However, Old Hu very quickly proved once again that this matter of moving one's heart, had nothing to do with age.

"Old Chen, I haven't seen you in so many years. You're still as tough as ever, your hair hasn't even turned white!"

Old Hu immediately sat up and hugged Su Fei tightly, talking to her face to face.

Su Fei was shocked, shesheooked at Old Hu and squinted her eyes, it did not look like she drank too much, but to think that she considered herself to be Military Commander, he must have drank too much.

"Eh? How did you become so beautiful? Like a woman! " Old Hu took advantage of the situation again, smiling vulgarly.

"Great Lord!" "I'm not …" Before Su Fei could finish, she was interrupted again!

"Wow, Old Chen, what have you been doing all these years? Why are your pectoral muscles trained to such an extent!" I want it too! " Old Hu looked straight at Su Fei's 36D, and almost started salivating.

Oh my god!

Su Fei howled in her heart, this was truly a sin!

"Hurry up and let me feel if it's true!" As she said that, the Old Hu extended his hand out, and Su Fei subconsciously blocked it.

"Aiyo, you're still shy, you're really acting more and more like a woman! "No, I have to touch it today!" Old Hu acted as though he was angry, and forcefully threw Su Fei onto the bed, pulling her small hands away, following that, he covered her rough big hands.

"Haha, why is it so soft? You don't look like your chest at all!" The Old Hu was finally able to play openly, and his smile was extremely brilliant.

Su Fei bit her lips, feeling wronged and wanted to cry. Old Hu treating her as a man was fine, but she actually dared to hit her chest!

Old Hu stared at her eyes and suddenly stopped talking. Then, he placed both his hands on her and started kneading.

Through his jacket and corset, he could see the real thing.

Just as she was about to move her mouth over, Su Fei suddenly slapped him.

"Uncle, you're hurting me!"

Su Fei's eyes were wide open, innocent and pure, making Old Hu a little embarrassed.

He did it as if he wanted to taint her.

"Old Chen, why can't you joke with me!" "How boring!"

Old Hu acted as if he was very disappointed and got up, then went back into his blanket to hide Hu Lao Er's existence.

He had really been too engrossed in his play just now that he had forgotten that Second Brother Hu had an instinctive reaction.

Hopefully Su Fei didn't know what this was.

Su Fei stood up and tidied her clothes, seeing that Old Hu had his eyes closed and did not speak, she sighed lightly, "What a naughty old boy!"

Old Hu's condition might cause something to happen, so she decided to not go back to his dorm and spend the night on the sofa at the side.

That night, Old Hu watched Su Fei sleep happily.

On the second day, Su Fei prepared breakfast for the Old Hu and then left.

In the next few days, Su Fei did not appear in the school, so Old Hu was a little worried.

He had endured until Wednesday with great difficulty. He knew that Su Fei would definitely come for class, so she kept staring at the monitor, and as expected, she saw Su Fei's figure.

She arrived early and walked in a hurry.

Old Hu was waiting in the duty room. Not long after he saw Su Fei walk away, he was also called out by a phone because there was a theft in Su Fei's class. The student reported it to the administration and told them to go over to take a look.

Once they heard about Su Fei, the Old Hu immediately left. She arrived at the classroom in three minutes.

Before they had even entered the door, they heard a girl shouting loudly inside. Her tone was harsh and extremely despicable.

In her comparison, there was also a sobbing sound from a girl, probably the one that was treated as a thief.

They were surrounded in the middle, Old Hu walked to the door and knocked a few times.

"What are you doing? What are you guys watching for? Go do what needs to be done."

It was his job to maintain order in the school. After his shouting, those people all spread out, leaving a path for him.

When they walked in and saw the two girls, Old Hu was dumbfounded.

The one crying was actually Zhao Yali!

"Grandpa Hu …" I really didn't take her phone. I was wrong! " When she saw Old Hu's figure, Zhao Yali felt like she was looking at a family member.

Due to the presence of so many people, Old Hu was unable to hold her in his arms to comfort her. He could only whisper, "I will protect you, it's fine."

After listening to his words, Zhao Yali had a backbone, and slowly calmed down.

"You are innocent? What are you accusing me of! It's you who stole it. Who else could it be other than you! " The sharp haired girl suddenly exploded, causing Old Hu to almost turn deaf.

This was the girl who lost her Apple phone, her name was Qin Yulian. She was a real city person, had a little money in her family, was also related to a certain school leader, had a perverted and domineering character, and was very good at bullying others.

Her living expenses were quite abundant, and she often wore famous brands and used superior cosmetics. Her biggest hobby was to compete, show off, and look down on others.

In comparison, Zhao Yali, who was sitting at the same table as her, was very pitiful. She was born in the countryside, and didn't have much money in her family.

"Student, the matter has yet to come to an end, don't spout nonsense, what if it turns out that Zhao Yali was the one who stole it? The Old Hu asked.

"Heh, so what if she is wronged by a lowly country bumpkin?!" Qin Yulian rolled her eyes at Zhao Yali, her eyes filled with hatred.

In her heart, besides being beautiful, there was nothing good about Zhao Yali. She was simply unworthy to be compared with her.

"You're a university student, can't you keep your mouth shut a bit? Didn't your teacher teach you how to be a person?"

Facing such a girl, he really wanted to slap her with his big ears, so his attitude was really bad.

"You …" Qin Yulian was speechless, although the Old Hu did not have much authority, his aura was very strong, and had stunned her.

"What about me? Am I wrong?" I really don't know how someone of your calibre managed to get into university! " Old Hu continued to fire as he heard this, and Zhao Yali was secretly pleased in her heart.

She usually feared Qin Yulian, and even if she was bullied, she did not dare say so. This time, someone finally stood up for her.

Before Old Hu came, Qin Yulian had said in the class that she had lost the latest Apple phone last night, and after searching for a long time, she couldn't find it.

Zhao Yali tried to explain to her that she was being overbearing, infuriating her to the point of crying a few times.

"I asked you to come here so that you can investigate the case. Why are you being so cocky with me!?" Isn't it just a gatekeeper?! " Qin Yulian lost face at her words and started to viciously attack again.

"You said you didn't steal it, right? Alright then, let's search everyone and verify if you really did!" What do you think? "

Qin Yulian's rotten idea made many surrounding boys cheer for him.