"You found this yourself, don't regret it!" Old Hu took off her shirt and ripped off her bra.

Facing this pair of snow-white skin, he really swallowed a mouthful of saliva and then rushed forward without a care for his own safety.

"Mm …" Zhao Yali seemed to have regained her consciousness, and even moaned a little. This caused the Old Hu to be a little agitated, what if she woke up and regretted it?

How should he explain himself? Or treat her?

Old Hu hesitated for a moment, but still decided to continue. He was the one who took the initiative, so it wasn't his fault! The main reason was because this Little Girl was simply too attractive.

She was like a rapidly ripening red cherry that had been baptized by the rain and even had crystal dewdrops on it. Just looking at her made one want to eat her.

When Old Hu saw this, he couldn't help but kiss him. Then he pried open her pearly white teeth and directly plundered her sweetness.

Every single pore of her body was tempting the Old Hu to intrude into her, so this kiss was especially long. Not only did she take the initiative to send her small tongue into the Old Hu's mouth, she even sucked in the Old Hu's masculinity.

The slight frown on her face had now disappeared.

Old Hu reached out his hand and took off her jeans, leaving only the gap of his pants between the two of them.

Touching her slender waist, Old Hu stuck his body closely to him. He couldn't help but reach out to touch her private parts and discovered that they had already become an ocean. Even the bed sheets beneath her were all wet.

Without a word, he removed the lace panties and sniffed them. There was a fragrant smell, but it was mixed with a woman's special smell. It was a smell that made one more addicted to it.

Seeing Zhao Yali's body twisting, Old Hu felt really bad, so he used his hands to help her resolve this urgent matter.

Being wrapped in a layer of warmth made him feel especially happy. This was the way a woman wanted to warm and nourish a man.

After going back and forth a few times, Zhao Yali couldn't take it anymore and cried out.

"They are right, you really are a little unruly!" Old Hu pulled out her hand, smeared the sparkling and translucent liquid all over her chest, and carefully savored it.

Without the rhythmic movement of the Old Hu, Zhao Yali frowned again and began to actively feel for his hands, or for a place even fiercer, where she could satisfy her desires.

"Little Waves, what are you looking for?" Old Hu took off all his clothes and puffed his chest out as if he was a general about to fight.

He first placed her small hands on his chest muscles. Zhao Yali felt around for a while and felt that it was not something she wanted.

Old Hu knelt on the bed and straightened his body, getting closer and closer to Zhao Yali's face.

He just saw that thing called Bald Brother through the window. It was so small that even Old Hu felt ashamed for him.

"Little girl, I'll show you what a true man is today!"

Old Hu bent down and separated his long legs. Without teaching him, Zhao Yali wrapped his arms around his waist.

This position made it easier for him to invade.

Old Hu played on the softness for a while, but felt that Zhao Yali's breathing became more hurried. This proved that she really needed him, so he aimed at her, and slowly charged in.

"Ah — —" The pain caused Zhao Yali to arch her body, and her expression became extremely ugly. Old Hu did not dare to move again, as this cry brought his mind back to normal.

This girl was really too tender. She couldn't stand it even if she didn't enter. If she really did enter the room in the future, what would she be like?

Seeing her childish smile, Old Hu released her.

"Hubo, what are you doing!?" Do you know that you are taking advantage of someone while they are still in danger?! " He was more clear-headed now that he had slapped himself.

He no longer dared to look at Zhao Yali's body, running to the bathroom and taking a cold shower, he became completely spirited.

When he came out again, Old Hu was already dressed, it was not easy to act impulsively this way.

He thought that Zhao Yali's effect was almost over, but when he returned to the room, Zhao Yali actually did it herself!

But Old Hu had already made up his mind not to touch her. As an old man who desired to burn his body to death, he had his own principles and would not take advantage of others.

Even though he really wanted this pure girl!

Seeing that Zhao Yali was still upset, the Old Hu decided to let her stay calm. He walked to the bedside and picked her up, then quickly went into the bathroom and placed her in the huge bathtub.

After that, he first added some hot water to the bathtub, because he was afraid that Zhao Yali would get cold from it.

After adding a lot of cold water, Zhao Yali's body temperature could gradually decrease.

"Little girl, you have truly tortured me to death!" Old Hu looked at her and sighed with sincere emotion.

The meat was already close to his mouth, but he still had to keep smelling her fragrance even if he couldn't eat or chew it.

Zhao Yali stopped touching herself randomly and started to calm down. Old Hu felt that the effects of the pill was almost over, but the fire in his heart had not extinguished.

After finding a box of cigarettes in the living room, Old Hu ran out to smoke.

Although he could smoke, he did not have this habit. Now that he had a cigarette, he felt much calmer.

The Old Hu heard that there were no longer any movements in the bathroom, and then watched TV in the living room. After half an hour, it was already two in the morning, and he felt that it was about time, so he went in to grab Zhao Yali.

"Do I owe you in my previous life? You came here to pay your debts in this lifetime? " Old Hu talked as he wrapped her in a bath towel.

After Old Hu helped dry her body, he carefully placed her on the bed.

Zhao Yali closed her eyes, her breathing was steady, she should be fast asleep, this allowed Old Hu to be at ease, but she did not want to suddenly start seducing him again, then he would not be a gentleman for the first time.

Fortunately she had made a move. Old Hu thought for a moment, then helped her put on her clothes so that she wouldn't have to wake up tomorrow morning. Then, she misunderstood what she had done to her.

After finishing all of this work, Old Hu himself was extremely tired, but he didn't want to go to bed with her. He could only move over to a small sofa and fall asleep while watching by the side.