Old Hu's chin was about to fall. Was this woman that hungry? He had actually gotten involved with so many male teachers.

No wonder you can't conceive a child … He had probably broken it long ago.

But these men, it seemed, did not satisfy her.

Reason made Old Hu want to turn around and leave, but when he heard the ecstatic cry, he couldn't move a single step.

"I can't, I can't. Darling, you're too unruly, I can't take it anymore." In less than a minute, Dean Sun Longbo was about to surrender, but he was immediately hugged by Chen Bing by the waist.

"Don't stop ~ I still want it ~"

Hearing that fox-like voice, the Old Hu bloodline exploded, and couldn't help but want to see what it looked like.

He carefully checked the glass in the lounge. Although the entire surface of the glass was frosted, the bottom one was transparent. As long as he squatted down, he would be able to see the scene inside!

Old Hu squinted his eyes and carefully looked inside. As expected, the scene was extremely explosive!

Chen Bing had originally been wearing a red skirt and the sling had already been pulled to her waist, revealing a great amount of spring sunshine. The hem of her skirt had also been pushed up as her two big, fair legs coiled around Sun Longbo's waist.

And hanging around Sun Longbo's neck was a pair of black lace underpants, which clearly belonged to Chen Bing.

At this moment, he was standing beside the bed while letting Chen Bing lie on the bed. He was doing his best to sprint forward, making Chen Bing cry out in joy, but her expression was a little wooden, as if this man did not really make her happy.

In her hands, she was still holding onto Sun Longbo's belt. As long as the man was a little slow, she would whip him with his belt, it was very stimulating.

Sun Xiubo enjoyed the process. His forehead and body were covered in a layer of sweat.

This fellow's kidney isn't too good! Old Hu thought.

It couldn't even compare to a tenth of what he had!

Seeing the free action films, and the female protagonist that he had once touched, Old Hu felt great inside as he imagined himself flipping over Chen Bing.

When would he be able to learn it?

Just as he was engrossed with the contents, there was a knock on the office door, scaring Old Hu out of his wits.

"Is Manager Sun in?"

A young voice sounded. Old Hu was so scared that he broke out in cold sweat, but there was no place to hide.

He also heard the sounds coming from inside the house, so he probably didn't hear the knocking sound either.

"Manager Sun?"

"Dong, dong, dong ~ ~ ~"

When he didn't get a response, the person outside knocked again and even turned the handle of the door.

The Old Hu was frightened, he quickly stood up and pretended that he was waiting for someone.

"Strange, where did he go during work hours?" The man grunted, released the door handle, and stalked away.

The Old Hu heard the footsteps getting farther and farther away, and finally sighed a breath of relief. Just as he was about to kneel down and continue watching, he unexpectedly turned around and knocked into the door handle.


In the silence of the room, the voice was loud.

The two people inside the room suddenly stopped moving, and Sun Longbo shouted loudly, "Who is outside!"

"Old Sun, did you not lock the door?" Chen Bing was so frightened that her face turned white, and she pulled on the blanket to cover herself, her voice was filled with grievance.

"I've locked the door!" Sun Longbo was so scared that his face turned white, he did not even bother to wear his underwear, and directly put on his pants and jacket.

Old Hu thought, not good, I have to do something bad!

He stood on his tiptoes and walked to the door, opening it one second before Sun Longbo rushed out.

Fortunately, he had previously practiced 'Floating Water' in the army, so he didn't need this kind of martial arts. However, the trainer would usually walk light, and the reason why he was invented was so that he could easily infiltrate into the enemy's territory.

Otherwise, if everyone made a lot of noise and the enemy fled after hearing the sound, who else would they hit?

On the way back to the duty room, Old Hu's mind was still filled with that beautiful scene from just now, as he kept on thinking about Chen Bing's figure.

Last time, he had only heard a sound in the school building, but this time, he saw a real gun!

It was too exciting.

But then he thought, why would this Chen Bing be together with Sun Longbo?

In the past, there were two people who were in the same boat, but they didn't notice anything amiss.

Sun Longbo was already close to fifty years old, and had stayed at school for close to ten years before reaching his current position.

However, he was short, probably only 1.6m, and he was very ugly.

As for Chen Bing, although she was already in her early forties, she had maintained herself exceptionally well. Her body had an elegant femininity that could attract many men, be they mature or young.

The two of them really didn't match.

Even if Chen Bing lacked men, she wouldn't be so desperate to eat, right?

While walking, the Old Hu passed by the two female teachers by the small plaza, listening to their whispers — —

"Hey, did you hand in your materials?"

"Not yet. I still haven't decided whether to hand it over or not. There are so many qualified teachers in this school, how could it be my turn?"

"Who cares about her. Just hand her over first and then we'll see what happens!" "Tomorrow is the deadline. If you don't hand it in, it'll be too late."

"Mm, then I'll write it when I get back."

immediately understood their words. Chen Bing couldn't be doing it for a new round of the Teacher Evaluation, right?

Although he was not a teacher, Old Hu understood the big things about the school.

It was said that the Teacher Evaluation this time was at a very high level. It would be reported directly to the provincial education hall and was related to the evaluation of the teachers.

Recently, everyone had been jostling to participate in the evaluation and had made a lot of jokes.

Those old teachers were all sly old foxes. On the surface, they were all very amiable, but in secret, they paid attention to the conditions of other people's participation.

If Chen Bing really contributed to him because of this, it would be too cheap.

Immediately, her image in the Old Hu's heart decreased yet again.

Returning back to the office, Old Hu put the written materials away and muttered in his heart.

Sun Longbo should not have realized that he was secretly watching, right? Would he check the monitors?

Afraid that the things that happened later would become troublesome, Old Hu decided to go to the monitoring room to take a look.

He wanted to delete that day's monitoring system before Sun Longbo called out the monitoring system.

If he only deleted this day, wouldn't it make people suspicious?

The Old Hu deleted the surveillance videos that were on for three days, but just in case, he backed them up on his own plate.

After doing all this, he finally had some peace of mind. At that time, no one saw him leave or go, so Sun Longbo definitely would not be able to find him on his body.

Even if he was unlucky enough to find him, he could still pretend to be a fool.

"Old Hu, what are you doing?"

Just as Old Hu was complacent, Zhang Jian suddenly came out from behind him with a malicious smile.

Old Hu was shocked, could it be that he was discovered?