"Old Hu! Old Hu! "Dong, dong, dong!"

Just at this time, a shout came from outside the window that knocked on the door, causing Old Hu's body to tremble.

Son of a bitch! Old Hu scolded in his heart. He was not happy to be interrupted at such a critical moment.

"Old Hu! are you there, Old Hu! "

Just then, Su Fei recovered from her shock, and exclaimed as she quickly tidied up her clothes, but her hair was still in disarray.

"What are you yelling for!" Old Hu wanted to open the door, but the man opened it and entered.

"Yo, Old Hu, you're here. Why did you not reply after knocking for so long … Eh? Isn't this the school's new Teacher Su!? " A man with a ruffian's face broke through the door and entered. When he saw Su Fei inside, his eyes revealed shock and a lustful look.

Everyone knew that a new beautiful teacher had arrived at the academy, and those who saw her couldn't help but be tempted.

The person who came was the school's security guard, Zhang Jian. He was a colleague from Old Hu, tall and strong, but also had a vulgar personality.

"What are you doing here?" Old Hu waved his hand in front of him, interrupting Zhang Jian's gaze that was sizing him up.

The Little Girl was his, he couldn't let anyone steal it.

"Oh, aren't we patrolling again? My flashlight is out of battery and my shop is closed. I'm here to borrow some from you." Zhang Jian replied, but his gaze was still fixated on Su Fei.

"What are you looking at, don't look around!" Teacher Su came to find me to fix the light bulb, I'm almost going to make you see it! You scared people again! " Old Hu's words were true, as expected of those sly ones, they didn't even need to write a rough draft when lying!

Teacher Su, you are too old, if you want to fix the light bulb, I can help you, but today I'm on duty! Zhang Jian patted her chest, and volunteered.

"Teacher Su is young and beautiful, if you go then you can cause trouble. My age is not a problem, just wait patiently!" Old Hu patted his shoulder, signalling for him to rest quickly.

"Heh heh, that's true. Alright then, I'll be leaving first." Zhang Jian laughed mischievously, took a deep glance at Su Fei, and turned around to leave. He took another look at Old Hu as he left, his face filled with jealousy and hatred.

Old Hu planned to turn around and talk about this stinking brat, but he didn't want his big mouth to go out and spout nonsense.

After sending off Zhang Jian, Su Fei woke up. The red flush on her face had already faded as she stood on the spot with a mischievous expression.

"Great sir, could he have misunderstood something?" After thinking about it, Su Fei still said it out loud.

"Don't worry, Zhang Jian isn't that kind of person." The Old Hu tried to smooth things over, "What's more, we didn't do anything shameful, I tricked him to protect your reputation, after getting this disease, you will definitely be embarrassed to let others know, right?"

His face was filled with understanding, allowing Su Fei to relax.

"Then that's fine …" She had just arrived at this school, she shouldn't have any bad news.

"Then let's continue." Old Hu rubbed his hands together, for such a good opportunity, there might not be a second time.

"Great sir, I feel that it's about time. It's getting late, so I don't want to be misunderstood again." Su Fei lowered her head, her legs pressed tightly together, it seemed like she was truly frightened just now.

"But the gloominess in your body is almost completely gone, and the poison has almost been cleared out. Are you just going to give up halfway?" Old Hu held her small hand. Her hand felt soft, like the peak of her chest.

"There's really no need, sir!" Thank you for today! I feel much better! "

"Well, today's treatment was quite effective, but in order to prevent a relapse, remember to come back to me within a month. Although the process is a bit embarrassing, in order to cure the disease, we have to work a little harder for each other."

Seeing that, Old Hu could only let out a sigh of relief. If he continued to persevere, it would be a bad thing if she did not come again.

"Thank you, sir! I'll be leaving first! " After Su Fei finished speaking, she hurriedly opened the door. Seeing that there was no one around, she quickly ran out.

Old Hu shook his head and sighed.

The cooked duck flew away again!

It's all Zhang Jian's fault! When was the wrong time to come? Yet, this was the right time to do so!

However, thinking about it, he had already taken a big step today. If he could leave everything behind, there would be opportunities for him in the future!

As he turned around and closed the door, Old Hu smelled Su Fei's scent and played back the scene in his mind. It was only after a long time that he finally fell asleep.