He first kissed Su Fei's lips a few times.

At first, Su Fei was a little against it, but after being kissed by the Old Hu a few times, she instinctively retreated. As expected of the old driver, Su Fei gave him a few kisses, reminding him, "Xiao Fei, relax, this grandpa will help you take some drugs."

Su Fei struggled for a moment, but she quickly stuck out her tongue, causing Old Hu to be unable to hold back, she wrapped herself in it and took a deep breath.

For better control, he put his arm around her small waist.

Su Fei could feel a strange taste coming from Old Hu's smelly mouth. It was somewhat resistant to it, but due to the treatment, it was not easy to resist. After half a year, her breathing had become more hurried, and Old Hu had even caused her to have an instinctive reaction.

This was enough to stir up Old Hu!

The Old Hu started to attack even more violently!

How could the naive Su Fei endure such a warm kiss, her body continuously twisted like a small snake.

In the end, she was unable to control herself and instinctively responded.

Seeing that Su Fei was in a state of confusion, Old Hu gently pushed her down. Her left hand took advantage of the situation to untie her sling, and she untied her sexy skirt, pulling it down.

Su Fei panicked at the bottom of her heart. She recovered some of her consciousness and quickly pushed Old Hu away.

Old Hu saw the opportunity and quickly pulled away from her lips, "Don't be afraid, let me check the effect first."

After saying that, he began to size them up seriously.

Old Hu's brain suddenly became bloodshot, he stared at it for a long time, then suddenly sighed: "Looks like this old fellow still has some ability, the poison has been completely purged, don't worry, Xiao Fei."

After Su Fei heard this, her face revealed a happy expression.

"But to completely eradicate it, I need to find acupoints for you. Ventilation, are you ready?" Old Hu did not expect to stop just like that.

Su Fei thought to herself, at this point, if she did not continue with the treatment, she would be worried about the possibility of recurrence in the future, so she silently agreed to continue Old Hu.

"Xiao Fei, cooperate with me, I will observe your acupuncture points and find your acupuncture points."

Su Fei hesitated for a moment, then laid down in Old Hu's embrace. A warm fragrance wafted into his nose, and Old Hu stared fixedly at the spring glow.

He grabbed her upper body with his hands. In order to show more of his professionalism, he even specially introduced her to three acupoints: the Shanzhong acupoint, the breast root acupoint, and the storeroom acupoint.

Su Fei was confused, and believed what the Old Hu said without a doubt.

Then, Old Hu said that he was going to start. After he finished speaking, he pressed a few buttons and couldn't help but reach over. It was soft and smooth.

She touched it, and even lightly pressed it a few times. Su Fei had never touched anyone before, let alone a man.