"Zhang Jian, what are you doing? You scared me!" Old Hu patted his chest, acting quite like that.

"Aiyo, big brother, hurry up and sit down, don't scare me with a heart attack." Zhang Jian quickly pulled a chair over for him.

"Why can't you even make a sound when you're walking!" Old Hu couldn't help but blame him. He actually wanted to find out how long he had been here and whether he had seen his actions just now.

"You were too focused to hear my footsteps." Zhang Jian passed him a cup of hot water and sat down.

"I think you did it on purpose." Old Hu rolled his eyes.

"As soon as I entered, I saw you standing there in a daze. What's wrong? Do you miss women?" Zhang Jian moved closer with a wretched smile on his face.

"What are you trying to say?" Old Hu looked at him and felt that there was something wrong with this brat.

"Me? I've found a good place recently. My consumption rate is not high, and this girl is very proper!" Zhang Jian poked Old Hu's thigh, "Aren't you bored so I can't tell him that I want to nourish you?"

"Scram, enjoy yourself, I don't need it." Old Hu slapped his forehead, he stood up and was about to leave.

So it was because he wanted to ask Yue Yang to go there with him, that Old Hu wasn't interested. Even if he had to settle it with his hands, he didn't want to touch those fireworks girls.

"If you're not going, then so be it. Why are you in such a hurry?" Zhang Jian curled his lips in grievance, was he supposed to have good intentions in the first place?

"I'm not going! You can't go! Do you hear me? Don't you f * * king stick anything dirty on me, and even want me to wipe your ass! " After Old Hu finished his speech, he left in a domineering manner.

Zhang Jian this brat was good at everything, except that he was too lecherous, and since he couldn't find a girlfriend, he could only use some other methods.

Once, he chatted with an online friend to get a room, and was almost skipped over by a deity. If not for the fact that Old Hu arrived in time, Zhang Jian would probably have been stripped naked and wandered the streets.

Zhang Jian answered unwillingly, "Understood!"

He generally listened to the words of the Old Hu.

The next few days, Old Hu was very bored, I heard that the mid-term exam is almost here, Zhao Yali is extremely busy studying, she has no time to accompany this old man.

Su Fei had not appeared for a long time. Old Hu guessed that she must also want to participate in the Teacher Evaluation, and was probably working hard.

But at night, when it was quiet, Old Hu would lie on the bed and look at the sofa, always remembering Su Fei's appearance on that day.

It had probably been his best night, their first night together, even if nothing had happened.

That night, the Old Hu was thinking that Su Fei had fallen asleep and she had barged into his dreams.

In her dreams, Su Fei was wearing sexy pajamas as she cooked and washed the Old Hu. She even gently woke him up and changed his clothes.

This dream was too realistic, it was as if Su Fei had really come here.

Even after going to work all day, Old Hu still could not forget that dream. If he really could not wait for Su Fei, then he would take the initiative to visit him!

In the evening, around seven in the morning, Old Hu knocked on Su Fei's door.

Su Fei very quickly opened the door, and when she saw Old Hu, he was a little surprised, as she never expected that he would appear here.

"Great sir, why have you come? Come in quickly and take a seat." Su Fei quickly invited him in. Her attitude was quite polite.

Ever since the last time, Su Fei was very respectful to the Old Hu, and there was a hint of worship mixed in it.

"Alright." Old Hu walked in and found a chair to sit on. The two of them looked at each other and did not say a word.

Su Fei didn't know what to say. Old Hu felt that he was a little rude and a little embarrassed.

"I'll get you a glass of water." Su Fei said obediently, and was the first to break the awkward silence.

She returned very quickly, "This is my newly bought Jasmine Tea, it's on fire."

Old Hu smelled it with his hand and indeed, it was very fragrant and smelled like medicinal herbs.

"Good stuff." In reality, this did not suit his taste, but in order to get closer to Su Fei, he said that he liked whatever Su Fei liked.

"As long as you don't mind." Su Fei smiled in her heart, appearing exceptionally brilliant under the light.

In her heart, Old Hu was someone who had seen the world before, and was not a simple gatekeeper.

She smiled with curved eyes, as if she could light up the world.

"Grandpa, is there something you came to find me for?" Su Fei suddenly thought of something and asked.

"Nothing, I just haven't seen you in a long time. I miss you so much that I came to see you and chat with you. I didn't disturb you, did I?" The Old Hu was gentle and polite.

"No, no, I didn't do anything. I just washed the clothes and cleaned the house." Su Fei quickly waved her hands.

"Alright then." Old Hu nodded, and then heard a "ding" sound from the bathroom.

"Uncle, please sit here and watch TV for a while. I'll go and take out the clothes to dry." After Su Fei finished speaking, she turned around and went to the bathroom.

Old Hu looked at her figure for a long time, unwilling to look away.

Su Fei was wearing a pink nightgown that was still covered with the deep "V" lace.

Her waist was slippery, without any traces at all. Old Hu guessed that this girl was not hollow beneath the surface, right?

Very quickly, Su Fei came out with a washbasin. She walked to the balcony and picked up a small stool to step on.

She bent down and picked them up one by one, then hung them on a bamboo pole.

The living conditions in the school were not very good, and did not have the kind of automatic clothes drying rack installed. Fortunately, Su Fei was from the countryside, so she did not mind these things.

Some of the new female teachers would turn their back on the poor environment of the school and spend a large sum of money to rent a room for themselves.

Every time she bent down, her ample buttocks would be exposed, and through the thin layer of cloth, she would be able to clearly see the gap in the middle.

"Gudong ~ ~"

Old Hu swallowed his saliva. However, he was afraid that Su Fei would hear it, so he quickly gulped.

"Sir, please watch the TV. I won't be able to recover for a while." Su Fei suddenly turned and said to the Old Hu.

"Alright." Old Hu quickly turned on the television and switched it to a few romance dramas. Although they were not his type, he could only watch them.

"He's twenty years older than you. What have you taken a fancy to him?" the actor shouted hysterically.

Old Hu was surprised, the situation was a little sensitive.

"He is more mature than you, more sensible than you. He can understand my thoughts, understand my ideals, and also know how to love others more than you." The female lead said coldly.