"Sea dragon, have a bite of apple." Su Fei peeled the fruit, cut it into pieces, inserted them with a toothpick, and placed it next to Huang Hailong's mouth.

Huang Hailong opened his mouth to eat it, but did not say a word of thanks, so much so that it was only natural.

His eyes were focused on the game, his hands busy.

The beauties in the game were even prettier than Su Fei.

After Su Fei fed him all the fruits, she went to get a thermal container and took out a bowl of chicken soup.

"Hai Long, drink this. It's Black Chicken Soup. It's good for your injuries. Drink it quickly." Su Fei tried to persuade her gently, but Huang Hailong had no reaction at all.

Su Fei offered the spoon to his mouth, but she was too lazy to open his mouth to drink!

"Hai Long, be good. We'll play the game again later!" Su Fei reminded him once more as she looked at him in enchantment.

If it was someone else's girlfriend, they would have already slapped her hard. Why was Su Fei still able to endure it!

In fact, Su Fei felt that Huang Hailong was beaten up by the Old Hu. He felt guilty and thought that Huang Hailong was angry at him.

"Sea Dragon" Su Fei had already held it up for a long time, the soup was probably cold.

"Don't bother me, finish this game." Huang Hailong finally spoke, but it was actually so hurtful.

"It won't taste good when it gets cold. It's just a game, isn't it? Can't we play it later?" Su Fei's expression was very wounded, but unfortunately, Huang Hailong was simply unable to see it, so even if he saw it, he did not care.

In his heart, Su Fei was just a temporary plaything. When he got tired of it, she would kick it away.

"Aiya! "How did the Groundholding Grass lose again!" Huang Hailong suddenly roared, scaring Su Fei, causing the soup to sprinkle onto his arms.

There wasn't much in the first place, but Huang Hailong was already noisy.

"You woman! Do you want to scald me to death! It's not enough to let people beat me up like this! " His attitude was vile, but Su Fei didn't dare to retort, and could only lower her head to wipe his arm, enduring the pain and swallowing her anger.

She was very confused, when they were chasing after her in the past, Huang Hailong wasn't like this! Why did it feel like he had become a completely different person?

She had thought that he was angry, that when he was done, he would return to his original appearance.

Su Fei's wronged look made Old Hu's heart ache. She reached for the door and rushed in, but did not even knock.

When Huang Hailong raised his head and saw Old Hu, he first shivered. Ever since he had woken up, he had been a little scared when he thought about Old Hu.

But thinking about it, this was a hospital, and after hearing that the Principal had dealt with the Old Hu, what was there for him to be afraid of.

"You are not welcome here! Go out!" He raised his voice. It didn't sound like a sick man at all.

"I think your injuries are still not serious enough!" The Old Hu's face was gloomy, he walked in and gave the fruits to Su Fei.

When Su Fei saw Old Hu here, it was unknown if it was due to shame or something, but his face was slightly red and his eyes were covered by a layer of mist.

When Old Hu said this, Huang Hailong immediately calmed down, and did not dare to clamor anymore.

"What do you want? This is a hospital, not a place for you to behave atrociously. If you dare act recklessly, I'll call the police! Let's see how hard your bones are, and how hard your handcuffs can be! "

Before Old Hu could do anything, Huang Hailong was already scared out of his wits and said everything out loud.

The more he spoke, the more timid he became.

"Alright, I came to visit you out of good intentions. It's not as complicated as you think." Old Hu sat by the sickbed with a natural look on his face.

"Heh, you mean well? What good will you do! " Huang Hailong was obviously very petty.

"Hai Long, don't say it like that. You're also at fault for what happened that day." Su Fei couldn't help but say these words on behalf of the Old Hu, which immediately angered Huang Hailong, and she thought to herself, this woman is really angering him to death.

But he didn't dare to flare up in front of Old Hu, so he could only endure. What if Old Hu beat him up again?

This is all a misunderstanding. I'll go out and get some hot water. You two have a good chat, and don't get into any more conflicts. This is a hospital, and the seadragon is still recovering." Sophie said something to him, a reminder.

"Don't worry, he's your boyfriend." The Old Hu's words were sour. Su Fei smiled helplessly, took the water bottle and walked out.

After she left, Old Hu's face immediately changed.

"Let me tell you, be nicer to Su Fei in the future. Otherwise, I'll teach you a lesson, I don't care what relationship you have with the Principal!" Old Hu spoke with a suppressed voice. His face was expressionless, but his eyes were firm and scary.

"Heh, what right do you have to care about our affairs? I'm Su Fei's boyfriend, you don't need to teach me how to treat her! "If you have the ability, then become her boyfriend. Do you have that chance?" Huang Hailong was still provoking the Old Hu.

"Brat, don't think that you're amazing just because you're a few years younger than me! If you dare provoke me again, you can just wait to die! " Old Hu grabbed Huang Hailong's collar and said a few fierce words.

"What can you do to me? I don't believe that you won't dare to touch me! Unless you don't want the job anymore! " Huang Hailong was even forcing himself to clash with Old Hu.

"Yes, you can control my work, but I can control your life! Even if I were to exchange my life for yours, I am already fifty years old. Old Hu was truly angered, but it was not as serious as he said. He only hoped that this brat was not too arrogant.

"You came here to warn me?" Huang Hailong panicked and squinted his eyes.

"No, I've come to ask you. Do you want to pursue the matter of me beating you up?" Old Hu released him and took out his phone to play with it.

"Heh, so it's this." When Huang Hailong heard Yue Yang's request, his face immediately changed and he started to pretend.

"Right, I also want to say that you can't pursue this matter any further. Even if you agree to it, you must agree to it." Old Hu said with confidence, causing Huang Hailong to widen his eyes in anger.

"Is there something wrong with you? You dared to talk to me in such a manner after I've been beaten up to this extent by you? " Huang Hailong had never seen a Old Hu like this before, so he really couldn't understand his thoughts.

"You'll know when you see this!" Old Hu took out the video, and a beautiful scene was shown on the screen.

The male protagonist was actually Huang Hailong. When he saw this video, his eyeballs almost dropped out.

"You … "How did you get this video!" He was too stunned to speak clearly.

"You don't need to know. If you want to do something that you don't know about, don't do it yourself. Since you've done such a thing, don't be afraid of others knowing about it." Old Hu put his phone in his pocket. Seeing that Huang Hailong was staring at his own phone, he said, "Don't think about him. I have a lot of backup, so I'm not afraid of you destroying this one."