"Father, Military Commander Chen, I was really wronged, it was just a little misunderstanding …"

At this point, Lin Song was afraid that he would blow the matter, and wanted to smooth things over.

"Misunderstanding?!" Chen Lin slapped on the sofa, his voice was extremely loud and clear, causing him to tremble in fear.

"Lin Song, you dare to be rude in front of the Military Commander?! If you hurt someone, you have to apologize, hurry up!" Lin Tian Bo knew how to judge the situation. He knew that Chen Lin would not let him off easily, so he decided to take the initiative and submit.

"Dad, I …" Lin Bo was still not convinced, why was his father looking at an outsider this time? But after receiving his gaze, Lin Song could only lower his head obediently.

"Great sir, I know I was wrong. It's all my fault, I'm too young. Please forgive me!" He spoke very indifferently, and upon hearing Lin Tianbo's words, his heart began to tremble.

As long as Chen Lin didn't agree to it, he wouldn't be able to keep his position as the bureau chief.

Without waiting for Chen Lin to say anything, he immediately kicked Lin Song to the ground and knelt in front of Old Hu and Su Fei.

"What kind of attitude is that? You don't have any sincerity, so why don't you repeat it again!" After he finished shouting, he looked at Chen Lin and smiled apologetically, "Chief Military Commander, it's all my fault for not teaching properly, I've troubled you!"

Chen Lin patted the sofa silently, just wanting to see how the father and son pair would perform.

Old Hu narrowed his eyes and held Su Fei's hand, signalling for her to be at ease.

Su Fei was stupefied, she never thought that this uncle of her had such a great background, and even more so, never thought that the Old Hu would have such powerful friends to support him.

"Great Master, Teacher Su, it's all my fault, please forgive me, this time I really know I was wrong, don't worry, my medical and nutrition fees are all my fault, all of the expenses will be borne by me!"

Seeing that Lin Tianbo was not willing to help him, Lin Song could only obediently surrender. However, he was not convinced, he only wanted to stay alive and not worry for now.

"Old Hu, what do you think?" Chen Lin wanted to test his attitude. As long as Old Hu said it was alright, there wouldn't be a problem.

"Oh, that's what you promised last time, but then you did it again! How about this, if you want to express your sincerity, let's write it down in black and white, so that Chief Lin and Military Commander can bear witness to it, how about it? "

Old Hu thought of a good idea. This Lin Song was a coward, he would change his mind quickly, he did not want to suffer any more.

"I think so." Chen Lin immediately agreed. Since he had no other choice, he did as he was told.

In the end, he had even made a copy of his hand seal, one for Lin Tianbo and one for Old Hu.

Although the ceremony was completed, Old Hu was still not at ease.

Just one step at a time!

There had to be an end to this, and it would not be good to offend Lin Tianbo.

Before leaving, Chen Lin patted Lin Tianbo's shoulder, "Bureau Chief Lin, I think you're a smart person. Your eldest son being the Deputy Chief was pretty good, how could you educate someone like that …." If he did, then so be it.

"Don't worry, I will definitely discipline him well in the future!" I won't let him cause any more trouble! " Chen Lin laughed and then left with Old Hu and the rest.

Looking at the silhouettes of their departing cars, Chen Liyun, who was within the Police Station, was unable to calm down for a long time.

At that time, Old Hu only asked her to contact this person, but she never expected it to be a Military Commander.

In the carriage, Su Fei held onto Old Hu's hand tightly. It was unknown if it was because of fear or some other feelings, but the two of them seemed to be a couple.

Chen Lin suggested that they eat together. As the host, Old Hu had booked a good restaurant and even a VIP room. He was grateful to his old comrade for helping him out this time, allowing him to wash away his shame.

Su Fei felt that it was getting late and wanted to return to school, but Old Hu stopped him.

"Can you drink two cups with me and senior Chen?" Old Hu's tone was sincere and intimate.

"Fine." Su Fei thought about it, it was inconvenient for Old Hu to move while being injured, she could stay and look after him.

Soon, they began toasting each other, both of them in high spirits.

During this time, Old Hu and Chen Lin talked about a lot of things related to how they used to be soldiers.

"At that time, our conditions were really bitter!" Chen Lin drank a mouthful of wine, waved his hand, and said, "Those youths in the army right now, are simply unable to get any form of training!"

"Yes!" I think so too! Back in the days, when the Devil Camp had been training, they could only catch up to the yellow sand that had filled the sky, but not even a single person could be seen! We are only one or two kilometers away from the dining hall. The Battalion Commander only gives us ten minutes to eat! "

"Isn't it so? We can only run back and start picking at the road. That taste of sand mixed with rice is unforgettable!" After Chen Lin finished speaking, he and the Old Hu looked at each other and laughed heartily.

Su Fei looked at them, unable to think of why Chen Lin was so good to the Old Hu, but very quickly, Chen Lin gave him the answer.

"Little girl, you don't know, back then in the demon camp, Old Hu was the best! Being able to fight and carry the others is a good example to all of us! "

"Don't talk about the past anymore." Old Hu drank a mouthful of wine, feeling a little sad.

With his talent, if he were to continue working in the army, he would probably become a Military Commander or something.

"No, I have to say it!" Chen Lin drank too much and was very stubborn.

"In the past, the Devil Battalion selected a hundred men from fifty companies to join. That level of training was unbearable for the average person, and the system was very cruel. As long as there was one test that failed, they would be disqualified."

"At that time, we were all proud of our persistence in the demon camp, and none of us wanted to be removed from the list."

"Old Hu and I are in the same company. Once, when I was training, I stepped into a trap and Old Hu dragged me out of the five meter deep hole. At that time, my feet were already stuck in the trap of a wild beast."

"I don't want to implicate the Old Hu, but he carried me on his back and completed a hundred kilometers of training, and even obtained a top five result!" As he said till here, Chen Lin's eyes became moist, and his heart became extremely excited.

"If it wasn't for Old Hu, I wouldn't be here today! There's a lot of stuff like this... " Chen Lin choked with sobs. He wanted to continue but was stopped by Old Hu.

"Good brothers, it's all in the past now. It's all the same to you!" The biggest advantage of the Old Hu was not their ability to fight, but their loyalty to others.

"Don't worry. As long as I'm here, I won't let anyone bully you!" Chen Lin slapped the table in guarantee, causing the two of them to laugh out loud.

Su Fei's impression of the Old Hu had increased yet again, and she now had more adoration and respect in her heart.