Zhao Yali's body was extremely weak, she could not even stand. When she arrived at the front desk, she could only lean on Old Hu, and had been burrowing into his embrace the entire time.

The front desk girl sized them up, her face full of doubt, "What's your relationship?"

She treated Old Hu as a bad guy and didn't want to open a room for him at all. She thought that he had drunk her down and brought her here again.

"Anyway, it's not the kind of relationship that you think it is!" When Old Hu saw the expression on the receptionist, she knew what she was thinking. She was angry and angry.

"You don't look like a good person either …" The front desk girl lazily muttered. She still didn't want to go through the housing procedures.

"Can't you see she's so upset? If something happens, can you take the responsibility? " The Old Hu asked her.

"Then you're afraid that she'll die in the hospital, what hotel are you coming to!?" Isn't a man thinking about those lousy things? How could he have any good intentions! " The front desk girl did not show any weakness and stood up straight to Old Hu.

"What are you yelling for!" Not long later, the lobby manager came over and asked the Old Hu what the situation was.

His attitude was much better. When he heard that the Old Hu wanted a high class suite, he quickly checked in for him and scolded the receptionist.

"Why are you meddling in so many matters? Even if this old man lured the little girl here, it has nothing to do with us. That was voluntary!"

He had seen this kind of thing too many times. What he was doing was the service industry, so why should he care about moral law?

"He's using the Thousand Yuan Room, you have to stop him. If there's a next time, your salary will be deducted!" The manager poked the front desk and left.

"What's wrong with everyone in this society!?" What's wrong with being kind! "Let's see who will regret it in the end!" The front desk girl scolded angrily, deciding that the Old Hu was not a good person.

The Old Hu brought Zhao Yali into her room and put her on the bed. Then, he went out and called Zhang Jian.

"Bro, there's something I can't go back to. Can you help me take the night shift?"

"Oh, that's rare. You even have nightlife? "You're not allowed to come back tonight, it's so fun. I'll be on duty for you, don't worry." Zhang Jian had always had a good relationship with him, so he hoped that the life of the Old Hu would be more colorful.

"Thanks brother, I'll treat you to a meal later." Old Hu quickly cut off the phone, and did not wait for Zhang Jian to ask anything.

He saw that Zhao Yali was lying on the bed very calmly and thought that she had fallen asleep.

This was the thousand-dollar VIP suite, the Old Hu had never enjoyed it before. He rummaged through the house, and found that there was even a medicine box, so he felt that this thousand dollars was not in vain.

Then he went into the bathroom and began to clean his wound, then bandaged it.

After tormenting for so long, Old Hu felt a little thirsty, so he boiled some hot water for himself to drink. Then he turned on the TV in the living room, wanting to relieve his fatigue.

In the end, after watching for a few minutes, he heard a strange sound coming from the bedroom.

Old Hu hurriedly walked in and saw that Zhao Yali was taking off her clothes and still chanting non-stop.

"Yali, Yali, what happened to you?" Old Hu moved closer and touched her body. It was extremely hot.

Old Hu guessed that the medicinal effect of the pill had taken effect again. It was obvious that he had recovered a lot on the way here and thought that the medicinal effect had passed. Baldy, they are really an animal! He actually gave such a strong medicine to this little girl.

He was starting to feel a little scared. If he had not arrived in time, what would have happened?

I'm afraid Zhao Yali's life is in danger!

"Yali, wake up Yali. I'll take you to take a bath." Old Hu patted Zhao Yali's little face, but she didn't give him any response. She kept twisting her body, as if she couldn't hear his words.

"Can you hear me?" Old Hu covered her with the blanket, afraid that she would catch a cold.

But after covering it for a few seconds, Zhao Yali kicked off the blanket and started to take off her underwear and pants.

"Yali, you can't do this, Yali. Control yourself." The reason Old Hu shouted at her was because he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to control himself.

He had thought about it for a few days already, but now that Zhao Yali's beautiful figure was right in front of him, he didn't dare move an inch.

Maybe because Old Hu talked too much, Zhao Yali finally heard a little, she opened her eyes, and realised that Old Hu was in front of her, grabbing his hand.

"Uncle …" Great sir, save me, I'm so hot … "I feel like I'm about to be burned to death …" As she spoke, she closed her eyes and her consciousness began to blur again.

Old Hu wanted to send her to the hospital, but if he were to do so himself, he would definitely be misunderstood.

Thus, Old Hu gave up on that choice.

"I'm so hot …" Zhao Yali closed her eyes and started to randomly scratch around in the air. When she touched Old Hu's hand, she felt the ice cold and comfortable.

Old Hu already had a reaction to this. Being provoked like this, he felt like his lower abdomen was also hiding a ball of fire.

"Yali, if you touch again, I won't hold back!" The Old Hu warned him symbolically, but how could Zhao Yali listen to him? She was still touching him, and had directly climbed onto his body.

"Woo woo …"

Zhao Yali buried it in front of his chest and started to tear off his clothes, releasing a whimpering sound, like a child who had been wronged, it was extremely lovable.

"Yali, don't do this." Old Hu continued to persevere, but he felt very comfortable from being touched, and didn't want to push Zhao Yali away.

Not long later, Zhao Yali placed Old Hu on the bed and started to pull his belt. She muttered to herself, "I want to …"

"What do you want?" Old Hu was also moved by her pestering, he pinched her chin, and looked into her eyes and asked.

"I want to …" Zhao Yali repeated again, she simply could not answer Old Hu's question.

Then, she actually ripped open Old Hu's belt and stuck her little claws in.

This kind of contact caused all the blood in Old Hu's body to run amok. The little deer's heart was beating wildly and it almost rushed out of its chest.

Previously, it was him taking advantage of others, but this time, it was Zhao Yali who took advantage of him.

"You are a torturous little demon!" Old Hu had been able to endure it at first, but now, with a flip of his body, he pushed Zhao Yali down onto the ground.