After agreeing to meet at seven in the evening, the Old Hu asked Zhang Jian for his opinion on the matter and recommended him to eat at a restaurant. It was said that the environment was not bad and the price was cheap.

Old Hu agreed quickly and sent Chen Liyun a text message.

They would arrive at Old Hu at 6: 30 in the evening, but at 7: 30 PM, they didn't see any trace of Chen Liyun.

He muttered in his heart, I can't be a pigeon, right? So he called Chen Liyun, but didn't get through.

If not for the money already being paid, Old Hu really wanted to get up and leave.

It was finally close to eight o'clock, and only then did Chen Liyun step in.

"I'm really sorry. Just now, there was a troublesome case that delayed me, so I made you wait for a long time." Chen Liyun sat in her seat with an apologetic expression.

Seeing her exhausted look, Old Hu believed that she was not lying, "It's fine, it was me who wanted to thank you in the first place, it's fine if you wait a little longer."

Chen Liyun laughed when she heard it, but did not say anything. The atmosphere was a little awkward.

"Come, let's order." Old Hu took the initiative to break the awkward atmosphere and called the waiter over.

"Nice to meet you, sir. Our shop has some activities today. If you two can take a photo and put it in our store, we can give you a 20% discount." The waiter came over and said this.

"Together?" Chen Liyun was a little confused, only then did she realise that the restaurant's environment, as well as its decoration, was very romantic, this was clearly a restaurant with a couple theme!

Looking at the people sitting nearby, they were all at two different people's tables. The candlelight dinner was for close lovers!

Old Hu was also a little confused. He did not do any homework before he came, it was just that Zhang Jian recommended him and he came.

Chen Liyun blushed so much that she did not speak. Old Hu could only say shamelessly to the waiter, "We are just ordinary friends, we can simply order some dishes."

The waiter was also a little confused after listening. Did they not write it clearly enough? This is a couple's restaurant! What was a couple doing here?

"Liyun, feel free to order whatever you want to eat." Old Hu magnanimously said.

"Em, I'm fine with anything, I'll eat anything." At the moment, her mind was only filled with awkwardness. This atmosphere made her feel very uncomfortable.

"Alright, then I'll pick whatever I want." Old Hu took the menu and ordered four dishes and a soup, as well as a bottle of red wine.

When the dishes were served, the two looked at each other without speaking, as if they were strangers.

"Liyun, has it been hard working on this case recently?" As a man, Old Hu naturally had to break the deadlock and take the initiative to pick up girls.

"It's alright, it's always the same. Don't cops always do the same?" The corner of Chen Liyun's mouth twitched. She was finally willing to say a few more words.

"That's true. Everyone says that the police are the public servants of the people. Your profession is worthy of respect!" The Old Hu flattered him diligently.

"Profession?" From the moment we put on this uniform, we have stopped treating this as a job. It is our responsibility, our responsibility, our mission. " Chen Liyun spoke passionately, as if she was a strong woman.

He was used to seeing beautiful women, suddenly Old Hu became interested in this kind of iron lady, and actually liked her full of righteousness.

"Well said! For your words, we must toast as well! " Old Hu raised his wine cup, but Chen Liyun only picked up his water cup.

"I still need to drive. Please don't mind me using tea in place of alcohol." After she finished speaking, she also looked up and down, making it so that the Old Hu couldn't find any problems with it.

"Alright, as long as it's that easy." Old Hu took a sip himself and did not force her.

Because of this, the two of them started to chat and became more friendly.

Old Hu purposely brought up the topic of love, "Liyun, you're so outstanding with your good looks and body. You're also the Criminal Police Captain, you must have a lot of suitors, right?"

Old Hu casually said as he ate.

"Mm, there are a few." Chen Liyun magnanimously replied.

"To be able to become your boyfriend, you must be very outstanding!" Old Hu smiled as he tried to persuade her.

"Uncle, look at what you're saying, I don't have a boyfriend yet." Chen Liyun was a little embarrassed.

"Are you kidding me? How could you not have a boyfriend?" Old Hu acted unbelievably.

"Seriously, I'm usually so busy and my job is very special, so I haven't been looking for a boyfriend. At the moment, I'm fine by myself."

Chen Liyun spoke very casually, as if she really had no interest in the love between a man and a woman.

"But you're a girl, it's so hard for you to be by yourself. It's not bad if there was a man who cared for you and took care of you." The Old Hu said again.

"That's what I said. Sometimes, when I see other female colleagues being taken care of, I feel very envious of them. However, I haven't been able to find a suitable person to take care of them, so I can't do anything about it." Chen Liyun was a little emotional.

The Old Hu became even happier after hearing this.

Watching Chen Liyun eat, her cherry red lips was especially tempting. She had even changed into casual clothes today. She was wearing a pink dress and her hair was draped over her shoulders, making her look much more gentle than usual.

Old Hu could not help but feel even more excited, but it was a pity to think that such a fine beauty was actually a police officer.

However, it also stimulated his desire for conquest. The harder a woman was to control, the more pleasure a man would feel.

"Uncle, I think you're still alone. Why don't you consider finding a wife?" Chen Liyun raised her head, and suddenly became enthusiastic.

In fact, she was just simply thinking about it, but this once again made Old Hu overthink it!

"Sigh, don't mention it. Your uncle's story is a little tragic. It's a long story, and I'm already quite old. No one can fancy it anymore!" Old Hu pretended to sigh, wanting to get the girl's sympathy.

How could he possibly look for an old lady? He wanted to look for a young lady that was as pretty as water! Those old women couldn't satisfy his needs!

"Look at what you said, your physique is still very robust, and you have a friend like Military Commander Chen, what kind of old partner can't you find?" Chen Liyun said those words from the bottom of her heart, but Old Hu was unhappy.

"Liyun, it can't be that it's because of Chen Lin that you agreed to eat with me, right?" Old Hu's face fell.

"Of course not, how could that be?" Only now did Chen Liyun realize that she said the wrong words as she shook her head guiltily.

"Sigh, I know that you definitely don't like a gatekeeper like me, and feel that I have to rely on Chen Lin to posture, but honestly, other than the matter from last time, I really can't ask him for anything else!" Old Hu hung his head, obviously hurt.

"I'm sorry grandpa, I said the wrong thing, I really didn't mean it that way …" I mean, Military Commander Chen is a good resource, it's not like you can use it for yourself … "