"Don't worry, Anan. I will never leave you." Sun Caiyan hurriedly assured her.

Fu Anan looked back at her, "How much perfume do you have left?)

Sun Caiyan replied, "There's still…… half a bottle left."

Fu Anan then said, "You spray some more on yourself, and give me the rest."

Sun Caiyan was stunned. She looked at her half-bottle of perfume with a little reluctance. This was her Miss Dior.

“Hurry up!” Fu Anan urged while stretching out her hand.

Sun Caiyan took out the spray bottle and cautiously sprayed some on herself.

“Too slow.” Fu Anan reached over and grabbed it. She sprayed some more on her, then she stuffed the bottle into her pocket. “Pay attention to the timing. I’m leaving.”

Fu Anan quickly climbed to a higher position in the passageway, then she deliberately made some noise to attract the attention of all the zombies in the passageway.

“Come and get me ah, you bunch of idiots!”


The provoked zombies roared in unison. All of them looked above their heads and reached out to grab the person at the opening of the ventilation duct. They surged in the passageway. Even the zombies locked inside the rooms began to rampage.

If she were to fall down, she might be devoured by them in an instant.

Fu Anan nervously swallowed and continued crawling forward.

When she was almost there, Fu Anan turned on her phone and started playing music. At the same time, she liberally sprayed Sun Caiyan’s perfume on herself.


Sun Caiyan cautiously descended while watching the zombies at the bow of the ship. She opened the elevator according to Fu Anan’s instructions.


Unable to see the situation clearly, Fu Anan only heard a scream coming from ahead, prompting her to quicken her pace.

They miscalculated. The elevator was filled with zombies.

It was too late for Sun Caiyan to avoid them. Looking at the zombie that was coming at her face, she closed her eyes in fear.

A kitchen knife fell from the sky and knocked away the zombie in front of her.

Fu Anan jumped down from above. She picked up the kitchen knife and hastily pulled Sun Caiyan into the nearest room.

The zombies from the elevator, along with the ones Fu Anan lured away earlier, followed closely and relentlessly pounded on the door.

Sun Caiyan was so frightened that she could barely stand, “Anan, I… I……”

Now was not the time for Fu Anan to console her.

Fu Anan quickly arranged a makeshift ladder and climbed back up into the ventilation duct.

“What are you waiting for? Hurry and come up!”

The room door was rattling and about to be forced open.

Sun Caiyan anxiously stepped onto the makeshift ladder. At the last moment, she managed to climb onto the ventilation duct. The zombies that rushed in all bit into her shoes. Fortunately, her shoes were thick enough to withstand their bites.

“Woooooo, Anan, you scared me to death just now!”

Sun Caiyan hugged her feet. There was a big tooth mark on her leather shoes.

Fu Anan glanced at her but she didn’t say anything. It was only natural for everyone to be scared. Fu Anan’s whole body was also trembling and she was panting for breath in the pipes.

After drinking two large sips of water, Fu Anan gasped out, “Don’t cry. Do you want to attract all the zombies under us?”

As she spoke, she threw a bottle of mineral water to Sun Caiyan, “Drink it sparingly.”

Sun Caiyan held the mineral water and gulped it down. In a short moment, the bottle was emptied, “S-sorry, I was just too thirsty.”

Fu Anan looked at her and rolled her eyes in exasperation.

“Next time, be more alert when you encounter zombies. I can’t always hit the zombies that pounce on you with the kitchen knife.”