The two of them drank while chatting for the greater part of the night. Old Hu was completely drunk, his words were almost unintelligible, causing Chen Lin to be slightly better.

"I'll send you back." Chen Lin stood up and immediately told the driver to drive.

"There's no need for that, Military Commander Chen, we can just take a taxi." Seeing that Chen Lin did not have any airs of arrogance, Su Fei was a little terrified. Furthermore, Old Hu was currently drunk, so she could not make any decisions.

"No, I must send you off!" Chen Lin shouted. How could he let his old comrade take a taxi?

"No …" "Use it!" Old Hu suddenly shouted as if he was drunk.

He tightly leaned onto Su Fei's body, and sucked in her fragrance.

"Cut the crap, hurry up …" Chen Lin pushed them out together as the driver prepared to drive.

"Ding ling ling ~"

Chen Lin took the phone call and immediately sobered up, "Alright, I'll be there immediately. Don't act rashly, wait for me to handle this!"

He did not tell the Old Hu exactly what happened, but it sounded like he was in a hurry.

"Bro, little girl, I'm really sorry. I have something on right now that I can't get away from. I'll get the chauffeur to take you guys back. Don't push it away."

Since Chen Lin had already said it, Su Fei could only agree and immediately helped Old Hu into a military truck.

As soon as they got on the car, Old Hu started to go crazy with alcohol. He drank too much and could not even sit down.

Su Fei was afraid that Yue Yang would fall down or feel unwell at night, so she placed his head on her legs and held his body down at the same time.

"Little girl, I think you treat Big Brother Hu very well." The driver in front of her could not help but tease her when he saw her considerate look through the car mirror.

"Yes, Grandpa Hu saved me many times." Su Fei said sincerely, then seeing that Old Hu's head was about to tilt, he extended his hand to block it.

"You're a good girl who knows how to repay favors." The driver could not help but praise Su Fei.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that the relationship between the two wasn't that simple. Even if there was a huge age gap, it shouldn't be a problem in modern society.

The hotel was a distance away from the school, and halfway through, Old Hu was jolted awake. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw Su Fei's exquisite little face, and his own head was even right next to her 36D's.

"Xiao Fei, I really like you so much." Old Hu suddenly reached out his hand and caressed his little face.

"Ah?" Great sir, you've woken up. " Just as Su Fei was lost in thought, she was startled by his actions. Her small face flushed red, but of course it was also because of what he had said.

"If I had a daughter, I'd probably be about the same age as you." Seeing Su Fei's embarrassed expression, Old Hu added.

He was afraid that Su Fei would be against him, so he used kinship to pull the two closer.

"Great sir, you drank too much. Quickly go to sleep, I'll call for you when it's time." Su Fei said softly and gently, even the driver in the front row admired her.

A fifty year old with such luck, this was simply the fortune of a previous life!

"Xiao Fei, look at you, you look really tender." Old Hu pretended not to hear, and reached out to pinch her little face. His skin was extremely tender, just like a peeled lychee, red in the white.

"Sigh, my entire life has been a failure!" Before Su Fei could struggle, Old Hu's face suddenly changed, and started sobbing.

"Uncle, what nonsense are you saying? You are a great hero in my heart." Su Fei softened her heart. She could not stand to see this kind of Old Hu, so she comforted him.

When Old Hu heard it, his whimpering voice became louder, "Xiao Fei, you really are my good girl."

After he finished speaking, he even intentionally crawled into Su Fei's embrace, putting his old face on hers to smell the scent of milk from the darkness.

For a moment, Old Hu really wanted to take her on the spot.

"Uncle, don't cry." In Su Fei's eyes, the person in front of him was a haggard old man, very pitiful.

"I'm living such a useless life …" He directly embraced Su Fei's waist, and hung him all over her body.

Su Fei felt that she could not breathe, but it was not good to push him away, so she could only continue like this.

For the next 10 minutes, Old Hu continued to eat Su Fei's tofu using his alcohol. One moment he was pretending to feel's chest, and the next he was pretending to kiss his neck and face.

The driver felt his blood boiling and could not help but to speed up.

Otherwise, he was really afraid that his hometown would eat up all the girls in the car.

The driver could not enter the school, so Su Fei could only drag Old Hu to the dorm by herself and help him lie on the bed.

Afraid that the Old Hu would wake up thirsty at night, she had even prepared a cup of plain water and placed it beside the bed.

Old Hu squinted his eyes seeing this detail, he decided to take this Little Girl down.

After finishing her work, Su Fei tucked Old Hu in and turned to leave. Old Hu took the chance and grabbed her hand.

"Don't leave, don't leave me alone. I'm such a lonely old man, I'm so helpless."

Hearing his sobbing cries, Su Fei softened her heart and sat beside him.

"Great sir, is there anything else?"

"Xiao Fei, don't go. I really like you …" Old Hu closed his eyes and pretended to be speaking nonsense. However, he was actually very clear-headed.

Today's drinking was not bad, but it was better in the past. In the past, he could not even drink a thousand cups, but now that he was old, he wasn't that good.

"You've really had too much to drink! "Let's rest early." Su Fei was stunned at first, she could not believe that she had heard such a "confession", but she quickly reacted and pulled her hand away.

When a man drinks too much, he spouts nonsense. That must be the case.

"I didn't, I really didn't, I really like you, Xiao Fei …" Old Hu stretched out her voice and called out Su Fei's name again and again, causing her small face to turn boiling hot.

After ten minutes, when she wanted to leave, the Old Hu grabbed onto her.

When a person drank too much, their strength would become exceptionally strong, and they wouldn't be able to push it off.

In order to act more like it, the Old Hu vaguely said a few more words, probably to protect Su Fei well and not let her be bullied again.

In the end, with a "Ba Ji" sound, it stuck onto Su Fei's lips, and after pausing for five seconds, it quickly left.

The whole thing happened too quickly for Su Fei to react.

After that, looking at Old Hu's completely red face, Su Fei touched her lips and felt an indescribable feeling in her heart.

The terrible thing was, she didn't hate it.

In fact … He still felt that the time was a little short.

She slapped herself, thinking that her idea was too ridiculous. She was facing an old man, how could she let her thoughts run wild?