After Old Hu checked the left side, he began to untie the right side of the sling.

He used one hand to hold it back. Borrowing the fact that he was looking for an acupuncture point, the Old Hu wantonly ate all of the tofu in his mouth, constantly changing into different forms to enjoy himself.

Just like that, after looking for ten minutes of acupuncture points, Old Hu could not help but say, "Right, the poison can also come out from this side, I'll let you absorb it."

After she finished speaking, she didn't care if Su Fei agreed or not, as she went forward to open her mouth to kiss her …

Just like that, Su Fei was manipulated by the Old Hu. For a woman who had never fallen in love, who had never held hands before, a strong reaction came very quickly.

She lay on the bed and began to twist her body. Her skin was hot and her body was twisting like a snake.

In the end, when Old Hu suddenly left, she couldn't take it anymore and placed his hands on his head and pressed down.

Very quickly, Su Fei's entire body became soft and sour, her mind went blank, as she was no longer in control of her own body.

The Old Hu was bold, seeing that Su Fei was completely lost, he actually let go of a hand.

From top to bottom, when it came into contact with Su Fei's thigh, it was as if an electric shock had struck her.

Immediately after, Old Hu took note of Su Fei's reaction.

He swallowed hard, almost choking.

He lay prone on the ground and stared at it for a full minute.

Throughout the entire process, Su Fei had only closed her eyes and lost control of her emotions. It was unknown whether she was enjoying it or struggling.

The Old Hu's Demon Claw suddenly accidentally touched it lightly.

could not help but let out an "Ah" as he suddenly put his thighs together. Old Hu took a finger, and even shamelessly brought it up for Su Fei to see, "This is poison, it looks crystal clear, but it actually has a lot of poison hidden inside!"

He knew that he could almost use it, and reminded Su Fei: "Xiao Fei, the pressure on your acupuncture points are almost up, the next thing to do is to breathe …"

At this time, Su Fei felt that his body was very strange, and his entire body was sore and powerless, "Great sir, how exactly do I get the ventilation through this? "Why are you taking off my clothes?"

Old Hu did not want to blush and said: "Un, you must take it off, this is the most important step, whether or not it can completely cure your disease depends on this step. As long as it goes smoothly, your disease will completely recover, you do not need to worry anymore."

"Will it hurt?" Su Fei bit her lips and asked with a red face.

"It will start out a little bit, but it will slowly get better." Old Hu revealed an evil smile, "As long as you have ventilation, you don't need to go to the hospital for surgery, and your chest will no longer have scars."

"Great sir, why is my body so hot …"

A strange feeling ignited in Su Fei's heart. Without waiting for Old Hu to make a move, he slowly pulled down his pants …

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