Dr. Song lifted his head. His once-handsome face now bore the marks of a vicious bite, revealing blackened gums and exposed nerved. It was a terrifying and grotesque sight. Large chunks of cheek flash hung from the edge of his chin. Ps dripped along the decaying flesh.

His bloodshot eyes stared directly at her position. The muscles on both sides of his nose madly twitched.

It had spotted her!

The other zombies also turned their gazes towards her location. Being stared at by seven zombies, Fu Anan felt scared. She quickly moved away from there and crawled forward in haste.

In addition to the zombies, Fu Anan discovered a living person in the room just a wall away from the medical room.

To be precise, it was a person barely clinging to life, on the verge of death.

She was a young girl. Fu Anan remembered her. She was the captain’s niece, named Sun Caiyan.

The room was filled with a strong perfume scent. There were various food packaging papers scattered on the floor. There were also many empty mineral water bottles on the table. It was evident that this person had prepared a lot of things, although not as thoroughly as Fu Anan.

“Hey, how are you holding up?” Fu Anan softly asked as she opened the ventilation duct.

Sun Caiyan was too weak to stand up due to hunger, but when she saw Fu Anan, it seemed like she found a glimmer of hope.

“Do you have water?”

“I have.” Fu Anan pretended to take out a bottle from her backpack and tossed it into Sun Caiyan’s arms.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Sun Caiyan grabbed the mineral water bottle tightly and gulped it down in just a few swallows. “Do you have more?”

“I don’t have much left either.” Fu Anan shook her head, well aware that resources shouldn’t be exposed.

Sun Caiyan licked her lips. Some color returned to her face. “I remember you. You’re Uncle Fu’s niece. You’re Fu Anan, right?”


Fu Anan hummed in response.

The sound of the door being pounded on came from outside, indicating that their conversation had attracted the attention of the zombies.

Sun Caiyan’s expression changed, “Anan, where are you planning to go? Can you take me with you?”

Fu Anan didn’t speak. She was weighing her options in her mind.

“Please please, I’m begging you. If you leave me here alone, I’ll either starve to death or be eaten by those monsters outside!” Su Caiyan pleaded with her in a whisper, almost kneeling before Fu Anan.

Fu Anan glanced at the door outside and nodded her head. She gestured to Sun Caiyan, “Come up.”

From being alone to becoming two, Fu Anan crawled ahead while Sun Caiyan followed closely behind. After about ten minutes, they found the elevator that led upward. It was positioned just below them.

The elevator doors were tightly shut, with only three or four zombies wandering around nearby.

This was their chance!

Fu Anan took a deep breath and turned to Sun Caiyan. “I have something to discuss with you.”

“What is it?”

Fu Anan pointed out below, “Let’s divide our tasks. One of us will distract the zombies below, and the other will go down and open the elevator. Which one do you choose?”

“I, I……” Sun Caiyan seemed surprised by Fu Anan’s plan, “Anan, I’m scared.”

“Who isn’t scared of those things down there? You have to choose one.”

There was no room for negotiation.

“Then I-I’ll go and open the elevator.” After a moment of hesitation, Sun Caiyan chose the latter option.

“Alright, I’ll distract the zombies. I’ll be leading them all to the front of the cabin. When the opportunity arises, you go down and open the elevator doors. “ Fu Anan sat down and quickly made her decision.

“Um, okay.” Sun Caiyan nervously nodded her head.

“In addition, don’t you dare close the elevator before I come back.” Fu Anan stared at Sun Caiyan with cold eyes. She warned, “If you dare to leave first and go up without me, I will use a kitchen knife to kill you.”