"What are you afraid of? I don't believe she has the ability to do so!" Old Hu was going to fight Wu Wu.

"Great sir, let it go …" Zhao Yali pulled him outside, not wanting to cause trouble, but Old Hu gently pulled her away, "Don't be afraid, Yali. It's not like I'm going to hit girls, there are some people who don't understand human rights, I understand."

As he said that, he walked in, and stopped right in front of Wu Wu, "Miss Wu, I'm really sorry for the offense today, please do not bear grudges against me."

Old Hu suddenly looked like a different person, after he finished speaking he patted the chair beside her and helped her clean it up, "Come, take a seat."

Zhao Yali was stunned, even Wu Wu herself was confused, wasn't it just now that they were going against each other, in the blink of an eye, their attitude had changed, it was definitely because they were afraid of offending her!

Wu Wu arrogantly raised his chin, "Are your hands clean? I don't dare to sit! "

The Old Hu smiled and did not say anything. Seeing that, Wu Wu did not refute her, and became even more energetic, she pointed at Zhao Yali and scolded, "Not bad, our village flower even found an old security guard as a backer. You really are a bitch. Get lost! Don't dirty my eyes! "

Zhao Yali saw that the Old Hu did not help her speak, and with how energetic Wu Wu was, she cried and ran over to pack her luggage. After being humiliated so much, she did not want to stay a minute longer, and at the same time, felt disappointed in the Old Hu.

Old Hu quickly chased behind her. "Little girl, what are you crying for, I was doing this on purpose, if you don't believe me, you'll know when you listen to it later." He revealed a mysterious expression, making Zhao Yali stop in her tracks.

"Clang dang" After stopping for less than ten seconds, the sound of a chair falling down came from inside the room followed by Wu Wu's miserable scream. It sounded like it was not light.

"Haha, let's go." Old Hu held Zhao Yali's shoulders and started running out.

"What's wrong, Uncle?" What did you do? " Zhao Yali was a little confused.

"I just pulled a screw while I was cleaning her chair." The corner of Old Hu's mouth raised. It was impossible for him not to teach Wu Wu a lesson.

"Great sir, you've done well!" Zhao Yali did not expect Old Hu to be so powerful. In the time it took to wipe the chair, she had pulled out a screw.

"Silly girl, I don't have the ability to make you feel wronged!" Old Hu stroked her hair and felt extremely sorry.

"It's okay, sir. You've helped me a lot, really." Zhao Yali leaned lightly on Old Hu's shoulder, feeling extremely safe.

Old Hu had helped Zhao Yali move to the new dorm room. Her roommates were all students who were about to graduate from their senior years of university, they normally did not stay in the dorms, and they even had a good attitude towards Zhao Yali.

After helping her settle down, Old Hu left the female dorm.

After two days, Old Hu met Su Fei while on patrol, and the two chatted for a while.

"Uncle, I heard that Yali moved to her dorm that day. It was all thanks to you." Su Fei looked at Old Hu, her face full of gratitude.

"Ah, it was a simple task, but seeing the little girl by herself is a little lonely." The Old Hu waved his hands, not intending to continue chatting.

"Don't be modest, Master. Yali has already told me about it. Thank you so much. I was out on some business that day, if not I wouldn't have been able to watch them get into conflicts with each other."

Speaking to here, Su Fei's expression became a little lonely.

"It's normal for girls to have friction with each other, but that Wu Wu, she's really going too far." Old Hu spoke up for Zhao Yali.

"I know that too, but this Wu Wu is not an ordinary person. Her family background is very deep, even as a counselor, I am unable to help him …" Su Fei shook her head.

Right now, it was a personal, emotional society without any background. No one would have any confidence wherever they went.

"It doesn't matter, as long as she's not too excessive, we can just ignore her. But if she's really too excessive, you can't just sit around and do nothing." Old Hu tried to persuade Su Fei, causing Su Fei to nod her head, "I will definitely protect my own student well, furthermore, Yali is just like my little sister."

"Well, I believe you, too. Right, how have you been these past few days? " Old Hu started to inquire about her information, and his eyes kept staring at that small and exquisite face, causing the little deer in her heart to run wild.

"There's nothing wrong with your body now. Uncle, take care of your body. Don't worry about me all the time." Su Fei was quite moved by Old Hu's kindness.

"Yes." Old Hu nodded his head, he still wanted to ask about Huang Hailong, but Su Fei's phone suddenly rang.

"What?" There was a random check? I'll be right back. " Su Fei picked it up and her expression immediately changed. She then hung up and anxiously said to Old Hu, "In the shortest amount of time, lieutenant colonel. I have also just assigned some work to the team. I'll see you later. "

Su Fei said as she ran off. The Old Hu waved his hand, and didn't have time to say goodbye.

That night, Old Hu was on duty. He went to walk around the sports field, but met Zhao Yali.

"Yali, what a coincidence, where's the exercise?" Old Hu enthusiastically greeted her. Zhao Yali was sitting on the horizontal bar with her legs crossed, his expression somewhat solemn.

"Uncle, you're on duty." Zhao Yali knew that Old Hu would rarely come out when they were not on duty.

"En, I don't think you're happy. Could it be that your new roommate isn't good?" Old Hu asked with concern, because other than this matter, he could not think of any other major event that would happen to Zhao Yali.

"No, the female upperclassmen are all very considerate of me, unlike those girls from before." Zhao Yali immediately waved her hand. From her gaze, Zhao Yali could tell that she had stayed in the dorm quite well.

"Aunt Lou took care of me too. Because of what happened before, she was afraid that I would be bullied even when I came here, so she always came to visit me." These small matters made Zhao Yali's heart warm up as well.

"Alright then. As long as there are no problems with the dorm, you can study in peace." Old Hu crooked his little nose.

"Sigh." Zhao Yali suddenly sighed and sat on the grass.

"What's wrong? "If you have any problems, tell me." The Old Hu was just this warm-hearted. His life was rather dull anyway, and other than going to work, he would sleep. Normally, he would have to battle with Jiang Xiaolin for intelligence and courage.

"I... I've been here three times a month. " Zhao Yali muttered. Old Hu heard him clearly and immediately became worried.

"What?" Three times a month! " He was surprised. No wonder she didn't look so good the last time he saw her.

"Yes, I was either delaying or coming early. Anyway, it's very irregular. This month, aunt came again and again, and she came again and again. I was quite scared, so I went to the hospital to take a look and also got the medicine. It's useless."

Zhao Yali was extremely helpless. She felt that the hospital was just a decoration, that every time she went to the hospital, there would be no effect and that the money she spent would go to waste.