"Your aunt's disorder can easily lead to anemia." Old Hu does have this kind of common sense.

"But my doctor also saw it. It really didn't have any effect." Zhao Yali supported her chin, "I think maybe it's because my body is too weak, so I've been training here for the past few days. I hope it's effective."

"Silly child, this is a gynecological disease, it has to be regulated from the root. What's the use of light movement, moreover, if you blindly exercise, it will be counterproductive."

Old Hu was not spouting nonsense on this point. Although regular training could improve people's immunity and resistance, there were some diseases that were not suitable for training.

"Ah?" "Then what should I do!?" Zhao Yali was even more worried now. Her face looked really ugly as she sobbed.

Old Hu tried to follow his heart. Last time, he didn't manage to eat this little girl, but this time, another chance had come.

"If you don't mind, may I ask you a few questions? I might be able to give you a treatment. " The Old Hu said gently, comforting the girl's restless heart.

"Sure, ask away, uncle." Zhao Yali actually just wanted Old Hu to help her, but she was a little embarrassed to ask for it. Previously, she had sought him out multiple times and there wasn't any compensation, so she felt a little apologetic in her heart.

However, she had spent almost all of her living expenses recently. She really didn't have the money to go to the main hospital, so she could only look for Old Hu.

"Let me first tell you what might have caused your aunt's disorder, and then you'll see what you're up to." Old Hu opened his fingers and started pulling.

Traditional Chinese and western medicine have a similar view of a disease, but western medicine believes that the reason for delayed or low menstrual cycle is decreased ovarian function, luteal or estrogen secretion disorders. This may be due to contraceptive products and weight loss products, often accompanied by chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian dysfunction, endometrial thickening and other chronic diseases. "If you have a short or delayed period over a long period of time, your fertility will decline, your body's function will decline, and you will gradually develop a physical state of premature failure.

Old Hu had always liked to read the small magazines on the street. There would often be stories about Xiao Huang in them, but regarding the health of the females, he would remember them the more he read.

"Then why is it like this?" Zhao Yali asked, puzzled.

"There are many reasons for this, such as neuroendocrine dysfunction, which is related to cerebellar secretions, or organic disease or drugs, such as inflammation of your genitals, or dysplasia, or... It was a tumor. And it has to do with your various habits. In short, the situation is very complicated. "

"Great sir, you even know western medicine?" Zhao Yali had always thought that he only knew Chinese medicine, and the content of the lecture seemed to be about western medicine.

"Western and Chinese medicine are actually interconnected. As long as you can cure the disease, it doesn't matter whether you are a Chinese doctor or a western doctor." Old Hu felt that he was about to reveal his secrets, so he waved his hand and pretended to be very knowledgeable.

"Great sir, I won't die early, right? I don't want to! I haven't married and had a baby! " Zhao Yali grabbed Old Hu's wrist. After hearing what she had said, she was really scared.

"I don't think so. Yali, I need to ask you a few questions. You have to answer them honestly." Old Hu began to unleash his abilities.

Zhao Yali nodded like a chick pecking rice.

"Have you been seeing boys lately?"

"There's a better relationship, but it's not that kind of relationship." Zhao Yali was a little shy as she spoke, her face completely red.

"Then you guys …" Is there that? " Old Hu asked again. It could be seen that Zhao Yali liked that guy, right? She must not be tricked into going to bed.

"No, no, there really isn't." Zhao Yali's blushing got even more intense, and she immediately waved her hand, this was all related to her reputation, she could not speak nonsense.

"Don't be nervous, I'm just trying to understand the situation. After all, the girl is too big. It's normal for her to have some thoughts, as long as she doesn't go out of bounds." Old Hu pretended to understand.

"I really don't have any, Uncle …" We're just ordinary classmates! "

"Okay, then do you have... Masturbate? Especially with the hands. " Old Hu hesitated for a moment and directly asked.

Since it was like this, he didn't have anything to be embarrassed about. In any case, he was just inquiring about the illness!

But when Zhao Yali finished listening, she lowered her head and fell into silence for a long time. Old Hu finally understood in his heart that this girl had definitely done it before.

That was why she was able to easily cure him after he drugged her last time.

Thinking about the scene from last time, the Old Hu pursed his lips.

"Sir, is this related to my illness?" After holding back for a long time, Zhao Yali finally spoke out.

"Of course there is. Don't be embarrassed, you're already an adult, it's normal to have some physical needs. You don't have a boyfriend, so it's understandable." The reason the Old Hu comforted her on purpose was also to give her some pointers.

"I have... "But it really never happened with a boy." Zhao Yali whispered, her face was completely red.

"Alright, I have a rough idea. It should be because you did not wash your hands back then, which led to the infection." Old Hu's expression became serious, but he pretended to be serious.

"Really?" Zhao Yali was shocked.

She did not understand those things, but after reading so many novels and seeing so many of them, she could not help herself.

But in fact, she hadn't even seen a man naked.

"Hmm, that should be the reason." Old Hu touched his chin.

"Then how do we treat it?" This was what Zhao Yali was most concerned about.

"Because it's internal, we have to adjust it from the inside. We can expel the poison from our body through treatment." Old Hu started to use the old method again, but this move was really popular.

"What if it doesn't?"

"It might cause your entire uterus to become infected. If it gets serious in the future, it might break your meridians and worsen your condition. Then, you will become sterile." The Old Hu started to scare Zhao Yali. He could guess that Zhao Yali did not have much money left in her pockets.

"It's that serious!" Zhao Yali was stupefied, and her tears almost fell. She did not expect that a bad habit of hers would actually cause such a bad consequence.

"If you want to go for surgery, you should need more than 10,000 yuan. After all, it's not easy to treat gynecological diseases." The Old Hu frightened Zhao Yali again, so he could eat her properly.

"Great sir, it's better if you treat me. I trust you." Zhao Yali took the initiative to ask for help.

"That's fine too. Choose a time to come and find me."

"Is it okay now? I don't want to wait any longer. Sick, this was something that no one wanted to delay. Zhao Yali was worried that she wouldn't be able to bear children in the future, so what should she do?