When his feelings reached the deepest part of his heart, Old Hu consciously took off her clothes and even pushed the piece of cotton cloth up high, making it convenient for him to treat her.

After pinching it for a while, Old Hu realized that Zhao Yali did not resist her, and was even more so.

But Zhao Yali seemed to have realised what she was doing, as she grabbed onto Old Hu's hand and left his mouth.

Their gazes met, and the atmosphere became a little awkward.

Zhao Yali's face was flushed red, her breathing was still hurried, causing Old Hu to panic a little, could it be that she knew his intentions, or was she trying to question him?

"Great sir, when can we be alright? I can't even breathe." Zhao Yali said while gasping for air.

The Old Hu relaxed for a moment. So this was the reason.

"I think it's about time. You can stop. You just happened to stop." Old Hu tried to smooth things over for him, his words were very natural, and then he put Zhao Yali to the side.

"What's the effect?" Great sir, what do you think of this? " Zhao Yali tidied up her clothes, embarrassed to look into Old Hu's eyes.

She had a nagging feeling that their actions just now had been too intimate. Was it really okay to be in such a bright light?

It was best not to be seen by others, or else he would be too ashamed to meet others.

"I can taste it from your saliva. You can rest assured." Old Hu gave her a comforting look, and Zhao Yali smiled a little.

"That would be great." At least she didn't feel awkward for nothing, her back was covered in sweat.

"It's getting late, you should hurry back to your dorm. I can get off work now." Old Hu looked at the time. It was already getting late.

"Alright." Zhao Yali stood up, but glanced at the time on the wall. It was already 12 o'clock.

She wanted to walk out, but she stopped and looked at Old Hu with a troubled expression, "Uncle, I can't go back anymore. I'm past the time limit."

The last time she was here, she stayed until midnight. If not for Su Fei, she would never have been able to enter the dorm room. Now that Su Fei was not here, Mother Lou would definitely not have opened the door for her.

Moreover, if he were to return so late, it would cause a ruckus even if someone saw him.

After considering it for a while, Zhao Yali decided not to go back.

"It's all my fault. I didn't control the time well just now." Old Hu pulled at his belt. Just now, because he was too excited, Hu Lao Er was excited, but now he had to cover up, not letting Zhao Yali see.

Zhao Yali curled her lips, "I can't blame you for that, I was the one who insisted on being treated tonight."

She didn't know that the treatment would take such a long time. She thought it would be fine after a while. Besides, she didn't think it would take so long. How strange!

"Then you can't go back to your dorm now, you can't stay in the duty room." The Old Hu began to analyze, "Why don't I send you out to find a hotel, it would be more comfortable."

"But I didn't bring my ID, and... "I'm afraid all by myself …" Zhao Yali crossed his hands, feeling a little nervous just thinking about it.

She had never stayed in a hotel in her entire life. This was a strange bed, and without someone to accompany her, she definitely wouldn't be able to sleep well.

Furthermore, the hotels near the school were all quite expensive. She did not want to spend that much money to make the Old Hu pay, yet she felt embarrassed.

If they chose a distant one, it wouldn't be convenient for them to get in and out.

"That's true. What should we do?" Old Hu frowned, he touched his chin and thought, pretending to be distressed, but in his heart, he already had the answer.

From the very beginning, he had asked Zhao Yali intentionally. No girl would carry an ID card with her, and she was still in school.

If Zhao Yali really agreed to stay at the hotel, he had a solution. She could either scare her and tell her that the hotel was not safe, or tell her that she had lost her ID card and couldn't get a room.

"I really can't. I'll just stay here for the night and go back to sleep tomorrow morning. In any case, I don't have any classes for the first day of class tomorrow morning." Zhao Yali sat back down on the sofa. Luckily, the sofa was soft enough, she was also petite enough to let it go.

"How can that work!" Old Hu was the first to disagree, "You can follow me back to my dorm. I'll sleep on your bed and sleep on the floor.

"How can I accept this?" Zhao Yali felt that it was very convenient. It didn't make sense for him to go to other people's dorms and even have them beat up beds on the floor, right?

"What is it? I'm an old man, so I'm not afraid." "Let's go, you won't be able to sleep after a while." Old Hu took Zhao Yali's hand and turned off the lights before opening the door and walking out.

He did not let go all the way to his residence.

Although she did not speak on the way, Zhao Yali had always been sneaking glances at Old Hu's figure. Many thoughts flashed past her mind, as if it was a tea party.

Old Hu opened the door and went in. He tidied up the bed, took out a new blanket and covered Zhao Yali with it, then placed a mattress on the floor and threw the original blanket over him.

Zhao Yali did not stay idle either. As soon as she entered the door, she began to help Old Hu with household chores, sweeping the floor and wiping the tables.

Old Hu saw it and was a little embarrassed, "Yali, don't laugh at me. I'm just a bachelor, I don't have much to pay attention to, but this blanket is new, I've never covered it before, just don't worry."

He was afraid that Zhao Yali would despise him for her cowardice. Originally, living alone would not tidy up her rooms. As an old man, without a woman to look after him, she was really untidy.

After being busy for a long time, when Zhao Yali still refused to go to bed, Old Hu could not help but urge her.

"Yali, what time is it? Quickly go to bed. Don't worry, I won't snore or grind my teeth. I won't disturb you." He had long since taken off his clothes and laid under the blanket, waiting for the little girl to come in and sleep.

"Aye!" Zhao Yali replied from the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and became even more shy.

"It's just sleeping! "It's not like you're in the same bed. You're thinking too much too, aren't you?" Zhao Yali mumbled to herself as she pinched her little face. Her mind was still replaying the scene in the duty room, it was simply unforgettable. She had to face Old Hu later on, it was really awkward.

"Yali! Hurry up! It's already one o'clock! " The Old Hu urged him again, and Zhao Yali quickly pretended to flush the toilet, then tidied her clothes and walked out.

"Don't turn off the lights outside, it would be more convenient if you woke up at night." The Old Hu said this in a very considerate manner, causing Zhao Yali's heart to feel even warmer.

"Alright." She replied sweetly and walked into the bedroom. Seeing Old Hu lying on the floor with the bed arranged neatly, she couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

"Uncle, I am truly sorry. I even asked you to hit the floor."

"Go to sleep, I'm not that particular. It's okay." Old Hu took the lead and closed his eyes after he finished speaking.