The next morning, Zhao Yali woke up first. She felt sore all over her body, as if she had been beaten up.

She opened her eyes and saw the ornate ceiling.

Looking around, it was a completely unfamiliar place. She suddenly sat up from the bed and saw Old Hu at her side.

He was curled up on the small sofa with a slight frown on his face. His arms were wrapped around his body, making it seem as if he was sleeping uncomfortably.

Zhao Yali vaguely remembered that she was taken away by a group of Little Punk s, and then, they fed her medicine. She really couldn't remember.

She subconsciously looked down at her clothes. It was completely undamaged, probably because nothing unexpected had happened.

Zhao Yali walked down the bed and came to Old Hu's side, "Uncle, please wake up. Go to bed."

Old Hu was so tired yesterday that he slept soundly. Zhao Yali's soft cries were completely useless, so she poked him with his finger.

"Uncle, please wake up."

This time, Old Hu finally woke up. When he saw Zhao Yali standing in front of him, he quickly sat up straight.

"Yali, you're awake. There's nothing wrong with it, right? "If you still feel bad, I'll take you to the hospital." Old Hu's tone was especially caring, and Zhao Yali was a little touched.

"Great sir, I'm fine now, didn't you blame me yesterday for being too careless? Thank you for saving me!" Zhao Yali could roughly guess what happened yesterday. Old Hu had rescued her by himself, so they must have fought quite a bit.

"It's good that you're fine. This bunch of old bones of mine, it's okay." Old Hu stood up and stretched.

He had been sleeping soundly the entire night.

"Uncle, it's all my fault that I didn't let you rest well. You should go back to bed and sleep." Zhao Yali pulled Old Hu by the arm and walked over to the bedside. Old Hu looked at his watch, it was already late, he still had to work in the morning.

"No need, I still have things to do later. If you're fine, then let's go back to school." Old Hu suggested.

He knew that the Bald Brother would definitely not let this go easily. He knew that the Bald Brother would definitely not let this go easily.

"That's fine too." Zhao Yali also recovered from her shock, the two of them cleaned up quickly and left the hotel. Old Hu called for a taxi in advance and got on the taxi as soon as they got out, not giving any bad people any chances.

Along the way, Old Hu was unable to rest at ease. Bald Brother would definitely not let him off easily, but he could not implicate Zhao Yali.

As soon as he entered the school gates, Old Hu called Zhao Yali to the duty room, intending to tell her the truth.

"Yali, actually, those people from last night were all called by Wu Wu! "The last time I went on patrol at the back of the mountain, I accidentally overheard her talking to someone else on the phone. She was talking about this and I was afraid that if I told you directly, you would be afraid. That's why I tried to beat around the bush, but …"

Old Hu was a little regretful. If he had said everything out loud, it might not have happened last night.

"Uncle, don't feel guilty. You've already helped me so much. I was careless." Zhao Yali laughed helplessly, she really did not have any intention to blame Old Hu.

"In short, you must be careful when you leave the house in the future. If there's nothing else, it's best not to go out. If there's something you need to do, you can call me over to protect you. Also, be careful of Wu Wu, no matter what she does, you have to be careful of her. Old Hu slapped her thigh in anger.

He thought that it was Wu Wu and the Bald Brother who had discussed things so that they could ruin Zhao Yali. This kind of girl, her heart was like a snake and scorpion's.

It was Old Hu's actions that exposed last night's wound, which was seen by Zhao Yali.

"Great sir, how did you do it?" She grabbed Old Hu's hand and looked at it carefully. Although the wound was not deep, it was still a shocking sight to behold.

Instantly, Zhao Yali understood what was going on. She felt even more guilty towards Old Hu.

"Uncle, I am so sorry." There was a whimper in her voice.

"It's okay, you protect yourself the most important thing, be careful of Wu Wu!" Old Hu pulled back her arm and patted Zhao Yali's shoulder, telling him not to worry.

"Yes, I will remember this uncle. I must be careful of her in the future." Zhao Yali nodded her head, her two small hands were clenched together, she was so nervous that she was sweating.

She really did not think that Wu Wu would actually hate her so much that she would even find some scumbag outside to hurt her.

"Of course, if you really get bullied, don't be afraid. With me as your backing, return the attack! We are not afraid of her, we must not show mercy! Sometimes it's not a bad thing to use violence against people. " The Old Hu passed on his experiences to Zhao Yali.

"Alright, I'll definitely remember this well!" Zhao Yali nodded her head, her expression becoming more solemn.

"If there is any special situation, you must tell me. Quickly go back, don't be misunderstood." Seeing that it was getting late, the Old Hu sent Zhao Yali away, and in a while, everyone came, and no one knew what trouble they had gotten into.

"Then I'll be going. Take a good rest, sir." After Zhao Yali finished speaking and left, Old Hu sat down on the sofa as she was filled with emotions.

There really isn't a day of peace!

Bald Brother did not succeed in kidnapping Zhao Yali, and he could not find her either. He could only come to the school to find Wu Wu.

"You mean we haven't found them all night?" Wu Wu looked at Bald Brother, her face filled with anger.

"Little Wu, don't be angry. I don't believe they can escape to the ends of the earth. I'll dig three feet out of the ground and find them!" Bald Brother was busy voting his heart against Wu Wu, but after he finished speaking, he had a flattering smile on his face.

"Just who saved that bitch? Did you see it clearly?" Wu Wu still didn't know that they had fought. She had to know that Bald Brother was beaten up so badly that she definitely would not ask him to help again.

"It was an old man in his forties or fifties. He was short, lean, and had a buzz cut. He was wearing a uniform. It seems like he was a security guard somewhere." Bald Brother had a very deep impression of him.

"Is her surname Hu?!" The very first thing Wu Wu thought of was Old Hu. There were not many people that could be so concerned with Zhao Yali, not to mention, it was men.

The Old Hu was the most suspicious person since they had been so close to each other recently.

"It seems to be, during this time, Zhao Yali called. Bald Brother suddenly remembered, "What? Do you know him? "

"Of course! He is a gatekeeper in our school! "I don't have any skill, but I know how to fight. In the past, many things were bad for me at school!"

Speaking of Old Hu, Wu Wu gnashed his teeth in anger.

"Really? "Then it seems like this old man really has an affair with this girl!"