Chen Liyun could be considered a straightforward person, she had said the wrong thing again.

The Old Hu was not annoyed. Looking at her guilty look, he felt it was funny.

"Alright, alright, I know you have good intentions. Eat your meal." Old Hu did not want to pursue the matter and appeared to be petty.

After dinner, for the sake of convenience, Chen Liyun offered to send Old Hu back to school, which Old Hu did not reject.

The two of them continued to chat as they walked to the car park. Originally, Chen Liyun wanted to go get the car and have Old Hu wait outside, but she never expected that an accident would happen.

A middle-aged woman was lying on the ground, tightly hugging the thigh of a young man who was beating her with punches and kicks.

The middle-aged woman cried as she shouted, "Someone come quickly! Someone come quickly! Someone is stealing things! "

The fists landed on her without mercy.

When the Old Hu and Chen Liyun saw this, they were extremely furious.

"Bullying women is nothing!" Without waiting for Old Hu to speak, Chen Liyun rushed over.

She grabbed the man's collar, "You bastard, you stole things and beat people! They really do not put the laws of the country in their eyes! " Chen Liyun shouted coldly.

It was a sturdy man standing one head taller than Chen Liyun. It was difficult for her to grab onto his collar, but because of the strong aura, she managed to suppress the criminal temporarily.

"Bitch, who do you think you are! "Mind your own business!" The criminal quickly reacted and with a lot of strength, he pulled Chen Liyun away and picked up the bag on the ground and was about to leave.

"Help me! Help me! That's my child's life saving money! " The middle-aged woman on the ground sobbed, but because of the pain, she was unable to get up. She looked to be in a very sorry state.

Although Chen Liyun was skinny and frail, she was still a graduate from a police academy. With her skills, she was not afraid of that man and quickly chased after him, grabbing his arm.

"Aunt will let you know who I am today!" Chen Liyun bellowed, and threw a punch at him. Because the criminal was not prepared in advance, he was pushed down to the ground, unable to catch his breath for a long time.

"You woman, why are you so strong! Hammer, I'm going to die! " The criminal laid on the ground to catch his breath, his chest aching and aching.

"Heh, I want to let you know, don't think you can do whatever you want just because you're big and tall!" Seeing that he showed weakness, Chen Liyun relaxed her guard and did not continue attacking. Instead, she wanted to take out the handcuffs from her pocket.

But then she realised that she was wearing a dress with no pockets at all, the handcuffs were still in the bag and the bag was still in Old Hu's hands!

"Uncle, quickly give me your bag!" Chen Liyun shouted to the Old Hu not far away.

Old Hu was stunned, Chen Liyun was just too domineering, he had forgotten to help.

However, just as he was about to give her the bag, he saw the criminal get up and take something out of his pocket.

Old Hu subconsciously guessed that it was a dagger and knew that something was wrong. He shouted loudly, "Dodge! He has a blade! "

But it was already too late, when Chen Liyun wanted to turn around and fight back, the criminal had already brandished her blade and come down.

Even though Chen Liyun dodged the blade by taking a step forward, the handle of the blade still hit the back of her head, causing him to immediately black out and lie flat on the ground.

Just then, a bottle of wine flew over from the sky, and smashed onto the criminal's shoulder, causing him to let go of his blade, and gave Chen Liyun the chance to react.

Chen Liyun looked at Old Hu gratefully. She did not finish the bottle of wine just now, but Old Hu did not want to take it away.

The glass shattered on the floor, and the gangster had to take a long time to raise his arm.

Chen Liyun forced herself to stand up, kicked her dagger to the side and took out his handcuffs, "I am a police officer, and now that you have committed the crime of stealing, assault a police officer, I have the authority to arrest you according to the law!"

As she approached, the gangster looked more and more flustered. He picked up the bottle of wine and held it in his hand. The glass was very sharp, and the rate of injury was no lower than that of a dagger.

When Old Hu saw this, he hurriedly pulled Chen Liyun aside and went up on his own.

"Brat, what are you planning on doing with a woman? If you have the ability, then come at me!" Old Hu shouted, purposely provoking the criminal.

"Alright you Stinking Old Man, I won't look for trouble with you, and you still want to come here to pretend to be a hero? See how I'll kill you later!" Is the police amazing!? "

The criminal waved the broken bottle in his hand, revealing a vicious look.

These words infuriated Old Hu. He took a step back, lowered his body, and took on a fighting stance, blocking the criminal's only path.

Very quickly, the hoodlum pounced over, but Old Hu could see that although he was fierce and big, he did not have any moves, and only knew how to use brute force to fight.

The moment he rushed over, Old Hu threw him onto the ground with a sweep of his leg, then extended his hand out to break Old Hu's arm. Unexpectedly, the criminal was quick, and sliced off Old Hu's arm with his own blood.

"Please be careful, sir!" Chen Liyun was panicking on the side, but when she wanted to help, she realized that the middle-aged woman had fainted.

She could only beg the Old Hu to protect her and quickly call 120 for an ambulance. It was best if no one died.

"Good boy, you have some skills. I underestimated you just now!" Old Hu chuckled. He had underestimated his opponent just now and was now on guard.

In the army, it would not be a problem for him to fight three people with a size like his, but he knew martial arts.

The one before him was probably just a little stronger than that straw bag.

While he was speaking, Old Hu had already strode towards the criminal and kicked him. The criminal waved the bottle in defense, thinking that Old Hu would have no loopholes to exploit.

However, he did not expect the Old Hu to attack him from the bottom three ways, striking his elbow when he was in pain. The man's tiger body trembled, and he felt as though his joints were about to be crushed, while the bottle of wine fell to the ground.

"Let me show you what it means to not be cunning!" Old Hu never wanted to be a righteous man. As long as he could win, it didn't matter whether his methods were proper or not.

Then, while the criminal was unable to stand up, Old Hu attacked him with punches and kicks. It could be considered as revenge for the wound just now, and also for the middle-aged woman to vent her anger.

"Bang!" In the last lap, the gangster could no longer hold on and could no longer resist as he lay on the ground.

Seeing that, Chen Liyun tied him to the door and waited for reinforcements.

In less than two minutes, 120 arrived and brought the middle-aged woman to the hospital.

Chen Liyun looked at the injured Old Hu, and was moved speechless.

"Great sir, you truly are worthy of being a good citizen. I admire your courage in doing things!" After holding back for a long time, she finally said this.

"Hehe, as long as you are fine, it's fine." Old Hu looked straight at Chen Liyun, as if he was confessing.