"Oh? Are you trying to scare me?" What can an old man do to me? " The Bald Brother seemed to be interested in the Old Hu.

"He's fighting very hard. Normal people can't beat him, and you guys aren't his match!" On this point, Zhao Yali indeed did not spout nonsense.

"I'm really scared!" The nearby yellow-hair was the first to mock him, followed by the laughter of the crowd.

"He is the Deputy Chief of the Public Security Bureau! "If you offend him then you will be sent to prison!" Zhao Yali didn't know anything about the Vice Bureau Chief, she just wanted to scare them off.

"Little girl, I need to tell you something. Lying is not a good child!" Bald Brother simply could not believe it, as he reached out his hands towards Zhao Yali.

On the other side, the Old Hu couldn't get through no matter how he tried.

He was called over for a chat just now, and only after the conversation ended did he see the message from Zhao Yali. It had already been ten minutes, and he felt that something must have happened to Zhao Yali.

Old Hu rushed out of the dorm without even closing the door.

He only knew that the Bald Brother had opened a barber shop and a game arcade. As for where they were, he was really unsure.

There were many barbershops and game halls around the school. After thinking for a long time, he rushed into a mobile phone repair shop.

"Buddy, my daughter can't be found. Can you help me book a place for her on her phone?" Old Hu grabbed a young lad and started talking.

"Great sir, what are you saying? I can't do it." The young lad waved his hand. Actually, he did not know the background of the Old Hu and did not dare to agree.

"Young man, can you help me? I'm really worried. My daughter fought with me and ran away from home. I really can't help it!" The Old Hu said again.

"No, this is a phone repair shop. Your daughter should be calling the police if she's missing. It's useless for you to find me!" The young man refused.

"I went to the Public Security Bureau to report the case! But they said it would take twenty-four hours to get the case filed, and you said how could I wait that long, I beg you, help me! You can ask for as much money as you want! "

Old Hu was so anxious that tears were about to fall, he spoke as if he was speaking the truth.

After the young man heard this, he hesitated. "Is your daughter really missing? "Don't use me to do anything illegal. When the time comes, the police will investigate …"

"Impossible!" Hurry up, I'm really afraid that something will happen to her. With Old Hu's age, he could indeed be Zhao Yali's father. Seeing how sincere he was, the young fellow nodded and agreed.

However, the only thing that the Old Hu could contact Zhao Yali was WeChat. If Zhao Yali did not contact him on WeChat, he would be helpless to help him.

Fortunately, WeChat had a "walking fast" event recently, which could only be attended by participants with a specific location, and it just so happened that Zhao Yali participated in this event!

Everything was with the help of the heavens. The Old Hu quickly found the Bald Brother's Game Hall and rushed over, not even bothering to call the police.

"Little girl, oh little girl, you have to persevere!" Old Hu prayed in his heart as he ran towards the destination.

This Zhao Yali was truly disobedient, but the matter had already arisen.

Five minutes later, he arrived at the Game Hall. It was filled with all sorts of young people, but he was the only one who didn't fit in. It seemed very strange.

This place was the subordinates of the Bald Brother. In order to not arouse suspicion, the Old Hu pretended to be an old urchin as he sat in front of a concealed machine and started to play games.

At the same time, he quietly observed the surroundings and found that there was a staircase next to the washroom that led directly to the second floor.

He took out his phone to look around. Zhao Yali was nearby, luckily the Bald Brother did not turn off her phone.

After a while, he went into the bathroom. There was a window in the bathroom and stairwell, so he was afraid that it would attract attention if he went directly to the second floor. He flipped over the window and sneaked up to the second floor.

Old Hu had always been cautious. The second floor seemed to be a VIP private room or something.

He checked the rooms one by one, and in the room at the furthest corner, he heard the sound of Zhao Yali's struggles.

"Little girl, you aren't cooperating at all. This will be very painful for you." Bald Brother patted Zhao Yali's little face, her expression was very strange.

"Let me go …" "Please." Zhao Yali cried as she said this. She had been tied up for so long, but the Old Hu still had not come to his rescue.

These men had been teasing her with words all along, and had even caressed her with their hands. She really couldn't take it anymore, and her mood had almost collapsed.

Old Hu watched from the window. There were five or six of them, and they were all holding daggers in their hands. He was a little hesitant, not daring to act rashly.

He walked to the corner, and just as he was about to call Chen Liyun, he heard footsteps at the stairs. Old Hu quickly hid in the room opposite of them, listening to the commotion outside.

Creak –" The man entered Zhao Yali's room.

Damn it! Another one!

Old Hu scolded in his heart. Hearing Zhao Yali's cry for help clearly, he could no longer hold herself back.

"It's better if you admit it. Tonight, I want you!" Then, he reached out his hands and undid the buttons on Zhao Yali's body one by one. There was only a pink bra inside the shirt, and the two big white rabbits were eager to give it a try.

As Zhao Yali struggled, they also swayed.

"Little sister, you've really grown up to be a whore!" Bald Brother took out a small bottle from the drawer.

After drinking it, you will be as happy as a god. At that time, you won't feel any pain. This was a very strong aphrodisiac. No matter what kind of virgin she was, as long as she drank this, she would become a slut that didn't care.

"No, I don't want it!" Zhao Yali shook her head crazily, completely refusing to cooperate. Bald Brother grabbed her chin and forced her to drink.

Zhao Yali began to cough crazily, she felt her throat getting hot and dry, but it was too late to spit anything out.

"Hur hur, you'll be in trouble soon." Bald Brother asked his little brother to let go of Zhao Yali so as to not affect her performance.

Zhao Yali's body was stuck to the floor, and even if her body was covered with ice, she was unable to stand up.

This effect was indeed very strong. She felt dizzy, everything became blurry, and her consciousness gradually emptied.

The only thing that became more intense was that there was a ball of fire burning inside her body. She lay on the floor, gradually wanting more coldness.

"Get up." Seeing that she had reacted, Bald Brother placed her on the sofa. She then moved her beautiful body, like a little snake.