Bald Brother rubbed his chin, looking like he was deep in thought. Seeing how nervous the old man was towards Zhao Yali, even throwing away his life in order to save her, this really didn't seem like a normal relationship.

"I think so too! One bitch and one old man, they really are well-matched! " Wu Wu agreed and gnashed her teeth as she tore the slip of paper in his hand. It was a love letter that a boy had just written to her.

"Then, what are you going to do next?" Bald Brother wanted to pull Wu Wu's hand, but he quickly dodged it.

"Now that we know who caused the destruction, things will be much easier!" Wu Wu laughed eerily, she had already thought of how to deal with Old Hu, this Stinking Old Man, just wait and see! She definitely wouldn't let him off!

"Then tonight …" Although she said that she did not succeed, but what if Wu Wu changed her mind? No matter what, he had to give it a try.

"What?" You want to take advantage of me when you haven't even done anything? "No way!" Wu Wu glared at him before she turned around and returned to the school. Bald Brother could only look at her back and sigh, but she didn't dare to do anything else.

Wu Wu was a girl with a lot of background. Unless she took the initiative to cooperate with him, he wouldn't dare to force herself on her.

For the next three days, the Old Hu lived in fear. It was not because he was afraid that the Bald Brother would cause trouble for him, but because he was afraid that the Bald Brother would persecute Zhao Yali.

Fortunately they had no new movements, the Old Hu secretly heaved a sigh of relief. The Heavenly Old Hu was on duty, she did not expect Wu Wu to come knocking on her door.

"Uncle, are you busy?" Wu Wu walked in with a smile, she was simply like a fairy that had descended to the mortal realm.

Just by looking at her appearance, she was able to attract many people with a glance. If he did not know her bad luck, Old Hu would have been bewitched as well.

"What's wrong?" Old Hu replied. His tone was cold, as if he did not care about Wu Wu.

"Ah, it's like this. Our society has to organize an event that requires staff members outside to enter the school. I've come to find you to issue a written notice." Wu Wu stared straight at Old Hu, her voice extremely gentle, making Old Hu feel itchy in his heart.

But reason told him that this was not a good girl! Stay away!

"I don't care about that, I don't have that right. Go find Director Jiang, he's in charge of this, I can't overstep my authority." The Old Hu shrugged and continued to play the game, not wanting to talk to Wu Wu. He only wanted to say a few more words to Wu Wu, and he would not be able to control himself and get close to her.

A beautiful leather bag was very important, and it could be displayed at this moment.

"I've asked, I said you can sign it!" Wu Wu passed the documents in her hands to Old Hu and looked at him eagerly.

"No, no, I can't make a decision." Old Hu waved his hand, "You should find whoever you want!"

Seeing him being so cold to him, Wu Wu was so angry that her teeth were itching. But for her own plan, she could only mistreat him, and only punish this Stinking Old Man if things went well!

"Master, we are really in a hurry, please help us!" Everyone knows that you are the head of Security Office, even if you do not have any titles, you are still the most convinced. " Wu Wu began to flatter the Old Hu.

This kind of praise would always be useful to men. When the Old Hu heard it, his heart softened and he did not want to chase him away.

"I know there were a lot of misunderstandings before, but I really know my wrongs now. In the past, I was too childish and too childish. I won't bully Zhao Yali anymore." Seeing that the Old Hu was slightly moved, Wu Wu said the lines she had prepared a long time ago.

"Little Wu, it's not that I'm talking about you, but you're young, beautiful, and outstanding. Why do you have to go against your classmates and even do something so outrageous? I really don't understand." Seeing that Wu Wu's attitude was so good, he couldn't help but want to teach her a lesson.

In his heart, he was also muttering to himself. Could this girl be up to something? That's why he said those words to test her and see if she was sincere in admitting her wrongs.

He did not expect Wu Wu to not refute him, and went along with what the Old Hu said.

"Master, you're right, I was too childish in the past, I've really understood a lot these few days. Senior, you don't like me because I'm too willful, I'll definitely change my ways and learn from Yali." After Wu Wu finished speaking, she even intentionally shook Old Hu's arm, full of a spoiled manner.

"Do you really think you're wrong?" Old Hu looked at her with uncertainty, wanting to find some clues on her face.

But even after looking for a long time, Old Hu still could not find that Wu Wu was lying.

"Great sir, I truly know I was wrong. Please forgive me. Don't bother with me anymore." Wu Wu pouted her lips and looked at Old Hu. She had a lovely and gentle appearance, unlike the evil girl who relied on her own power to bully others.

"Alright, then I'll believe you for the time being." Old Hu was completely captivated by her charming appearance. She really believed that she could change for the better and signed her name on that document.

"Great sir, you are such a good person!" Thank you so much! " Wu Wu saw a water dispenser at the side, and even went over to pour the Old Hu a cup of water.

Although Old Hu felt that his bliss had come too suddenly, he did not think too much about it. After all, he was supposed to have a fated relationship with a girl, and this little girl's temper was the most fickle.

"There's no need to be so polite. If you need anything, come find me again." Old Hu also had a smile on his face as he sized up Wu Wu.

"Okay, sir, then I won't be polite." Wu Wu smiled sweetly. With her dressing, no one would be able to tell that she was a young lady who had lost her footing.

"Yes, in the future, we should unite our classmates. Learning well is the most important." Old Hu added. Looking at the obedient Wu Wu, he was really not used to it.

"I'll listen to you." Wu Wu laughed, but she was cursing in her heart: Great Stinking Old Man, you actually taught me a lesson! Wait and see how I'll take care of you later, I'll definitely make you scram out of this school, let's see how you'll protect Zhao Yali now!

"Oh right, uncle, I still have something to give you." Wu Wu rummaged through her schoolbag, then grabbed something in her hand.

"What?" Old Hu raised her eyebrows. Her movements were too fast, he couldn't see anything clearly.

"Of course it's a surprise!" Wu Wu revealed a mysterious smile, and then said to Old Hu, "Uncle, give me your hand, I'll show you."

"What's making it so mysterious?" Old Hu had already relaxed his guard and obediently extended her hand out.