"Ding ling ling ~"

Just as he was about to find Jiang Xiaolin to settle the score, Jiang Xiaolin took the initiative to look for him.

"Old Hu, can you at least do something about the documents I asked you to send over? Where did you send him! " Jiang Xiaolin roared, causing Old Hu to become completely dumbstruck.

"I went to 304. You're not even there." He was also a little angry and could not help but return the favor to Jiang Xiaolin.

"What 304!?" I'm in 204, how can you listen! He didn't want to do it anymore! Hurry up and bring it to me. Eat another minute, then you can pack up and leave! " Jiang Xiaolin roared again. Old Hu could only go back to 204.

Did he really hear wrong? But when he thought about it, that's right, Jiang Xiaolin said 304!

He really regretted that he should have recorded his words to Jiang Xiaolin in the future!

Otherwise, this grandson would have tried to set him up!

Arriving at the 204 point of view, Jiang Xiaolin took the document with a darkened face, then smiled as he tried to curry favor with the leader.

Old Hu originally wanted to retort, but he felt that he couldn't say anything, and could only accept the loss.

Was this the end of the matter? No!

On the morning of the second day, Old Hu was called into Jiang Xiaolin's office again. Inside the office stood a cleaning aunt and a small security guard.

"Director Jiang, what are you looking for me for?" Old Hu asked in annoyance. This Jiang Xiaolin, no matter how he looked at him, was unhappy!

"Old Hu, there are no outsiders here. Let me clarify the matter with you directly, when you came here to retrieve the documents yesterday, did you steal my pen? Do you know how important it is to me! "

Jiang Xiaolin was so angry that he slammed the table.

Old Hu blinked his eyes, "Chief Jiang, what are you saying? What pen? I didn't see any pen at all! "

Only now did he realize that this old brat was waiting for him here!

Jiang Xiaolin was thirty-eight years younger than the Old Hu, but he had a lot of foresight.

"Stop pretending, there are two witnesses standing here, what more do you want to argue about?" Jiang Xiaolin pointed at the cleaning aunt and the little security girl.

"Tell me, what did you see yesterday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon?" Jiang Xiaolin was obviously determined to eat the Old Hu.

"Yesterday afternoon at 4 PM, I saw Old Hu running out from his office. His expression was anxious and he seemed to be sneaking around." The cleaning aunt said it smoothly.

"I saw it too …" At that time, his expression was extremely abnormal … " The security guard also spoke up.

In the past when he was in the defense team, it was always the Old Hu that had the final say. He had the actual power in his hands, and those little security guards all followed him.

However, ever since Jiang Xiaolin came and officially replaced him, the security guards all followed behind Jiang Xiaolin as his henchmen. Only Zhang Jian was still on good terms with the Old Hu.

These Old Hu all understood, after all, he was becoming more and more lacking as he walked higher. Naturally, people had no reason to bother with him.

But he couldn't help the bad guys frame him!

"Little Li, tell me clearly. Why is my expression so abnormal? I remember that when I left here yesterday afternoon, I didn't see you at all."

Old Hu calmed down, not wanting to make himself angry.

The moment he spoke, Little Li immediately became silent. Perhaps it was because he had a guilty conscience from being a thief. He even lowered his head.

"Little Li, don't be afraid, just tell the truth!" Jiang Xiaolin patted his shoulder and gave him a meaningful glance. Xiao Li immediately raised his head and spoke, his tone becoming much more resolute.

"No, I brushed past your shoulders. You were too flustered, so you didn't see me."

"What benefits did he give you to frame me? Haven't I been good to you before? " Old Hu raised his eyebrows and asked. He really wanted to know what kind of bewitching soup Jiang Xiaolin had given everyone.

"Stop quibbling. At that time, other than you, no one else came in. Who else could it be?" Little Li added, shrinking to the side and not saying anything.

"You – if you have the ability, then say that again in my eyes!" The Old Hu displayed his might, his voice becoming much more serious.

"What can you do to a child like him? A witness is already in front of you, yet you still refuse to admit it! Old Hu, you really are a boiled duck!

Jiang Xiaolin slapped the table, but was not angry at all, "Just for a little, I can send you to the Public Security Bureau!"

"If I didn't steal it, then I didn't steal it. If you want to give it to me, then so be it. I can still sit properly." Old Hu stood up straight with a look of "you can do whatever you want".

"Alright, since you won't admit it, then let's call the police. Anyway, that pen of mine is worth thirty thousand yuan. It's a present from my wife for my twentieth anniversary."

Jiang Xiaolin said as he picked up his phone to make a call. Old Hu with his sharp eyes saw something that looked like a pen in his pocket.

"Wait a minute, I want to know, what's your pen look like? "What if I've seen it before? Maybe I'll be able to find it for you." Old Hu was slow, and he was not in a hurry.

"A always golden pen with three diamonds embedded on its cap. The tip is made of platinum." Jiang Xiaolin thought that the Old Hu had given in and wanted to admit that he had stolen it, so he started to be a little proud.

"Oh, then I think I know where it is." Old Hu scratched his chin and looked at Jiang Xiaolin.

"Did you go back on your word and want to return it to me? Let me tell you, the nature of the matter has changed. I don't want to give you another chance!" Jiang Xiaolin still wanted to call 110.

Old Hu was too lazy to explain anything and directly walked to his side. In the end, Jiang Xiaolin thought that Old Hu was going to attack him and retreated a few steps back out of fear.

"You'll find it later." Old Hu put Jiang Xiaolin on the table and reached into his pocket to take out his pen.

"Director Jiang, watch carefully, this seems to be some golden pen. There are also three diamonds inlaid on the cap, what a coincidence!" "Let me see what the tip of the pen looks like …" Then, he slowly opened his pen and glanced at Jiang Xiaolin, his expression extremely ugly.

"Look carefully, this is the thirty thousand dollar pen that he mentioned!" I found it, in his pocket. "

The Old Hu was mainly talking to the cleaning lady. He had no enmity with her, so he believed that she would be more fair, even if Xiao Li was bribed.

"Director Jiang, did you forget it yourself?" The cleaning aunt said so.

"Since I found it, this proves that I didn't steal it!" As for whether it's a thief calling for a thief or not, this is something that I know very well. " Old Hu sneered, how could he continue to act while watching Jiang Xiaolin.

Jiang Xiaolin was startled, he never thought that Old Hu would realize that the pen was on him, even if he wanted to look, he would not find it on him, it was the same as when the police came.

He had never thought that he had not hidden himself well! Revealed!