Next, she opened the wardrobe and searched for long-sleeved, thick clothing.

Even though the weather was scorching hot, with temperatures reaching 35℃(95℉), Fu Anan understood that surviving was more important than comfort. She even used the remaining duct tape to secure the loose parts of her pants and sleeves.

Satisfied with her gear, Fu Anan took out her small cooking pot.

To avoid making unnecessary noise that could attract zombies and to prevent herself from drawing attention from the people in the kitchen, she had been eating instant noodles dry for days. On her final day in this room, she wanted to enjoy a hot bowl of noodles!

Fu Anan indulgently poured two bottles of mineral water into the pot, boiled the water, then added the seasoning packet. The aroma filled the air, overpowering the stench of decay and insect repellant that permeated the room.

She also had a piece of ham sausage!

The thin slices of ham blended with the noodles in the pot. If she could add some chopped scallions or greens, it would make the flavor even better.

This aroma reached the kitchen as well.

“Damn it! While we were here fighting off the zombies, someone outside is cooking instant noodles!” The player Li Gao cursed when he smelled the fragrance with his sensitive nose, “Once I get out of here, I’ll definitely kill that person cooking those noodles.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the kitchen door was violently pounded.

A large horde of zombies crammed into the door. The lock was on the verge of breaking.

“Brother Li, the kitchen door is about to give in.” A nearby NPC companion sought help from Li Gao.

“We have to resist it even if we can’t hold on. If we let them in, we’ll all die! Hold on, once we reach the territorial waters of the Land of the Unsetting Sun, there will be troops who will save us!” Li Gao was still trying to motivate the unsuspecting NPCs, “We’re not far from the territorial waters of the Land of the Unsetting Sun.”

As Li Gao spoke, he secretly exchanged glances with the other three players.


Fu Anan finished eating her last meal in the cabin room, then she climbed into the ventilation duct with the bed and stool as support.

She watched how effortlessly Mr. Fu climbed up, but she realized it wasn’t as easy for her.

She needed more practice with calisthenics.

As she climbed up, she kicked the chair away, catching the attention of the zombies. Looking at the crumbling door, she nervously swallowed and continued crawling up without looking back.

After a while, she realized that it wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

The ventilation ducts were accessible in all directions, and it was also very dark inside. Fu Anan, who didn’t have a particularly good sense of direction, didn’t know which direction the elevator and stairs were. She had to choose a random direction and aimlessly crawl forward.

She passed through every room along the ventilation duct. She peeked through the gaps and saw that almost every room was occupied by zombies.

Immediately afterward, Fu Anan stopped while passing by a room.

She had reached the area above the medical room!

Looking down from above, she saw three overturned food carts, with unfinished steaks scattered on the floor mixed with dark blood. The medicine counter was toppled over, and various medications were scattered all over. Seven or eight people were aimlessly wandering inside.

Among them, she saw Dr. Song. Dr. Song’s white coat was completely darkened. His cuffs and pant legs seemed to be empty.

Fu Anan crawled even lower, trying to get a clearer view. Dr. Song staggered and happened to walk directly beneath the ventilation duct.