped into the Yellow River, he still wouldn't be able to wash it off!

"Don't cry, don't cry. Speak slowly, I definitely won't let you suffer! Those who break the moral law, I will punish them severely! " Jiang Xiaolin looked at Old Hu and said word by word.

"Mm …" I wanted to ask you to sign a document today, and I met him on the way. He said you were in the on-call room, and he took me there. After that, he snatched away my documents and even said that he wouldn't need your signature to come here. Since I didn't want him to sign, he was especially fierce towards me … "

"What!?" How dare you! " Jiang Xiaolin slammed the table, roared, and extended his hand out wanting to hit Old Hu, but resisted, "Continue speaking!"

"After that, he even asked me to bring him tea and water. In the end, when I wanted to leave, he wouldn't let me leave, and …" and took his hand... Put it on my chest! Uncle, I really can't meet anyone! " Wu Wu's cries became louder and louder, causing Jiang Xiaolin to become even angrier.

"Ridiculous! You beast! " Jiang Xiaolin rushed in front of Old Hu, spittle spraying all over his head.

"What a good Stinking Old Man, you actually had ideas about my niece! See how I'll deal with you! " Jiang Xiaolin waved his hand at the little security guard, "Bring all the people here! I want to teach him a good lesson! "

He originally did not like the Old Hu, but after what happened this time, he really gave him a chance to get rid of him. Speaking of which, he really had to thank Wu Wu.

This girl had been very mischievous since she was young, and even more so did not do proper business when she grew up. She had caused him quite a bit of trouble when she came to this school, but she had managed to do a good thing.

"Why are you capturing me!?" Do you have evidence? You want to frame me based on her words? "If I didn't do it, I didn't. This is a blatant accusation!" Old Hu was anxious as well. He had never felt so aggrieved before.

"Well, you want the evidence, don't you? The duty room has already been monitored by me, so we'll know once we take a look! " Jiang Xiaolin said confidently. In order to guard against the Old Hu from doing anything, he had set up a surveillance system in the duty room, but very few people knew about it.

Old Hu instantly felt that this was probably a show that Jiang Xiaolin and Jiang Xiaolin were playing together, to kick him out of school.

Jiang Xiaolin quickly found the surveillance footage. Because it was not clear and because the angle was a little special, he could only see the Old Hu taking advantage of the situation and not see what happened.

At this moment, the security guard returned with some people. They surrounded the office so that not even a drop of water could trickle through.

"The witness and evidence are all here! What more do you want to argue about!? " Jiang Xiaolin looked at Old Hu, with a look of "you're dead meat".

"Hur hur, you really put in a lot of effort!" Old Hu looked at Jiang Xiaolin, then looked at Wu Wu, his body releasing killing intent.

"What are you waiting for? Arrest him for me!" With Jiang Xiaolin's order, a few young lad ran over and pressed Old Hu down on the table.