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“Master Fu, I actually have an immature idea.” As Fu Anan spoke, she obediently dragging the bodies to the door. She avoided looking at the intestines and organs spilled out after being disemboweled.

Fu Yizhi: “If it’s immature, then don’t say it.”

Fu Anan: …But I still want to say it.

“I’ve counted the number of zombies outside. The total number is 169. It’s indeed a large number, but not to the point of us being unable to control. If we came up with a plan to turn defense into offense… Is it possible to kill twenty zombies a day?”

“That’s a good idea. You can go ahead and do it.”

“I… You can’t say something like that!” Fu Anan’s eyes widened.

“If you can convince the group of people in the kitchen to come out and work hard together, then this plan is barely possible.”

As soon as Fu Yizhi finished speaking, a sudden commotion could be heard from outside the door.

“Motherf—, there are other people alive in this cabin! They’ve attracted all the zombies here!”

Hearing the noise from outside, Fu Anan turned to look at Fu Yizhi, “You threw the phone out just now, right? In which direction did you throw it?”

“I just tossed it casually. It was probably thrown in the direction of the kitchen.” Fu Yizhi nonchalantly said.

Fu Anan: …No chance to make an alliance now.

Fu Anan didn’t dare to get close to the door now, so she sat in the room and listened to the commotion in the kitchen. There was the sound of running footsteps and several screams outside. After a while, the area quieted down again.

“Did you do it on purpose?” Fu Anan looked at Fu Yizhi.

“The fourth rule in the survival game: This is a solo game. Don’t easily form alliances with anyone. Also, don’t trust outsiders.” Fu Yizhi stood up, picked up the backpack beside him, and took two bottles of water that were placed nearby.

Fu Anan looked at his movements, “Are you leaving?”

“Otherwise? Share the bed with you?” The corners of Fu Yizhi’s mouth slightly curled up into a contemptuous smile.

What kind of person talks like this?”

Fu Anan took a deep breath, “Take this.”

Fu Yizhi looked at the instant noodles that Fu Anan handed over. He casually took it, “One last piece of advice. I suggest you not to be too kind.”

It wasn’t like she was kind to everyone.

Fu Anan just wanted to refute, but there was no one else in the room anymore. Fu Anan glanced at the open ventilation duct. It was better this way. At least she wouldn’t have to be constantly on guard against an outsider.


The sound of zombies banging the door echoed from outside. Fu Anan looked at the row of zombie corpses at the door. Due to the constant evolution of the zombies, there would always be a possibility of them breaking through the door. This probability was making her feel extremely anxious.

On the Twenty-third Day of Nautical Survival.

The zombies slammed into the door three or four times during the night. Fortunately, the scent of the zombie corpses at the door kept them from being persistent. However, this also meant that Fu Anan had hardly slept all night.

However, compared to her, the strong scent of living people in the kitchen was even more attractive to the zombies. The constant and frantic banging on the kitchen door made Fu Anan wonder how long the people inside could hold on.

Anyway, there was one thing Fu Anan was certain of at this moment— She had to leave this cabin!

Having worked as a delivery person on the ship for several days, she had a good understanding of the ship’s layout. Avoiding the zombies and getting to the upper deck shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The sharp sound of nails scratching the door came from outside. Fu Anan frowned, feeling uncomfortable when she heard the sound. She stood up and began to prepare her equipment for going out.

First, she dismantled a table leg and wrapped duct tape around it and the kitchen knife. The half-meter-long handle was equipped with a large kitchen knife for chopping bones. It gave the makeshift weapon an axe-like appearance.

It felt decent in her hand as Fu Anan swung it a few times before setting it aside.

After days of consumption, two out of the six space compartments were already empty. Fu Anan looked around the room, trying to find anything useful that she could take with her.