"Just what do you want!?" Huang Hailong was getting anxious.

"I don't want to do anything. You provoked me first and bullied me. It is only natural for me to hit you!" "Now that I've been demoted because of you, I've already received my punishment. If you want to go to the police station and report me …" Old Hu did not speak.

"No, I won't." Although Old Hu did not continue, Huang Hailong immediately agreed to his request.

"Good, very good. I hope you can keep your promise." Old Hu chuckled and stood up.

"Also, you should treat Su Fei better, otherwise I will probably show her something!" The Old Hu left after he finished speaking, leaving Huang Hailong alone in the ward, furiously pounding on the wall.

This Old Hu, he never thought he would have such a trump card, how could he let him win!

Tonight, Huang Hailong was destined to have a hard time sleeping.

Returning back to the school, Old Hu just happened to be on duty during the night, so he stayed in the duty room to play on his phone out of boredom. He believed that after this time, Huang Hailong would definitely be well-behaved for a while, but as for how long it would take, it was unknown.

Thinking about how Su Fei would have to stay at his place all night, Old Hu felt sour in her heart.

How could he snatch Su Fei back? Or first, make her her woman!

He didn't know that after Su Fei returned to the ward, she put down the hot water. Seeing that Huang Hailong didn't really want to pay attention to him, she went back to school by herself.

As he was playing with his phone, Old Hu suddenly saw Su Fei sending a Wechat Moment: "On this lonely night, my stomach pain has also become a serious illness."

Su Fei's stomach hurt? Seeing this made Old Hu's heart ache to death, especially when she matched a very haggard picture of him, it made his heart feel even worse.

What should he do, why does Huang Hailong not care about the pain in his stomach? Hmph, that bastard could easily betray Su Fei, how could he care about Su Fei!

At that time, he should have used that video to threaten Huang Hailong and break up the relationship between him and his.

However, when he thought about it again, this relationship was a matter for two people. If it wasn't for Su Fei parting with him willingly, she wouldn't have been able to obtain Su Fei's heart.

Su Fei said that it was a person's night. Could it be that Su Fei had already returned from the hospital?

Old Hu thought for a moment, then quickly went to the peddler's shop to buy some brown sugar, running to Su Fei's dorm.

"Dong, dong, dong ~ ~ ~"

After three knocks, no one answered.

Isn't it in the dorm?

Old Hu looked around and saw that the lights were still on.

"Knock knock knock ~ Xiao Fei, are you there?" Old Hu shouted again, but he did not dare shout it loudly, for he was afraid of being overheard.

After a while, Su Fei finally walked out and slowly opened the door. The instant she opened the door, she shocked Old Hu.

"Xiao Fei, what's wrong with you!" Old Hu immediately supported her. She was so weak that she looked like she would collapse at any moment.

"It's fine, I've gotten sick again …" Su Fei spoke softly, afraid that Old Hu would hear him.

Actually, it was because she was guilty, and because Old Hu told her to go and have a look, she didn't go, and she even refused to be treated by Old Hu, which was why she had repeatedly taken action.

She was also afraid that the Old Hu would scold her if she said it.

"Sigh!" "Can you let me say something …" The Old Hu helped her to sit down. Originally, he wanted to scold her, but seeing how painful Su Fei was, he couldn't bear to do so.

"I bought some brown sugar for you. Drink it first to warm up your body." Old Hu directly walked towards the kitchen and did not ask for Su Fei's opinion.

Su Fei nestled on the sofa, looking at the busy Old Hu's back, she felt a kind of indescribable gratitude.

From the start of their university, very few people had ever been this attentive towards her. When they were first with Huang Hailong, he was also very attentive, but it didn't happen later on.

As she continued to read, tears began to form at the corners of her eyes.

A while ago, she was already so cold to the Old Hu, but he actually didn't blame himself.

After sending that message, Huang Hailong didn't even ask a single question. Instead, it was Old Hu who came over to boil the brown sugar water for him.

"Coming, coming!" Not long later, Old Hu walked out of the kitchen, holding a large bowl of brown sugar water.

"This is not hot, but it's still very hot. Drink it while it's hot, you'll be able to warm up after a while." Old Hu sat down beside her and asked her to lean on him as she fed the brown sugar water into her mouth.

"Great sir, I'll do it myself." Su Fei was a little embarrassed, but she was rejected by the Old Hu.

"Silly girl, you're already in such a difficult situation, why are you still being polite with me?" Old Hu's gentle and attractive voice struck right at Su Fei's heart.

Su Fei quietly drank this large bowl of brown sugar water and felt her body truly become more comfortable. She didn't know if it was because of her mental state.

"Are you feeling better?" Old Hu quickly asked with concern.

"Mm, thank you, sir." Su Fei lowered her head, her voice still as soft as ever.

"Look at you, you haven't contacted me these past few days, yet you've already done so much. Is it because of what happened last time that you're distant from me? Or was it because I hit your boyfriend this time? " Old Hu asked without missing a single one.

"Great sir, you're blaming me."

"I don't blame you. I was afraid that you would ignore me in the future." Old Hu sighed, placed the bowl on the table, "Xiao Fei, do you know how uncomfortable I feel seeing you like this?"

"Great sir, I know you are doing this for my own good, but …" Sometimes it's not the right way. " Su Fei had told her how she felt in her heart. For example, when she heavily injured Huang Hailong this time, he was still blaming her.

"I am afraid that you will be unkind when you meet people! He was at a disadvantage! Xiao Fei, you're too young, you can't even see the true appearance of a few men! "Whether he treats you or not, you should think about it yourself." Old Hu didn't want to force it, so he could only slowly grind her down.

When Su Fei finally understood it herself, she would know who was truly good to her.

"I was being too rash in this matter, but didn't I want to protect you? Xiao Fei, I hope you understand." Old Hu added.

Su Fei had a kind heart in the first place, and also so simple and innocent. Although she still felt a little uncomfortable hearing the Old Hu's words, it was no longer his fault. Who asked him to come and take care of him today?

Xiao Fei, you did not come over to check on us previously, but now that your body is in such a state, what are your plans? The Old Hu asked earnestly, but Su Fei could not see the anticipation in his eyes.

"I... I don't know. "

"If you want more treatment, you can go to the hospital. Or maybe, you don't mind an old man like me, I can still help you." Old Hu gave her two choices, but she didn't want to appear to be in a rush.

After hesitating for a long time, Su Fei's palms started to sweat nervously.

Right now, she really wanted to treat her illness, but she didn't have any extra money on hand …

Five minutes later, Su Fei held onto Old Hu's hand, "Uncle, thank you for being able to put aside the past hatred, I want you to help me treat it."