“So you’re a player?” Fu Yizhi took a glance at her, “A new player? The first rule of the survival game: Non-players shouldn’t hear anything related to the game. Remember to play along better next time.”

He was actually testing her!

Fu Anan’s mouth hung open. She didn’t expect the depth of tricks between players.

“So what? Trouble you to go back wherever you came from,” Fu Anan replied without hesitation. Just because both of them were players didn’t mean she would let him stay,

“Don’t worry. I won’t stay here for too long.” Fu Yizhi stood up and looked outside through the peephole. “Once I find a suitable shelter, I’ll leave. As an exchange, don’t you want to hear some information about the survival game?”

With that said, she was somewhat tempted.

“How many days do you plan to stay here?”

“Three days.” Fu Yizhi stepped onto the table and reached up to block the ventilation duct where he came from with something, “The second rule of the survival game: A game is usually divided into three parts. The first ten days is the incubation period, which is the least dangerous time; The middle ten days is the outbreak period, which is much more dangerous than the incubation period; the last then days is THE dangerous period, especially the final five days.”

As Fu Yizhi spoke, Fu Anan recorded it in her notebook, “Oh, thank you.”

“No need to thank me. Just make sure you prepare the food I need for these three days.”

Fu Yizhi took out a set of drawing that he carried with him and started sketching with Fu Anan’s pen.

With an extra person in the room, it became inconvenient for Fu Anan to use the space. Fu Anan thought for a moment and secretly placed ten bottles of mineral water and twelve packs of instant noodles in the cabinet.

“By the way, I’m running out of food, too. Don’t linger around and refuse to leave later.” Fu Anan didn’t feel reassured and exhorted to him.



A sound came from the cafeteria, BANG——

The sound of throwing out a heavy object sounded, then the chaotic footsteps of zombies could be heard from outside the door.

Fu Anan looked through the peephole and tightly frowned, “How many people are still in the kitchen? Isn’t there enough food inside?”

"All the food in the entire cabin is in the kitchen, and they've also stockpiled two large barrels of water. What do you think?"

Fu Yizhi replied while still focusing on drawing on the paper, “There’s a player team consisting of four players inside. They’re doing this to find the Spatial Item.”

“S…Spatial Item?” Having learned from the previous time, Fu Anan felt like she was playing her part convincingly this time.

“Don’t you have it?” Fu Yizhi’s hand paused writing with the pen, then looked at Fu Anan.

“What are you talking about?” Fu Anan immediately shook her head, looking at him with sincerity, “I don’t know what Spatial Items are.”

“The third major rule, about the space: The person who possesses a Spatial item is most likely to survive.” Fu Yizhi continued to bury his head down and drew a large circle around the captain’s room, “According to the game rules, the space can’t be directly seized unless the player who possessed it dies. Only then can it be acquired by other players.”

“O-oh, I see.” Fu Anan nodded her head. There was a hint of hidden relief in her eyes. Fortunately, she didn’t expose that she had the Spatial Item. “But these people are so ruthless.”

“There are even more ruthless ones.” Fu Yizhi indifferently said. He then gathered up the drawing and reopened the ventilation duct.

“What are you planning to do?” Fu Anan stood up and asked.

“I’m going to the captain’s room to find something and lock the ventilation ducts later.” Fu Yizhi replied. He gripped the edge of the walls of the ventilation duct with both hands and effortlessly climbed up, disappearing from sight.