"Then I'll quickly send you to the hospital. I saw that you were injured, so we need to go to the police station to take a statement after bandaging you. Thank you very much, Uncle Hu." Chen Liyun was a little embarrassed. It was Old Hu who helped him to control the criminal from getting injured, and she could not even rest properly after getting injured.

"It's fine, it's fine. It's fine if I get a little injury." Old Hu still tried to raise his arms and shake them, but he suddenly grimaced in pain.

"Hiss — this grandson's attack is really heavy." Old Hu had an ominous premonition. The wine bottle was stabbed very deeply just now.

"Hurry up and go, sir. Don't force yourself." Chen Liyun supported Old Hu and got on the car, running all the way, and very quickly they arrived at the hospital.

Along the way, Chen Liyun had always been concerned about Old Hu's injuries, causing his heart to feel warm.

Upon reaching the hospital, Chen Liyun was worried about Old Hu's injuries and immediately called his in for an emergency treatment.

After the doctor finished checking, he said that Old Hu's arm was severely injured, and that a lot of the muscles on his arm had been peeled off, which was why it was in such a painful state.

"I say, you seem quite old, how can you still be injured like this?" The nurse who was treating Old Hu's wounds could not help but say, "It's better to be more obedient, it's not a big deal."

Old Hu laughed it off and did not mind it much. He was only reminding him out of good intentions, but the way he expressed it was a little off.

However, Chen Liyun was a little unhappy, "Do you still want to be differentiated among patients of different ages? He was injured because of the man in the uniform. If you don't know, then don't spout nonsense. "

"Come on, look at what I'm saying. This little girl really has a big temper!" After the nurse helped Old Hu clean his wound, she shrugged her shoulders helplessly and said, "Your injury is not light. You will have to be hospitalized to observe for a period of time. You can go through the procedures later."

"What?" Nurse, do you need me to be hospitalized for such a small injury? I don't need to be in the hospital! " Old Hu got up and was about to leave, determined not to stay.

But Chen Liyun insisted that he should listen to the doctor's instructions, and went to complete the procedures.

Not long later, the doctor also came over and asked Old Hu to get a plaster cast. Although it was not broken, it still grinded against the bones and had to be treated properly or else there would be aftereffects.

This time, Old Hu was honest. He never thought that he would be in so much trouble.

When Chen Liyun came back, she even brought two other colleagues with him as she directly made a statement in the ward.

They also told Old Hu that he was the one who had acted bravely this time, so he did not need to worry about the medical fees or the nutrition fee.

It didn't matter if he was lying down. After lying down for a while, Old Hu felt sore all over his body. It seemed that he had really aged.

After finishing all the work, Chen Liyun brought the chicken soup for the Old Hu, and let them cook it in the dining hall.

Old Hu's hands were inconvenient, so Chen Liyun took the initiative to feed him.

Although Chen Liyun looked careless, unlike a gentle woman, she was actually extremely meticulous. Every mouthful of the soup could only be made when it was not too hot or cold, and the temperature just happened to be right, so the taste was also good.

For the first time, Old Hu felt that being injured was really good.

"Here, have another drink." Chen Liyun placed the spoon by his mouth, coaxing Old Hu as if he was a child, and with the smile on his lips, she became even more enchanting.

"Liyun, you definitely don't know how beautiful you look when you smile. You need to smile more often in the future. Although it's for a professional reason, you can't always keep a straight face." Old Hu said as if he was possessed by a ghost, causing Chen Liyun to instantly blush and stop feeding him chicken soup.

Fortunately, Old Hu was almost done eating.

"Uncle, the doctor said that you should eat more fruits to replenish your vitamins. The better, the faster. I'll peel two apples for you." Chen Liyun did not follow up on what she said just now. She went over to grab two apples, resolving the small awkwardness.

It was almost daybreak, but Chen Liyun still had no intentions to leave. Although she did not say much, she had been helping the Old Hu with this and that, without holding back at all.

The next day, while the Old Hu was still sleeping, Chen Liyun left the hospital to go to the school to request for leave.

When the school leaders saw that the police captain had come, they immediately gave Old Hu many days of leave, giving him time to recover and even giving him a double pay.

Chen Liyun was very satisfied with the result and immediately returned to the hospital. Coincidentally, Old Hu woke up and told her about it.

If she went to the school to talk about her, then most people would know that she was a hero, right?

It just so happened that he wanted those who looked down on him to have a good look.

Because Chen Liyun still had work to do, Old Hu could only stay in the hospital by himself. Zhang Jian would occasionally come over to chat with him, and talk about the new things that happened in the school.

After that, other than Chen Liyun who came back to reality, there was only that little girl Zhao Yali.

That day, she came back with two heat buckets.

"Great sir, I'm here to send you delicious food!" Every time Zhao Yali came over, he was extremely happy, causing Old Hu to feel that her mood was better every time she saw him.

Emotions were very contagious.

Without waiting for Old Hu's orders, she had already laid out everything. She was proficient in preparing them well, with a very virtuous look on her face.

"Alright, time to eat!"

Zhao Yali sat opposite to Old Hu and had prepared two servings of soup, dumplings, steamed dumplings and cold dishes. She had cooked these in the school cafeteria and had begged the restaurant aunty for a long time.

"Quickly, have a taste of this soup." Zhao Yali finished blowing, and felt that it was not hot anymore, so she fed it to Old Hu.

"No problem, I'll do it myself." Old Hu was a little embarrassed. Zhao Yali was a little girl, how could he let others serve him.

"It's nothing, drink quickly." Zhao Yali did not hide anything.

Old Hu could only follow his instructions and taste it. His cooking skills were indeed not bad.

"Where did you buy it? You can buy more next time. " He spoke heartlessly, making Zhao Yali giggle.

"Looks like this soup isn't bad. However, you won't be able to buy it. I'll have to make it myself!" Zhao Yali said proudly.

Old Hu also laughed, he did not expect this girl's cooking skills to be so good, much better than Chen Liyun's.

In the next few days, Chen Liyun and Zhao Yali took turns to visit him. They ate, drank, and entertained him.

In these days, even the Old Hu was beautiful.

That night, Chen Liyun took a rare rest and came over to visit the Old Hu. After the two finished eating, Chen Liyun did not leave either and stayed to chat with him.

"Great sir, you were in the army with Military Commander Chen before, so there should be a lot of interesting things, right?"