Zhao Yali was quiet for a while, seeing that the Old Hu had stopped talking, he sat down with his back facing the Old Hu and began to take off his clothes.

Originally, Zhao Yali did not plan to take off her clothes, but that would be too bad for her to rest. Furthermore, she was very confident in the Old Hu so she decided to take it off, leaving only her underwear.

"Aiya, Yali, I forgot to prepare your pajamas." The Old Hu suddenly said this. The room was originally quiet, which made Zhao Yali jump in fright.

"Ah, I'm fine, I'm fine." Zhao Yali did not know if Old Hu was looking at her, so she did not dare to turn her head to look.

Her slender white legs made him unable to stop his imagination. Looking at her proud chest, it made it easier for him to let his imagination run wild. Just now when he was treating her, he wanted to stick them close to his chest.

Zhao Yali's figure was not bad, it was comparable to a supermodel. Her chest was big and buttocks were big, but her waist and legs were thin, this should be a figure that every woman envied.

When she turned to the side, Old Hu saw her hidden career path. He swallowed his saliva and slowly said, "Yali, did you lie down? Shall we turn off the lights? "

His words had two meanings, she knew that Zhao Yali did not dare to look at him. This showed that he did not see anything.

"Ah, I'm going to lie down now. Let me turn off the light." Zhao Yali looked around, only to realize that the light switch was on and off on Old Hu's head. Seeing that his back was facing her, he became bold and ran over to her and turned off the light.

At first, she only admired Zhao Yali as a girl, but she slowly discovered that she also had a hint of a woman in her body, which was why Old Hu especially wanted to taste how sweet it was that the flower had no sprouts. Zhao Yali finally laid on the bed, but she was not used to this bed, so she could not close her eyes for a long time. Even her breathing was a little irregular.

Initially, Old Hu had wanted to wait for her to fall asleep so he could take advantage of her, but he never thought that she would be so hard to sleep in.

"Yali, what's on your mind? I feel like you can't sleep. " The Old Hu spoke softly, so as not to scare Zhao Yali.

"I do have something on my mind, but it's nothing much. Perhaps I just moved to another place and couldn't sleep. Uncle, did I disturb your rest?" Zhao Yali was embarrassed again. She thought that Old Hu had fallen asleep just because she didn't make a sound.

"Ha, it's fine. I'm not on duty tomorrow, so it's fine to sleep more or less. As for you, you should keep your sleep. Why don't we chat so you can relax and sleep faster?" Old Hu made a suggestion. He was afraid that if he could not hold on any longer and fell asleep first, he would not be able to take advantage of them.

"That's fine too." Zhao Yali answered and then continued, "How about you tell me how you offended that rich young miss. I believe you are not the type of person to cause trouble, but she …"

Old Hu felt that Zhao Yali should also be responsible for this matter. Otherwise, why would Wu Wu only target her and not others?

"Sigh, this is really a misunderstanding …" Zhao Yali let out a long sigh, and spoke with a very somber tone.

We didn't have much interaction anymore. This Wu Wu, she was originally a student of the Arts Department, so for some reason, she was transferred to our class. She had a beautiful figure and was rich, so there were many people surrounding her, boys and girls all liked to curry favor with her. "

"And then?" Old Hu finally understood that this was actually a princess who was an ill big miss!

She wants to compete in everything, she likes to dance, but there was one time when she heard that I performed an outstanding performance at a new party and she wanted to compete with me, her attitude was very vile, she looked down on people, and I didn't like her, so I agreed because I didn't like her. She said that she had learned dancing for six years and was determined to win, that a lot of boys came to watch us fight that day, as well as the seniors she liked.

It was originally a good thing, but Zhao Yali's tone was not happy at all.

"From then on, she took the initiative to move into our dorm. She was against me everywhere, so I didn't want to have any conflicts with her. However, she sowed discord, saying that I seduced someone's boyfriend, accused them of wearing small shoes, and gradually, all the girls started to distance themselves from me. Even I, as a man, had started to sexually harass her, and they said that the money I earned from my part-time job was not clean. In the hearts of everyone, I had become a university student who was taken care of. "

After Zhao Yali said this, she sighed. Previously, whenever she mentioned this kind of thing, she would always cry, but after experiencing it a lot, she would become numb.

"And you didn't explain?" They listened to Wu Wu's words just like that? " Old Hu felt that it was a little inconceivable. Even if she really was rich, he couldn't control everyone's hearts!

"I don't want to explain. Wu Wu also synthesized a lot of photos for me, saying that I looked pure but in reality, it was very unrestrained. "I just find her very funny. To think that she would go through so much trouble to target me, wasn't it just because I beat her in the match?" Zhao Yali laughed bitterly. Old Hu could clearly feel that she had matured more than before, probably because she had experienced more things than before.

"Then what are you going to do in the future?" She could control Wu Wu, but she could not control all of the students. Zhao Yali had to learn to handle it herself.

I don't want to be bothered with her. She's a bit bored, so I'll just do my own thing. It's only four years, so she won't follow me for a lifetime. Zhao Yali's analysis was very logical, it seemed like she was not a simple little white rabbit.

From the words, Old Hu felt that this girl looked weak, and her heart was very strong.

"It's good that you can think it through. We won't argue with idiots." Old Hu agreed with her attitude.

Zhao Yali answered and didn't speak anymore, but Old Hu couldn't take it anymore. He felt that tonight was especially cold, so he kept curling up his body.

In reality, he had no choice but to get dressed before lying down again. This small action of his was discovered by the meticulous Zhao Yali.