"Listen carefully to me today! In the future, I will be your boss. If there is anything you need to tell me, you are not allowed to do anything without my permission! Otherwise, if you have to bear the consequences, I can fire you at any time! " Jiang Xiaolin clasped his hands behind his back and started walking back and forth in the house, his sharp eyes swept across the big men present.

Zhang Jian and the others all looked towards Old Hu, wanting to see his reaction. After all, this defense squad was his before.

The Old Hu did not make a sound, and to be honest, he was a little confused. He did not even know where this Jiang Xiaolin came from, nor did he know what kind of occupation he had in the past.

"Chief Jiang, we haven't seen the documents for your appointment yet. How can we make everyone listen to you!?" With your white teeth? " Old Hu's tone of voice was neither servile nor overbearing, causing Jiang Xiaolin to squint his eyes.

When he came here, his first enemy was the Old Hu, and only by taking care of the Old Hu would he be able to make the others listen to him.

"Don't worry, the documents are on the way, you don't have to worry about my chair …" Jiang Xiaolin returned back to the desk, knocked on the leather chair, and looked at Old Hu provocatively.

"Director Jiang is really meticulous, but unfortunately, I'm not interested in this position at all!"

"Hu Bo!" I'm warning you, I will be in charge of the defense team from now on. You have to be more respectful to me! " It was unknown why Jiang Xiaolin was suddenly angry, but he pointed at the guards and said, "In the future when you are on leave, you must tell me in advance to find someone to change shifts, and ensure that there is someone on duty at all times. Otherwise, if I discover anyone who has failed their duty, they will immediately leave! Especially those who do not like to stay in the duty room and like to wander around! "

It was very obvious that the Old Hu did not like to stay in the duty room and liked to walk around the campus. He did not expect to know this.

"Also, you have to clean yourself up. There are a lot of female students in the school, you must not give me any rumors or else …" The same result! "

"You have to greet me whenever you see me. Call me Director Jiang!"

Jiang Xiaolin Bara said a bunch of things, with all kinds of rules and regulations, making people especially annoyed listening to him.

"From this month onwards, our Security Office will also have to set a measurement standard. Everyone's performance will determine their own results, and at the end of the month, I will give all of you points. We will also get a ranking. The top three places all have bonuses!" Other than the complicated rules, this Jiang Xiaolin actually also brought up something that caused everyone's eyes to light up.

Everyone in the audience began to whisper among themselves. Everyone wanted to pay more money.

"Quiet, quiet, quiet! I didn't say anything just now, did I? You're not allowed to speak during my meeting! And don't interrupt me! " Jiang Xiaolin roared again, the Old Hu could not help but curse in his heart, Xiao Lin Xiao Lin, he really likes to roar!

"Chief Jiang, can I ask you something? Are you from a royal family?" The Old Hu asked him with a smile.

"What do you mean!" Jiang Xiaolin frowned, he thought that the Old Hu was going to praise him for having such a royal demeanor, but unexpectedly, the Old Hu said —

"You like to dictate!" Old Hu was sarcastic, he was merely a Security Office Master, but he did not have much authority, and yet he was so powerful, no one could compare to him.

"Hu Bo!" You dare to contradict me in public, first deducting one point! At the end of the month, if you want to quantify the bottom, then scram! " Jiang Xiaolin pointed at Old Hu's nose and cursed.

"I'll tell you too! Don't go too far, who do you think you are! "Is it very much so!?" Old Hu was immediately angered. He was not respected, no one could take it anymore.

"Old Hu! This is Director Jiang, don't go crazy! " Zhang Jian was smarter, he came out and pulled his arm and gave him a look.

He could not bear to see Jiang Xiaolin like this either, but he still had not gotten a good grasp of the other party's strength, so he could not act rashly.

The Old Hu was not stupid, he understood what he meant, and suppressed his restless heart. In any case, there was still a lot of time to come, and he slowly began to see what this Jiang Xiaolin really was. He did not believe that he was being suppressed like that!

"At least you're sensible!" Jiang Xiaolin glanced at Zhang Jian, then glanced at Old Hu, "Alright, you guys can leave. We'll stop here for today's meeting.

His actions made Old Hu extremely angry, and he left the office in a huff.

"Don't get mad at him. He knew you had some prestige in the defense team, so he took you out first." Zhang Jian tried to persuade the Old Hu but to no avail. He was still very angry and kept his mouth shut.

"I'd like to see what he can do to me in the end!" Returning to the duty room, Old Hu firmly said that the days had truly passed.

Old Hu thought that Jiang Xiaolin would come looking for trouble very soon, but he never thought that he would be given a few days of peace.

In a flash, it was Thursday. In the afternoon, the entire school's teachers and leaders would all go to the meeting, while Old Hu would stay at the duty room. However, he received a call from Jiang Xiaolin.

"Old Hu, quickly go to my office and retrieve a document, then deliver it to Executive Block B 304. I'm very anxious, come over immediately." At first, Old Hu did not want to agree, but when he turned around and saw that he was the only one in the room, he could only agree to help.

He immediately went to Jiang Xiaolin's office and took away the documents on his table, then following his orders, he sent it over to the administration building.

However, when he looked around, he found that 304 was a huge conference room and the door was tightly closed.

Old Hu hesitated. What if there was a meeting inside?

But then, he thought Jiang Xiaolin was in a rush, and should be fine, so he did not even knock on the door and went in.


"Director Jiang, the document you requested." The moment Old Hu entered the room, he started shouting, but the room was completely silent. Everyone looked at Old Hu, and the school leaders were talking to each other as they rushed in.

"Who are you? "What do you want?" The new vice principal looked at him angrily.

"I'm sorry, but I'm sending a document to that Director Jiang …" Old Hu was a little confused. He felt that he had been tricked, but he still told the truth.

Even if the Leader really wants to blame someone, it has to do with Jiang Xiaolin!

"What Chief Jiang!?" "The Director Jiang you're not here for, hurry up and leave!" A young man stood out and chased Old Hu out. He should be the school head's secretary.

"A guard dares to barge in? If you can't do it, get lost!" Just as he was about to close the door, the young man muttered.

Old Hu held onto the documents, at a loss of what to do, why did he lose such an adult!

When he reacted, he felt that Jiang Xiaolin was purposely messing with him, and was extremely angry.