"You old bastard, you still dare to touch my brother!" Seeing that, Zhao Shuai also rushed forward to help, but was kicked into the ground by Old Hu, he could only hold onto his chest and cry out in pain.

"Look, isn't that the new teacher Huang!?" Why is he lying on the ground!? "

"Didn't you see that? It was Grandpa Hu who beat him up!"

There were two little girls mumbling in the crowd, which coincidentally happened to be heard by Huang Hailong.

Originally, he was in so much pain that he couldn't stand up, but in order to fight for his life, he forced himself up and pounced towards Old Hu.

No matter if it was techniques or physical abilities, they were all much stronger than them. On the other hand, although Zhao Shuai and Huang Hailong looked young and strong, they did not have much of an appearance, and could only rely on brute force to fight.

In less than two exchanges, Zhao Shuai's face had turned green from the hit, and his entire body was in so much pain that he couldn't even straighten his waist.

Because with Su Fei at the side, Huang Hailong was still holding on.

"Stop, stop!" Sea Dragon, I beg you don't hit me anymore. " Su Fei knew how powerful the Old Hu was, and held onto Huang Hailong tightly. She hoped that the latter would listen to her advice.

"Go to the side! It's fine if you don't help me, but you're still speaking to outsiders! " Huang Hailong was very angry at Su Fei for acting this way, and felt that she was still thinking about the Old Hu.

That old thing was so good at fighting, he was really unconvinced!

The other party pounced on him once more. Yet, this time, he was beaten black and blue, and blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

"Kid, I already told you, don't be too arrogant!" The last punch struck Old Hu right in his temple, knocking him down to the ground.

Because he had used too much strength, Huang Hailong fainted on the spot, but Old Hu did not know and thought that he was pretending.

"Alright, brat, hurry up and get up and f * ck off. If you ever come back to the Security Office to cause trouble again, don't blame me for being rude!" The Old Hu roared, wanting to turn around and leave.

Just then, Su Fei ran over to Huang Hailong's side and shook his head while crying, only to find that Huang Hailong had no reaction.

"Sea Dragon!" Sea dragon, don't scare me! Get up quickly! What's wrong with you? " Su Fei was panicking, she checked his breath and realised that he had fainted, causing her to cry even harder.

When Old Hu saw this, he began to mutter in his heart.

Could it be that this kid is so resistant to beatings? How dare he provoke her?

Zhang Jian was also stunned by the side, but he regained his senses earlier than the Old Hu.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and call 120!" Old Hu, you got into trouble this time! " Zhang Jian said helplessly to Old Hu. It was not like he had never fought before, but no one fainted.

I heard that Huang Hailong's background is not small too, I'm afraid that Old Hu will be unable to protect himself this time.

Huang Hailong was sent to the hospital, the matter of the fight was also found out by the school, and he was sent to the administration office.

Sun Longbo finally understood the whole story and clapped his hands in joy. He had been looking for an opportunity to punish Old Hu.

He must make a good piece of this matter.

Very quickly, Old Hu was called by Sun Longbo to his office.

"Old Hu, sit, sit." Sun Longbo was extremely attentive to the Old Hu, just because he still had something up his sleeve. Although he really wanted him to be expelled, he couldn't do it like this.

"Manager Sun, what are you looking for me for?" Old Hu knew that this old thing definitely did not have any good intentions, but it was related to his own work, he could not not not come.

"It's like this. Ai, the school's leader already knows about this matter. Besides, send me to deal with it." Sun Longbo sat opposite to the Old Hu. He no longer had his official demeanor and was ready to negotiate.

"I know, this is not your fault. That kid first violated the school rules, then he provoked the school administrative staff with his words. He should be beaten up!" Not only did he not reprimand Old Hu, he even spoke to him. This made Old Hu a little surprised.

But after considering the matter of the video, Old Hu understood.

He was afraid that the video might leak out if he offended himself.

"And then?" Old Hu asked.

"Although it wasn't your fault, this matter isn't completely unrelated to you. After all, you've already beaten him into the hospital, and you have to understand that the relationship between Teacher Huang and the Principal isn't ordinary." Sun Longbo dragged his words, with a hint of direction.

"Oh, so what? If he violates the school's rules and is not punished, then I'm wrong in self-defense? " After all, Old Hu was not the first to make a move in the beginning, so he was not in the wrong.

"That's right, that's right, you're right!" Your performance is one of righteousness, but this is not something that I can decide. Although I have come forward to mediate, the school leadership has already arranged for your position as the person in charge of Security Office to be suspended. "

Who asked Huang Hailong's father to be an old friend with the Principal. After heard this, he immediately decided, it didn't matter whether or not Old Hu was a hero of the people.

"Besides, I want you to know that if it wasn't for me pleading on your behalf, your current job would have already been lost." Sun Longbo poured Old Hu a cup of tea.

"Then I have to thank you, Manager Sun." The Old Hu naturally didn't believe his words, but since he was in a disadvantageous position, he could only agree.

Even if Sun Longbo really did this, he definitely had no good intentions.

"No worries, no worries. We're old friends, there's no need to be polite." Sun Longbo did not disobey his words at all, and even the Old Hu himself found it laughable.

What old friendship? One was a threat, the other was a threat?

As long as Huang Hailong does not pursue the matter further, you can overturn the matter. But if he still wants to pursue the matter, as long as Police Station is involved, then the matter will become big and the school will not be able to take care of it. I hope you understand. " Sun Longbo originally wanted to exchange this matter with the Old Hu for a video, but he had no choice as he still had Huang Hailong to pass this trial.

They could only give Old Hu a favor, in order to stop him from talking.

"Alright, I understand. I'll go back and pack up." The Old Hu was straightforward, he had already thought of a way to not let Huang Hailong pursue the matter.

As for Sun Longbo, wasn't he trying to stop his mouth? This kind of scheme could not be hidden from the Old Hu.

After going to the office to pack his stuff, Old Hu returned to the duty room.

Although that junior leader seemed to have some face, he was still not respected by others. He was not used to it and was usually willing to come out and run. He could not sit still at all.

Therefore, being demoted to Old Hu did not matter. He only cared about Su Fei now, as long as she could stay in school, he would have hope.

That night, the Old Hu found out about Huang Hailong's hospital room and bought a lot of fruits to visit.

He still had Huang Hailong's video and photo with him. He didn't believe that Huang Hailong wouldn't compromise!

When they arrived at the hospital, Su Fei was also there. She should be here to take care of Huang Hailong.

At that time, when she was injured and in the hospital, Su Fei had never come to visit him, not even once.

This Little Girl, she was in pain for nothing!