"Great sir, what's wrong? Do you feel very cold? " Even though she was in bed, she felt a little cold, not to mention that Old Hu was still on the ground. Furthermore, he was leaning against the window, so she guessed that there was wind coming out.

"It's fine, it's fine. I'm not cold." Old Hu was trembling a little when he said it, but he still kept his mouth shut.

"Uncle, don't try to be brave anymore. Come up and sleep with me, okay?" This was the first time, after all, that the two were so intimate.

Originally, she wanted to sleep like this, but seeing Old Hu curled up like this, she really couldn't bear to do so.

"It's nothing, it's nothing. I'm not cold. Hurry up and sleep. It's getting late." Old Hu was obviously happy in his heart, but no matter what, he had to tactfully reject him.

"Uncle, please come up. I'm pretty cold too. We can still warm up. Otherwise, if we catch a cold tomorrow, won't it be a bit of a waste?" Zhao Yali tried to persuade her again. She wasn't that cold, she just didn't want to see the Old Hu freezing her up.

"Really? Why don't I find you another bed?" Old Hu evaded it again.

"There's really no need. Uncle, we can both get warm when you come up. Stop wasting time, I'm very sleepy." In the end, Zhao Yali still acted like a spoiled child. The Old Hu felt the time and sighed, "Alright, I'll come up now."

He almost laughed inside.

After going to bed, Old Hu and Zhao Yali were separated by a little. As the bed was not that big, when he smelt the sweet fragrance emitted from her body, his desire was hooked once again.

Perhaps it was because Old Hu was by her side, Zhao Yali's heart was at ease. She quickly fell asleep, and her breathing became regular and steady.

Old Hu reached his hand under the blanket, then sneakily came onto Zhao Yali's body. She didn't even react, so he simply climbed up with his big hand …

When the Old Hu was acting up, she even had a dream of a very strong man confessing to her, saying that he would be able to take care of her for the rest of his life, help her solve any problems, and even treat her so that she wouldn't suffer anymore.

A series of confessions caused Zhao Yali to be especially touched, but she just couldn't see that person's face clearly. After that, with a change of scene, she agreed to let all of her family and friends go, she just wanted to see the man's face, but the man said that she had to kiss him and let her punish him before she could see his face. The man was very angry, she directly forced her to the wall, and even started taking off her clothes.

Old Hu was touching it happily when he suddenly felt Zhao Yali's eyelashes tremble violently. He cursed in his heart and quickly laid on the bed, with his back facing Zhao Yali and his eyes shut.

His departure gave Zhao Yali a chance to catch her breath. She breathed in the fresh air heavily and opened her eyes to see what kind of man was standing in front of her!

However, everything that happened just now was too realistic, and she couldn't think straight for a long time. She always felt that the man was very familiar when he touched her, but she just couldn't remember.

Looking at Old Hu beside her, she had a bold guess. Could it be him?

Zhao Yali gently called out to him a few times, but Old Hu did not reply him at all. He closed his eyes even more tightly.

"Looks like I'm really dreaming." Seeing no reaction from Old Hu, Zhao Yali muttered to herself before lying back down.

Just as she laid down, Old Hu opened his eyes. It was really too thrilling just now! Luckily he had reacted quickly, otherwise he would really have been caught red-handed. His heart was beating extremely fast right now, almost to the point of jumping out of his throat.