"What, do you need your brother to hurt you or not?" Bald Brother felt that he really struck gold. Not only did he have a fledgling, he was also so coquettish.

"Ah ~ Un ~" Sensing the man's touch, Zhao Yali couldn't tell who was who, and only wanted to crawl onto his body.

"Come, bring me your phone. It's such a waste that I can only enjoy such good stuff once." Bald Brother waved his hands towards his little brother. He wanted to take a photo of Zhao Yali so that he could threaten her becoming his exclusive female pet in the future and sleep whenever he wanted.

Before this, he had already set up several female university students, but none of them were as good as the one in front of his eyes.

It wasn't that he was bad, but those girls didn't know what self-love was and liked to go to those random places. Of course it gave him an opportunity to do so.

After taking a few photos in a row, he felt that it was still not enough. He took off Zhao Yali's shirt and wanted to take off her underwear even more.

But before he could make his next move, his underling behind him could not wait any longer.

"Big brother, this little bitch is too shameless. I can't stand it any longer. Why don't you let this big guy have a good time first?" Yellow-hair and the others watched on from the side, saliva dripping all over the floor. The second brother had already raised his head and stuck out his chest, but all he could do was allow his brother to eat the meat first. They were all waiting for the soup.

"Don't be anxious. When your big brother is done feeling refreshed, I naturally won't forget you guys. I'll open the way for you guys first!" Bald Brother laughed sinisterly, he placed the phone on the table, allowing Zhao Yali to bite his finger and start sucking on it.

"Comfortable ~" He closed his eyes to enjoy. Very quickly, his body couldn't take it anymore and directly pounced onto Zhao Yali.

Old Hu watched anxiously in his heart. He really could not wait any longer, Zhao Yali was about to lose his balance.

"Bam!" He kicked the door open and barged in, "You bunch of grandsons, you even dare to touch my people!? I really don't want to live anymore! "

When the Old Hu made the first move, everyone was stunned with a roar.

Judging from his menacing attitude, it was clear that he wasn't an ordinary person.

Bald Brother was the first to react and threw Zhao Yali to the side, "Where did you get this old thing? What are you waiting for? Take him down! Do you want to feel good or not!? "

He ordered the few lackeys to attack, and very quickly, yellow hair and the others pounced towards Old Hu.

However, these Little Punk s did not know how to fight at all, nor did they have any tricks up their sleeves. After a few moves, they were all thrown onto the ground by the Old Hu, and were in so much pain that they could not even get up.

"Oh, old thing, I've really underestimated you!" "You really have some skills!" The Bald Brother did not fear the Old Hu and felt that he was just an ordinary practitioner.

He picked up a dagger from the table and shook his neck, "It's been a while since I last made a move. You came at the right time. Come with me!"

"Hey!" Before he finished speaking, Bald Brother had already hacked towards him. Old Hu nimbly dodged his body and kicked his butt.

"You want to fight me? When laozi was mixing in society, there was still you! " Thinking about their actions, Old Hu became furious and started to attack extremely viciously.

Bald Brother rubbed his butt, it was very painful.

This time, he was not so courteous to the Old Hu.

The Old Hu had beaten him up quite badly, and felt that he should not keep fighting. He looked at Zhao Yali who was on the sofa and could not even hold on anymore.

This kick from Old Hu would very likely cause him to lose all his descendants.

After that, Old Hu picked up the phone on the table and ran out. There were many pictures of Zhao Yali inside, if it really spread out, then Zhao Yali would not be able to be human anymore.

Then, he carried Zhao Yali on her back and ran down. The Old Hu was very quick, the people on the first floor of the Game Hall had not reacted at all, and by the time they had reacted, he was already gone.

"Damn it!" Hurry up and chase him! I want to kill this old thing! " Bald Brother limped out to curse at everyone. He had never suffered such a loss before, he wanted to pinch Old Hu to death.

After leaving the house, Old Hu took a taxi. Seeing that Zhao Yali's clothes were untidy, he immediately put on his jacket for her.

After that, he fiddled with his phone and realized that there was no password. He quickly deleted all the photos and wanted to throw them out, but he hesitated again.

There were his fingerprints on it. If the bald man were to report him stealing his phone, then it would be hard to explain it. Then, Old Hu quickly wiped his phone, feeling worried, he threw the phone out of the window, completely crushed by the car behind him.

The driver in the front row looked at Old Hu through the mirror. An old man with a beautiful young lady, looking so miserable, his actions were so strange, he wanted to call the police.

"What are you looking at? Just drive your car properly, I won't give you less money! " Old Hu was not satisfied with his gaze and shouted at him.

When the driver got to the wound on Old Hu's arm, he was a little scared and did not dare to look around anymore.

At this time, Bald Brother also sent people to chase after him, but they were just in time to catch up with the peak of the crowd. They chased for a long time, but could not find Old Hu, and could only return resentfully.

And he called Wu Wu.

"Wu Wu, that Little Girl ran away! If she comes back to school, you must tell me and I'll send someone to intercept her. " Bald Brother felt a little embarrassed. After all, he had failed.

"What?" So many of you let her go! " Wu Wu screamed with anger.

"What are your people doing!?" I gave you so much money, is that the result? " Not only was Wu Wu trying to please the Bald Brother, in order to settle this matter, he had even invited them to eat, drink and play.

But she could not accept the result in front of her, and could only vent all her anger on Bald Brother.

"Aiya, don't worry!" I'll definitely help you settle this! This time, there's a next time. In short … " Bald Brother was not confident enough, he had been ensuring something, but before he finished, Wu Wu had already hung up.

Bald Brother scolded loudly, thinking that it was all a waste of his efforts! Not a single one!

It's all that old man's fault!

Initially, Old Hu had wanted to return to school, but he was afraid that Bald Brother would wait for them there. Furthermore, Zhao Yali's situation was very bad, she had been tightly grabbing onto the corner of Old Hu's clothes, probably frightened to death.

Thus, Old Hu decided to find a nearby hotel to stay at. This way, it wouldn't be easy for Bald Brother to find them.

When they arrived in front of a hotel, the Old Hu helped Zhao Yali out of the car.

He had been in too much of a hurry just now that he didn't even notice it.