"Enough, this is all a misunderstanding. You can leave now." Jiang Xiaolin's face was red, he waved his hand and let the two people leave.

After they left, Old Hu sat on the sofa and crossed his legs.

"What? Are you still waiting for me to apologize?" Jiang Xiaolin looked at Old Hu in disbelief.

"I don't dare to do that, in case you think of something to deal with me the next time. I'm not afraid of you trying to harm me, but I'm afraid. You're wasting too much effort, so your hair falls off faster!" Old Hu laughed and left the office.

Although this Jiang Xiaolin was not old, he had very little hair.

"Hu Bo!" Just you wait! " Jiang Xiaolin looked at Old Hu's leaving figure and gritted his teeth as he spoke. He never thought that he would lose so easily this time.

In the blink of an eye, Friday came. Old Hu and Zhang Jian went to the mountain behind the school to patrol as usual.

There were always some little girls who came to take pictures. Their postures and makeup were pleasing to the eyes, so they loved to stroll around here. It was a beautiful scenery of the school.

"Heh, Old Hu, that girl is not bad!" Zhang Jian pointed at a girl on the lawn not far away. Right now, her head was drooping and her face could not be seen.

Old Hu squinted his eyes, thinking that the girl looked familiar, he walked forward a few steps and saw that it was actually Zhao Yali.

He quickly took two steps forward. He hadn't seen this Little Girl for the past few days, which was rather thought-provoking.

"Yali! Why are you playing here alone! " Old Hu went over and enthusiastically greeted them.

"Aiya." Zhao Yali suddenly quivered, and was shocked. She was too engrossed in her thoughts just now, and that was why she acted like this.

Seeing that Zhao Yali's expression wasn't right, the Old Hu ordered Zhang Jian to go first and not to stand in the way.

Zhang Jian was rather satisfied, and without saying a word, he went to patrol.

"What's wrong? I see that you are distressed. " Old Hu sat beside Zhao Yali and asked her in concern.

"Sigh … Don't mention it, sir …" Zhao Yali had a face full of gloom, her tone was also very dejected.

"Look at how worried you are, hurry up and tell me, maybe I can help you." Old Hu patted her shoulder to comfort her.

"I... "I'm going to change dorms …" Zhao Yali whispered.

"Why? Are we going to move things? I can help you with that, if not, there's still that Zhang Jian. " Old Hu thought that it would be a big deal.

"It's not that I want to move it, it's …" Zhao Yali's voice was choked with sobs, she could not continue any further.

Old Hu was silent for a moment, then immediately understood her meaning, "You were driven out by someone else?"

Zhao Yali nodded her head, her eyes moist.

"Why!? "How much conflict do you have with this?" Old Hu was a little angry. Previously, his class already rejected Zhao Yali, but now, it was even more excessive.

"Sigh, I was the one who offended that Wu Wu. She took advantage of my absence from the dorm and directly brought all of my luggage over, and when I returned, the bed was already filled with miscellaneous things. I couldn't do anything about it." Zhao Yali began to sob, and removed her strong pretense in front of Old Hu.

From the time she was kicked out until now, she didn't shed a single tear, she only wondered what she should do.

Being bullied like this, she was unwilling, but if she had to fight back, she was a little timid because Wu Wu's family was rich and powerful, she was a young miss of a rich family.

"Enough, don't worry, I'll go and take a look!" If I can't solve your problem, I can help you carry your luggage! " Old Hu helped her wipe her tears, this Little Girl truly made people's hearts ache.

The girls' dormitory had always been a little troublesome. Everyone was the princess of the family, and no one was willing to give up when they were in the middle of a group life.

This fact also gave the form teacher and school leaders a headache.

Therefore, in the past two years, the school had changed their new rule, saying that they absolutely could not casually change dorms.

Old Hu thought, it seems that this Wu Wu is really powerful. Not only does she have money, she can even reach her hands into the school.

Thinking about it this way, he hated this Wu Wu even more. She must be really ugly, that's why he was jealous of Zhao Yali and wanted to push her.

Old Hu followed Zhao Yali into the female student's dormitory, and then went up to the fourth floor.

After walking a few steps, Old Hu saw the "luggage" that Zhao Yali had mentioned. It was a complete mess now, and many of their clothes were thrown on the ground.

As Zhao Yali looked at it, she could not help but cry out loud, "This is how they treated my things earlier. I've already packed everything up, and they again …"

"This is too unreasonable!" Old Hu strode forward, saw a door, and kicked it open.

"Who did it, who made her things like that?" Old Hu had never gotten angry with girls before, and this time, he really couldn't hold it in.

Girls should be pure and kind, why are there some scheming, evil and evil girls around Zhao Yali?

"Ah — who is it!"

The girls inside screamed and pulled at the curtains.

That glance just now, Old Hu had already seen their white bodies. They were only wearing underwear, and their fair skin was exposed to the outside.

It could be seen that the three girls in the room were all fair skinned and beautiful long legs, but their thoughts were too vicious, making Old Hu unable to like them.

A moment later, they were dressed and pulled open the curtains.

"What's wrong? So what if it's me? What can a Stinking Old Man like you do! " A tall girl jumped off the bed. Looking at Old Hu's uniform, she had a face full of disdain.

When Old Hu saw her face,he was stunned. This girl was very beautiful, with just a glance, she could captivate anyone and everything. He was not worse than Su Fei.

However, this was not the time for him to be a narcissist, it was this girl who had bullied Zhao Yali to such an extent.

"Clean your mouth a bit. You're a pretty good girl, why do your words sound so much worse than shit." The Old Hu directly retaliated, not sparing him any face.

"Even if you want her to move, why do you want to mess with her stuff!" Old Hu spoke out for Zhao Yali.

"The time limit is half an hour. She hasn't moved away, which has hindered my business. This is my way of handling it, is it not okay?" Wu Wu hugged her arms, her face was proud and delicate, and her entire body was filled with disease.

"Don't think that just because you're surnamed Wu you think you're Wu Zongtian. Are you the boss in this school?" "You said half an hour is half an hour?" Old Hu really wanted to teach her a lesson, but he couldn't fight against women, so he could only say it.

"You Stinking Old Man! Isn't he just a security guard? What's the point of being so cocky! Do you believe that I will tell you to scram in seconds! " Wu Wu was extremely arrogant, not respecting others at all.

"Never mind, grandpa, let's move our things." Right now, Zhao Yali only wanted to settle this matter, she knew that Wu Wu's family background was not simple, and did not want Old Hu to suffer a loss.