"Who are you calling a country bumpkin!" With Su Fei and Old Hu by her side, Zhao Yali no longer wished to be a coward. She wanted to stand out and seek justice for herself.

"You still want to ask?" Of course it's you! Country bumpkin! Lowly hoof! Your family is so poor, if you didn't sell your body, would you have been able to go to school? "Look at your foxy look, I wonder how many men have already slept with you!"

Qin Yulian had always kept that matter in mind, and believed that Zhao Yali had seduced someone she liked.

But in reality, the other did not even know who Qin Yulian was!

"Student Qin Yulian! "Please pay attention to your words!" Su Fei warned with a pale face. How could there be such a student in her class?

"Did I say anything wrong?" Whether or not she knows it herself! " Qin Yulian did not let her off and rolled her eyes.

That sarcastic tone and the strange gazes from the surrounding students finally made Zhao Yali unable to endure it.

She shouted, "I'm not," and ran out, covering her face.

It was very easy to cause harm to a person's mental state when attacked with words, especially with Zhao Yali's personality. She was already feeling inferior to her, and this time she had humiliated him in front of everyone, so he could not take it anymore.

The moment she stood up to refute, it was her biggest step.

Old Hu wanted to catch up with her, but she was concerned that Su Fei was still there. She looked at him, and Su Fei stomped her feet in anxiousness, "Quickly go and take a look!"

Then, he ran out. Zhao Yali ran very fast as the Old Hu chased him all the way to the back of the school.

Wuuu, wuu ~ ~ ~

Separated by a few meters, the Old Hu did not dare to approach his because the little girl was currently in an intense mood. She had to give her a more comfortable space.

Hearing that she had cried to vent her feelings, Old Hu also became a bit more at ease.

He was afraid that some people might encounter difficulties and suppress themselves, causing a greater psychological pressure over time. There might even be some dangers.

After ten minutes, Zhao Yali's crying voice faded. Old Hu finally went over and hugged her from behind.

"Silly girl, you're not the one who made a mistake, why are you crying so bitterly?!" Wouldn't that be letting those bad people off easy! "

The Old Hu comforted his gently and turned into a bosom uncle.

He was behind her, giving her a safe haven where she could speak out without embarrassment or embarrassment.

My lord, I am so sad. Why are they against me? What have I done wrong?" Is it because I'm from the countryside?

The little girl's voice was filled with despair. She had already accepted this collective violence for more than a day or two.

"How could that be? There are a lot of people from the countryside, and this isn't something that's hard to talk about or embarrass. I'm also from the countryside, and Teacher Su Fei is also from the countryside.

"The reason why they treated you like this was because you were too outstanding. Since they could not defeat you, they could only envy you." Old Hu gently caressed her hair. It was very smooth and fragrant.

"I don't think I'm that outstanding. I think they bullied me because I was too weak." Zhao Yali was still sobbing.

"No, you're already very outstanding. Your results have always been the best, your looks and figure are good, and you've also developed very well in other areas. If it were me, I wouldn't be able to resist feeling jealous of you."

Old Hu joked, hoping that it would alleviate her sadness.

"From a different perspective, you should be happy that they are jealous of you, bullying you, and squeezing you because you are too strong. They cannot surpass you, and they can only look for other places to balance themselves."

"For example, that Qin Yulian just now, a boy that she couldn't even get the right to painstakingly pursue, yet took the initiative to pursue you, you still don't like him, shouldn't you feel very proud?"

Zhao Yali was finally teased by him to the point of "Puchi", making her laugh out loud, her mood became a lot better.

"Look at how beautiful your smile is, don't always cry. If you have any grievances, tell me. Tell me, and we will settle it for you."

"Also, you have to be confident. If you don't have a good background, you should work harder. If you have the ability in the future, let's see who dares to bully us!"

It was rare for the Old Hu to be so serious, so Zhao Yali kept all of this in mind.

"En, grandpa, I will remember this. In the future, I will definitely work hard and do an even better job!" As for those people who look down on me, let them die! "

Zhao Yali encouraged her with a gesture, causing the Old Hu to smile brightly.

It was good to be young, but there was still a lot of future ahead.

"That's right! Think of it! It's getting late already. Hurry up and go to class, there's nothing you can do that will delay your studies. " Old Hu released her.

"Alright, I'll listen to you." Zhao Yali laughed, then turned and left. Just as she walked a few steps, she stopped again.

"Uncle, you are a really good person. There will definitely be a good reward!"

Zhao Yali ran off, the Old Hu was still immersed in her smile and was unable to extricate herself, she stayed in place for a long time, and sighed a little about her own life.

Afterward, he returned to the duty room to write a report detailing the circumstances of the whole incident, which he would later hand over to the administration.

With regards to Qin Yulian, he truthfully recorded it down, and did not show the slightest bit of mercy.

She hoped that when the school's leaders saw this, they would be able to punish her. However, if she had a strong backer, then there was nothing they could do.

It was class time, and there were no people on the way. Old Hu came to the Education Bureau, and turned and turned until he found the director's office.

"Dong, dong, dong ~ ~ ~"

After a few knocks, there was no response.

"Dong, dong, dong ~ ~ ~"

He knocked a few more times, but there was still no one there.

The Old Hu felt it was strange. Everyone was working at this time, where could they go?

Curiosity drove him to open the door and find it empty.

As the head of the Education Bureau was not small, he had his own resting room, which was located in the office's cubicle.

He walked over and wanted to knock on the door, but he hesitated. What if the director was resting?

But he couldn't just leave like that, right? What if he blamed himself in the future?

After hesitating for a long time, the Old Hu still did not make a decision. The door to the room was also tightly closed the entire time.

Why don't we just wait here!

Old Hu sat down on the sofa and prepared to wait for a long time.

But not even three minutes had passed when he heard a noise in the house.

Upon closer listening, it was actually the sound of the bed creaking.

What was the director doing?

He became even more curious, and bravely went over to listen.

"Ahh ~ Ahh ~ ~ Ahh ~ ~"

"Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!" A girl's voice sounded out.

"I can't take it anymore, I can't hold on any longer." Then a man's response.

This time, the Old Hu got closer and heard the "pa pa pa" sound clearly.

Heavens, the director was actually doing such a thing during work hours?

He stepped back a few steps and suddenly heard the woman's voice again. It was very familiar, and he thought hard for a long time.

It was the same voice he had heard last time in the school building!

It's her! Chen Bing!