Fu Anan leaned against the door and continued to observe the zombies outside through the peephole.

It took four hours for the new zombie to mutate. The time was shortened once again.

Besides the decreasing mutation time, Fu Anan also noticed something extremely important——Their ability to be disturbed by sound seemed to be diminishing.

The cabin was filled with booming music, which initially attracted the zombies. However, they quickly dispersed. As if being guided by something, most of them gathered in the kitchen and in front of her door.

They seemed…… to have stronger sense of smell.

Fu Anan looked at the zombie standing directly in front. Its nose was bitten off, exposing its protruding cartilage. The nerves on its nostrils frantically trembled, imitating the way a normal person would sniff something. It approached closer and closer to the door. Its clouded eyes locked on Fu Anan who was hiding behind the door. Its disjointed limbs frantically pounded the door.

As the zombie banged against the door, more zombies swarmed over.

Fu Anan panicked and moved away from the door. She took out a bottle of scented water and sprayed it all over the door.

The zombies continued their relentless assault, shaking the furniture blocking the door. It seemed like the next moment the zombies would break through the door.


Fu Anan grabbed a kitchen knife and moved the table under the ventilation duct.

Coincidentally, she came face to face with Fu Yizhi who had just returned.

“What are you doing?”

“Quick, we need to go quickly. It’s no longer safe here.” Fu Anan put the kitchen knife aside and pushed Fu Yizhi’s head towards the ventilation duct.

"Stop pushing, I'll go down and take a look."

Fu Yizhi held her hand and dropped his backpack behind him. He silently landed.

The next moment, the zombies broke open the door.

Even though the cabinet and sofa blocked the doorway, there was enough space for a person to enter and leave. The zombies crazily squeezed into the room, drawn by the scent.

Fu Anan closely followed behind with a kitchen knife in her hand. “Master Fu, be careful! I’ll cover the rear!”

Fu Yizhi attached a silencer to his handgun. With a few muffled shots, the foremost zombie fell to the ground. In the next moment, Fu Yizhi pulled a long table next to him and placed it horizontally in front of the door. He kicked the zombie in front of the door, causing the other zombies behind to fall like a row of dominoes.

Fu Anan watched as Fu Yizhi took out something. He threw it outside, then swiftly closed the door in one fluid motion.

The loud music briefly caught the attention of the zombies. Fu Anan took out another bottle, and vigorously sprayed it at the doorway.

“What’s going on?”

Fu Yizhi took a step back when he smelled the scent

“These zombies are evolving!” Fu Anan looked at the two bodies at the door, still feeling shaken. She sprayed the insecticide on Fu Yizhi, trying to cover his scent.

Seeing his disdain, she had no other choice, “Just bear with it. We ran out of eau de cologne, so we can only use this to mask the scent.”

“Their sense of smell has evolved?”

"Hmm," Fu Anan nodded her head. "I think to be more precise, it's the virus that has been evolving all along."

Fu Anan took out her own recorded notes. “It’s not just their sense of smell that has become stronger. According to my records, it took Brother Li two and a half days to mutate after getting infected. Meanwhile, Dr. Song and Master Zhu took less than two days to mutate. As the days go by, the mutation time of the virus became shorter. Now, it’s less than four hours.”

Fu Yizhi took a look at Fu Anan’s written records, “You’ve been thorough in your notes.”

“I’m just doing it to stay alive.” Fu Anan squatted in front of the two bodies. She had the urge to vomit as she looked at them. “What should we do with these two?”

“Stack them at the door.” Fu Yizhi took out a handkerchief and wiped his fingers. “Based on what you've said, it won't be long before this room becomes unable to hold up. We need to find another safe place quickly.”