“Speaking of which, I’m really grateful to you.” Sun Caiyan said as she looked at Fu Anan, “You’re so strong ah! Anan, are you… a player?”

As she said this, Sun Caiyan stared intently at Fu Anan, waiting to see her reaction.

Unfortunately, Fu Anan didn’t show any signs of surprise. She simply lowered her head and tightened the cap of the mineral water bottle.

Sun Caiyan saw her being like this and continued, “The survival game is filled with dangers. I understand that you don't want to reveal your identity as a player. Let me introduce myself. I’m actually not the captain’s niece. This is my second game experience.”

“I really appreciate what you’ve done for me. I’d like to cooperate with you.”

Fu Anan remained crouched in the ventilation duct, seemingly observing the area below. But in reality, she was listening intently to Sun Caiyan’s words.

Who would’ve thought that by saving a person, that person would actually be another player?

Getting no response, Sun Caiyan continued to mutter by herself.

“You must have gone through many rounds of games to become so powerful. My first game was #%¥%, and it scared me to death. Have you experienced #%¥%? The secret to completing it is #%¥%.”

Fu Anan frowned as she listened. Why couldn’t she hear anything important?

Even though she couldn’t hear it clearly, she needed to take action now. Prolonged silence could raise suspicions.

“There are too many zombies below. Let’s move further back.” Fu Anan spoke up. “These zombies are evolving. We need to leave here quickly.”

Upon hearing that they were going to take action again, Sun Caiyan instinctively tightened her grip on the empty bottle, making a clattering sound in the narrow space. "Where are we going when we leave here?"

“There’s an elevator and two emergency exits in the cabin. One of the emergency exits is a bit far from the elevator. Now that all the zombies are here, we still have a chance.” Fu Anan replied. She tied her duct tape again and sprayed some insect repellant she had been carrying on herself.

“Why can't we just stay in the ventilation ducts all the time?" Sun Caiyan, no longer willing to take risks, questioned. "The ventilation ducts can lead to any place. We can go to empty rooms to find food, and we don't have to worry about zombie attacks."

"Because we can't guarantee that the zombies will never come up," Fu Anan glanced at her with furrowed brows.

“Even if they don’t come up, the people in the kitchen are also a threat. Our recent commotion must’ve made them aware of the benefits of the ventilation ducts. If you want to stay, I won’t accompany you.”

Sun Caiyan wavered.

“You’d better make a decision quickly.”

After saying that, Fu Anan turned around and crawled towards the stairs.

Sun Caiyan struggled for a long time between the options of staying alone and leaving with Fu Anan, but ultimately chose the latter.

The two of them opened the ventilation duct. Fu Anan looked at the gathering zombies at the rear of the ship. She gestured to Sun Caiyan with three fingers up—— “Rush up in thirty seconds”

As soon as she finished speaking, Fu Anan jumped down first. 

Sun Caiyan followed closely behind.

The zombies at the back of the ship swarmed towards them. Fu Anan didn’t dare to look back. She sprinted straight up to the second floor.

The door to the second floor was actually closed! It was locked from the outside.

Fu Anan was taken aback. For the first time in her life, her luck was actually so bad!

“Fu Anan, they are about to catch up, what should we do now?”

Sun Caiyan hugged Fu Anan's arm and screamed. In her heart, she regretted the decision she had made.

She shouldn't have come with Fu Anan!